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AIRWOLF (crew of) See - HAWKE, Stringfellow

ALBERT (the computer) See - CRAWFORD, Professor Henry

(Captain Midnight)
c/o The Secret Squadron
Based at a hidden mountain laboratory
Jim [a.k.a. “Captain Midnight”] is the head of the Secret Squadron, a crime fighting organization formed to combat evil, especially the Red Menace (Communism). The Secret Squadron tracks down missing nuclear scientists and frees hostages from enemy agents. Members include Aristotle "Tut" Jones, an eccentric scientist; and Ichabod "Icky" Mudd, the Captain's trusty mechanic who maintains the sleek, jet fighter known as the Silver Dart. Jim earned his nickname when he returned from a dangerous WWII mission seconds before midnight.

ALBRIGHT, Mary Margaret
(3rd Rock from the Sun)
c/o Faculty Office #109
Pendleton University
Rutherford, OH (near Cleveland)
Mary is a straitlaced anthropology professor. She shares an office with physics professor Dick Solomon (an outer space alien incognito who had a crush on Mary). Their office assistant is Nina Campbell. Mary was later promoted to Dean. As a hobby, Mary collects thimbles. Mary’s brother Roy Lewis Albright sell vinyl siding. He makes Mary reluctantly chatter like a monkey by tickling and sucking at her tummy. [“Make the monkey sound!”] When Mary was eight years old her parents gave her a pony. Mary traded the pony for a poster of Ringo (of the Beatles).

(My Little Margie)
( Carlton 3-8966
Apartment 10A
c/o The Carlton Arms
Hotel Fifth Avenue
New York City, NY
Vern is an investment counselor. He lives with his grown daughter, Margie. Both try to run each other's lives. At the beginning of each episode photographs of both Verna and Margie come to life and explain their frustrations with each other [Vernon Albright speaks]: "I've been both mother and father to her since she was born. She's grown up now. When she was a little girl I could spank her and make her mind me, I had control over her. When she disobeyed I took her roller skates away for a week. What can you do when a girl reaches this age? She's completely out of hand. I've got a problem. Believe me, I've got a problem." [Margie Albright speaks] "I've raised him from my childhood. He's nearly fifty now and you'd think he'd settle down, wouldn't you? Today, he looks better in shorts on a tennis court than fellows twenty five. Girls wink at them and what's worse, he winks back at them. I want a nice old comfortable father. I try to look after him, but he just won't settle down. I've got a problem. Believe me, I've got a problem!"

ALDEN, Terry
(Three's Company)
Apartment 201
Roper Apartment Building
Santa Monica, CA [also Los Angeles] Terry is a nurse. She shares a $300 a month apartment with single roommates Jack Tripper and Janet Wood.

ALDER, Lawrence "Larry"
(Hello, Larry)
( 555-4521
Apartment B
Portland, OR
Larry is a radio deejay at KLOW-AM. He lives with his two daughters, Ruthie and Diane. His father Henry later moves in with them. The Alders formerly lived in Los Angeles at 46 Lafayette Street [ 555-7778].

(The Aldrich Family)
Elm Street
Centerville, USA
Teenager Henry lives with his parents Sam and Alice. "Hen-RY, Henry Aldrich!" echoes throughout the neighborhood whenever his mother calls him home.

(Cafe Americain)
Paris, France
Holly is a 30-year-old divorcée from Minneapolis. She is a Scorpio, owns a cat named Mr. Bones and has a fear of heights. She lives in an tiny apartment once owned by the French writer, Balzac [supposedly used as his closet] and if you look out the window at just the right angle you can catch a view of the Eiffel tower. Initially, Holly had a job as an English to English translator [sic] for a French firm but she quit her job when her boss tried to seduce her. After befriending Margaret Hunt, the no-nonsense owner of the Cafe Americain, Holly got hired as her assistant. To update her sister, Holly sent videotapes home to America with stories about her daily life and her romantic encounters including those of Marcel, a suave, French mineral water salesman who had the hots for Holly.

