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(Earth Final Conflict)
Secret Subterranean Headquarters
Auger [a.k.a. Marcus Devereaux] is a black computer hacking genius. He is part of an underground resistance movement that challenges the Companions, a seemingly peaceful alien race of Taelon beings who occupy the planet Earth in the 21st century and heavily influence the world’s governments.

AUSTIN, Dr. Jeffrey
Jeffrey is a mild-mannered comic book veterinarian. When a bizarre scientific experiment goes awry, he is endowed with the adrenal glands of a Doberman pinscher and the powers of super hearing, super strength, super speed and super smell. Now in the guise of superhero Mad Dog, Austin wore blue tights with an orange "M" on his chest. He was assisted by two humans, Penny, his dull girlfriend and Buddy, his loyal sidekick. Mad Dog’s arch-enemy is the Evil Mazza. See also - ACE COMICS

AUSTIN, Col. Steve
(The Six Million Dollar Man)
c/o Oscar Goldman
Office of Scientific Intelligence
Washington, DC
Steve is a US Air Force test pilot turned spy for the OSI agency. His body has been enhanced with atomic-powered bionic parts [both legs, right arm, left eye].


(The Gene Autry Show)
c/o Melody Ranch
Southwest, USA
Gene is a singing cowboy who righted wrongs and sang a few songs as he traveled the Southwest with his comic sidekick, Pat Buttram. Gene's horse was Champion, the Wonder Horse. Their headquarters was the Melody Ranch. Note: The Melody Ranch served as the site of numerous western movies produced from the 1930s through the 1950s.The actual ranch (now surrounded by modern homes) is located on Oak Creek Avenue at Placeritos Boulevard, north of Placerita Canyon Road in Newhall, California. In 1955, fifty-six of Autry's Republic feature films were syndicated into 60-minute programs by MCA Film Syndicate.

(City of Angels)
( Oxford - 8704
c/o Bradbury Building
930 Van Ness Street
Los Angeles, CA (1930s)
Jake is a private eye. Marsha, his beautiful secretary, runs his office and also takes messages for a call girl service. Jake’s police contact is Lt. Murray Quint.


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