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Dig 'em the FrogDig 'Em - A green animated spokes frog for Kellogg's Sugar Smack's cereal introduced in the mid 1970s.  Gifted with a very loud voice. Dig 'Em wore a large-brim baseball cap, green jacket, light blue shoes and an orange turtleneck sweater with the words "Dig 'Em" on it. Dig'Em's name was also his catchphrase ("Dig'Em! Dig'Em!"), which he used to promote his cereal.  In 1986, Kellogg's retired the Dig'Em character, but due to popular demand, he returned a year later. Kellogg's renamed Sugar Smacks cereal to Honey Smacks in 1983.  

Before Dig'Em Frog debuted in 1972, there were other mascots for the cereal. They included: Cliffy the Clown, Smaxey the Seal, Quick Draw McGraw, The Smackin' Bandit, The Smackin Brothers and Wally Bear who replaced Dig'Em for a short time in 1986.

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