c/o The Tanner Family
( 555-8531 [or 4044 or 7787]
167 Hemdale Street
Los Angeles, CA
ALF (Alien Life Force) is cute little alien who came to live with an Earth family. ALF stands three-foot-two, is covered in orange polyester fur, has four fingers on each hand and a rippled snout. He hails from the planet Melmac (what it was made of) and had wandered the vastness of space looking for a place to call home after his own planet exploded. Locking onto a Ham radio signal emanating from a suburban dwelling, ALF crash-landed into the garage roof of a very nice but boring middle-class family known as the Tanners. After their initial shock, the Tanners decided to adopt the pint-sized alien and help him repair his spacecraft. The Tanner family included parents Willie (Max Wright) and Kate, and their children Lynn, Brian, and Eric. According to an NBC press release, ALF was born on the Lower East side of Melmac on August 12th and October 2, some 229 years ago in 1957 (also given as 28th of Nathanganger) to his three parents Bob, Flo, and Biff. His real name was Gordon Shumway. He attended high school for 122 years then 2 years at Melmac State College with a double major in pedestrian crossing and software. He was active in the Skleen Club and co-captain of the Bouillabaiseball team, which used shellfish for a ball (the baseball field was shaped like a rectangle) and because they used shellfish for a ball, the game was played on ice (members included Mickey Mackerel). ALF's hair was burnt sienna and his eyes off- black. ALF's favorite song was "Help Me Rhonda," the name of his childhood sweetheart. He ate cats, preferring Siamese and Calicos (on Melmac chickens are kept as pets). He had eight stomachs and a body temperature of 425 degrees. One of the first things ALF said when he crash-landed was "How about a snack? You got a cat?" He settled, however, for a cat food can remarking "I can use the roughage." Broadcasting a message into space in hopes of reaching some survivors from his home world, ALF said "Anybody from Melmac, Hello? Skip, Larry,'s me, Gordon (last name is Shumway). Look I don't know if you can hear me but I want you to know I'm OK." He then described his Earth friends and ended with "If you could try to get in touch or come by, I'll introduce you to these lovely people. Then we can eat their cat!" The planet Melmac had a green sky and blue grass which made one feel as if they were living upside down. Melmac was located six parsecs past the Hydra-Centauras Super Cluster near Xenon (2 block's north of Phil's Autorama). The smartest man on the planet was known as "Bob the Great." The God on Melmac was called Barry. The planet's motto was "Are you going to finish that sandwich?" When ALF belonged to the Orbit Guards, their motto was "To guard the Orbits, whether they want it or not." The animated cartoon spin-offs ALF and ALF Tales followed the adventures of ALF on his home planet of Melmac before the planet exploded. NOTE: Blossom Russo, a teenage character on the sitcom Blossom slept with an ALF doll.

( 555-8300
c/o Riptide Detective Agency
Pier 56 Slip No. 7
King Harbor, Los Angeles, CA
Cody is a former Vietnam veteran turned private eye. His partner is Nick Ryder. Their arsenal of gadgets included a motorboat called "Ebbtide," a pink helicopter dubbed "The Screaming Mimi," and a klutzy robot called Roboz created by electronic genius Murray “Boz” Bozinsky.

ALLEN, Gracie & George Burns
(George Burns/Gracie Allen Show)
312 Maple Street/Drive
Beverly Hills, CA
Gracie & George are comedians. Their alternative address is Suite 2216 St. Moritz Hotel, New York City, NY. [New York episodes]. While on radio their address was 202 Cannon Drive, Beverly Hills, CA

ALLEN, Victoria
(It's a Living)
Apartment 304
102 North Brewster Place
Los Angeles, CA
Victoria [born in Pocatello, Idaho] is the best friend of waitress Dorothy "Dot" Higgins [born in Detroit].

ALMAN, Bob & wife, Donna
(God, the Devil & Bob)
Detroit, Michigan
Bob is a 32-year old auto worker who has been hand-picked by the Devil, in a deal with God, to prove that mankind is worth saving. Bob's family members include rebellious teenage daughter, Megan; and lovable six-year-old son, Andy (whose innocence allow him to see God when He visits with Bob.

(Common Law)
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
John Alvarez, a Harvard-educated Hispanic lawyer who works for a Manhattan legal firm. Although successful, John never lets his success get in the way of his family and his childhood friends in Queens, New York. John’s friends include his over-the-top office manager Maria Marquez; and Luis Alvarez, John’s working-class conservative father who runs a barber shop in Queens.

AMSTERDAM QUEEN, THE (Crew of) See - DUFFY, Charley

(Kung Fu: The Legend Continues)
Chinatown, USA
The Ancient is a elderly Shaolin priest and Shambala Master who ran a local apothecary shop in Chinatown. He is well versed in the martial arts and possessed mystical powers. His herbal mixtures helped save many in the community including fellow Shaolin priest and friend Kwai Chang Caine.

(The Cowboys)
New Mexico Territory (1870s)
Annie is a widow. She runs her ranch with the help of black ranch foreman/cook Jebediah Nightlinger and seven young homeless orphan boys (aged 9-17). They included Slim, Cimarron, Jimmy, Homer, Steve, Hardy and Weedy. Note: The series was based on the novel written by W. D. Jennings and the 1972 movie The Cowboys.

ANDERSON, Jim & wife, Margaret
(Father Knows Best)
( Springfield - 2274
607 South Maple Street
[also 607 South Main Street]
Springfield, USA
Jim is an agent for the General Insurance Company. He shares his home with children Betty "Princess", James "Bud" and Kathy "Kitten" Anderson. Kitten can‘t keep a secret. When gets upset or embarrassed he locks himself in the basement (like the time he had to learn to dance).

NOTE: The series home was built for $40,000 and had two floors, a patio, driveway, and garage located on Stage 10 at Columbia Pictures. The set had only one bedroom with inter-changeable papered walls to fit any room needed for the script. The only real part of the set was the kitchen.

ANDERSON, Det. Sgt. Lee Ann
(Police Woman)
( 904-2133 or 514-7915
102 Crestview Drive
Los Angeles, CA
Lee Ann a.k.a. “Pepper” Anderson is an undercover cop. She works with vice-squad detectives Joe Styles and Pete Royster. They report to Lt. Bill Crowley. When not posing as a mobster’s girlfriend or a go-go dancer, Pepper visits Cheryl Anderson, her autistic younger sister who resides at the Austin School for the Handicapped.

(The Trouble With Tracy)
( Plaza 9-6712
c/o Happy Hunting Grounds
Toronto, Canada
Sally is an ad agency secretary.

(The Simpsons)
c/o The Comic Book Store Guy
507 (unnamed street)
Springfield, USA
Local comic book and collectibles store where Bart Simpson and friends buy comics and memorabilia like a mint copy of the first edition of “Radioactive Man.” Its main competition is Frodo’s in Shelbyville. Comic Book Guy is fat, sarcastic and carries a Klingon dictionary. When Comic Book Guy let Bart Simpson and Milhouse run the shop, they discovered his stash of bootleg tapes in the store’s basement that included clips of newsman Kent Brockman picking his nose; police interrogations; and Mr. Rogers drunk [“What do mean I can’t take off my sweater, I’m HOT!”]. Convinced people would pay to see the tapes, Bart decided to charge five dollars for a Forbidden Film Festival. It showed one tape stolen from the military that began “If you are watching this tape, you are the President of the United States.” It revealed that the town of Springfield was targeted by nuclear missiles from all over the world. Unfortunately, the police raided the show, confiscated the tapes and arrested Comic Book Guy at the Springfield Arms.

(A for Andromeda)
Andromeda is an artificial female life-form built by a supercomputer which itself was constructed from guidelines transmitted through space to Earth by a mysterious signal from the Andromeda Galaxy (picked up by a powerful radio telescope). A group of British scientists supervised and investigated this unique woman. In the sequel series The Andromeda Breakthrough, Andromeda travels to the Middle East to fulfill her galactic programming directives. NOTE: This sci-fi serial was conceived by astronomer Fred Hoyle and writer John Elliot.

( 555-0162
Los Angeles, CA
Angel Investigations is run by Angel, a vampire with a soul and his partners Allen Francis Doyle, a half demon with psychic visions; and Cordelia Chase, an aspiring actress from Sundydale. When Doyle died he transferred his psychic gifts to Cordelia who now has vision of people in need. Later partners to the firm included Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, a snobby ex-Watcher; and black streetwise renegade demon hunter named Charles Gunn. When the firm first started Doyle read this ad copy announcing their services: “If you need help, then look no further. Angel Investigations is the BEST. Our rates are low, but our standards are high. When the chips are down and you’re at the end of your rope, you need someone that can you can count on. And that’s what you’ll find here. Someone who’ll go all the way, who’ll‘ protect you no matter what. So don’t lose hope. Come on over to our offices, and you’ll see that there’s still heroes in this world.” Angel drives around Los Angeles in a black 1968 Plymouth GTX convertible.

(Captain Scarlet & the Mysterons)
c/o Cloudbase
The Angel Interceptors belonged to SPECTRUM, a global defense organization protecting Earth from the Mysterons-alien invaders from the planet Mars. Manned (or should I say personed) by an all-female crew, the Angel Interceptors were stationed on a floating platform called "Cloudbase" which hovered high above the Earth's surface. The Interceptors had a cockpit (with room for one pilot), a wing span of 35 feet, cruised at a top speed of 3000 M.P.H. and housed an arsenal of air-to-air missiles. Its multinational female pilots were referred to as Angels. There was Destiny Angel (born in Paris, France); Symphony Angel (born in Cedar Rapid, Iowa); Melody Angel (born in Atlanta, Georgia); Rhapsody Angel (born in Chelsea, England); and Harmony Angel (born in Tokyo, Japan).

1460 Cambridge Street
Jamestown [near Washington, D.C.]
Karen works for a citizen's action group called "Open America."

ANGELUS (a.k.a. Angel)
(Angel/Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Sunnydale/Los Angeles, CA
Angelus is a vampire. Born in Galway, Ireland in the early 1700s, Angelus was sired by a vampire named Darla [Anglo-Saxon for “Dear One“]. In 1860 Angelus stalked a young woman named Drusilla, killed her family, drove her to madness and then changed her into a vampire on the day she was to become a nun. With Drusilla and another vampire named William the Bloody [ a.k.a. Spike]. Angelus terrorized the European landscape. Unfortunately, in 1898 Angelus killed the daughter of a Romanian gypsy and suffered a curse placed by the tribe's elders. The curse restored Angelus' human soul but forced him to feel remorse for the killings he had committed over the past centuries. Fleeing to America, Angelus lived in misery until the 1990s when he met a demon named Whistler who mentored Angelus into becoming a force for good. Upon arriving in Los Angeles, Angelus observed a young woman named Buffy Anne Summers, a Slayer who fought demons of darkness. Taken by her beauty and courage Angelus decided to aid Buffy and her friends collectively called “The Scooby Gang.” Unfortunately, when Angelus and Buffy consummated their love on her 17th birthday, the Romany curse was reversed [it forbid any feelings of happiness] and the soulless 242-year-old Angelus now known to Buffy as Angel, reverted to his killing state. Reunited with Spike and Drusilla, Angelus began a campaign of torture and death. He killed Buffy's classmates and teacher Jenny Calender [Giles Rupert's girlfriend] and just as he prepared to open up the gates of hell to a demon called Acathla, Buffy foiled his plan and sent Angelus to hell instead. Unfortunately, this was at the same time a spell cast by Willow Rosenberg gave Angelus his soul back. Miraculously Angel returned from hell but he could no longer risk physical intimacy with Buffy for fear of reverting back to his evil counterpart, Angelus. Angel left Sunnydale, California and relocated to Los Angeles. But despite the distance and irrationality of their relationship [he's a vampire; she kills them] Angel and Buffy were still deeply in love. While in the City of Angels, Angel used his powers to help others as a private detective. His partners included Cordelia Chase, one of the original “Scooby Gang” members [who aspired to be an actress]; Doyle an Irish half-Demon with the gift of vision [later killed in a bomb explosion]; and Wesley Wyndham-Pryce, a rogue demon hunter and former Watcher who had helped Buffy in the past. During a battle with an assassin demon [a Moradeen] Angel's blood mingled with the demon's regenerative blood and transformed Angel back into a fully functioning pre-vampire human being. He could now enjoy food and other sensual pleasures as well as walk freely in the daylight without burning up. But after seeing how useless his human form was against the many demons that he and Buffy needed to battle, Angel asked the “Powers That Be” to change him back into a warrior demon vampire so he could protect Buffy and others for any dangers in the future. Before he was changed back into a vampire, Buffy had visited Los Angeles and both shared a night of blissful love [which was erased from Buffy's memory 24 hours later]. Angel, on the other hand, had to live with the memory, and knowing that he could never be with Buffy again. In the spring of 2000, Angel’s office building was blown up. While looking for a place to relocate, Angel revisited the Hyperion, an historical hotel built in 1928. He had lived at the hotel in room 217 in 1952. Back then, an evil whispering force was inhabiting the hotel and affecting the staff and guests by feeding off their fears and prejudices and driving them crazy or to suicide. After a paranoid crowd of hotel guests [driven by the demon’s influence] hung Angel by the neck from the hotel balcony, a remorseless Angel came back to life and left those in the hotel to the mercy of the evil demon. It then possessed an employee to go door-to-door and kill all the guests with a 12-guage shotgun. All but one - the woman who betrayed Angel. It kept her in room 214 and feed off her guilt and pain for 48 years. In the fall of 2000, Angel exorcized the demon and freed the building from its evil curse. He went into room 214 and found the woman who had been held captive by the demon. She asked for Angel’s forgiveness for betraying him to the mob and then died. Secure that the demon had been killed and the hotel was no longer an evil place, Angel moved back into the hotel and used it for his new base of operations. The hotel had been closed since 12/16/79 and declared an historical landmark. From time to time, Angel beseeched access to the “Powers That Be” who lived on an other plain and knew the future. They informed Angel that one day he would revert back to being a human. See also entry ROCKFORD, Jim for another “Angel” character.

Animorphs are a group of teen-age superheroes who change ("morph") into animals. They fight the evil Yeerks, a parasitic species from a distant planet who invade a host's brain and turn them into zombie-like robots called "Controllers." To battle the threat of the Yeerks, a dying alien named Elfangor, a prince of the Andalites [who crash-landed on Earth] gave five children the power to morph to prevent the Yeerks from enslaving every human being on the planet. The Animorphs can become any animal they touch and use their energy and instincts to resist the invading aliens. The Animorph members consist of Jake, Rachel, Marco, Cassie, Tobias, and Ax. NOTE: The series is based on the popular kids book Animorphs written by K.A. Applegate.

(Buffy the Vampire Killer)
c/o Sunnydale High School
Sunnydale, CA
Anyanka [a.k.a. Anya] is a vengeance demon. Born over a thousand years ago, she discovered she had a talent for placing spells on men who hurt women. Her reputation revealed itself to the demon D'Hoffryn and Anyanka was promoted to patron saint of scorned woman. A thousand years later, Cordelia Chase, a spurned teenager angry over the fact that her boyfriend Xander had kissed another girl [Willow Rosenberg], made a wish to get revenge. Anyanka obliged Cordelia and arrived in the town of Sunnydale in the mortal form of a teenager. Unfortunately, Cordelia used the power of Anyanka special necklace to make Cordelia's rival Buffy Summers disappear and thus altering the present reality. Fortunately, Buffy's mentor Giles Rupert smashed the necklace and returned things to normal. For her mistake, Anyanka's demon master D'Hoffryn refused to give her powers back and so Anya's 1120-year-old spirit was stuck inside the mortal body of a 1990s teenager. Anya eventually resigned herself to the role of a student at Sunnydale High School and developed a crush on Xander Harris. The two have since become very familiar in a sexual way. A thousand years ago Anya dated a big guy named Olaf. When they broke up she turned him into a troll.


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