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(The Drew Carey Show)
( E-Mail:
Apt #234
Cleveland, OH

BODIE, Cheyenne
Old West (late 1800s)

BOLT, Jason & his brothers Jeremy & Joshua
(Here Comes the Brides)
c/o Bridal Veil Mountain
Seattle, WA (1870s)

(Fall Guy)
c/o Samantha Jack a.k.a. "Big Jack"
( 555-5000
Los Angeles, CA

BONETTI, Det. Nico
(Tequila & Bonetti)
2291 Pacific Way
Los Angeles, CA
Nico formerly lived at 41445 Brooke Avenue in Bensonhurst's Bay Parkway Section of Brooklyn before being transferred to the South Coast Police Department in California.

BONINO, Maria Teresa
(On Our Own)
62 West 72nd Street
New York City, NY

(The Restless Gun)
Southwest, USA (late 1800s)

BOOKMAN (the library cop)
c/o New York Public Library
New York City, NY

BOONE, Daniel
(Daniel Boone/Young Dan'l Boone)
Town of Boonesboro
Kentucky/Tennessee (1770s)

BORDEN, Howard
(The Bob Newhart Show)
Apartment #525
Chicago, IL
Howard mooches off his next-door neighbors, the Hartley's, who live in apartment #523.

BORELLI, Fabiana
(Cafe Americain)
c/o Cafe Americain
Paris, France

BORLAND, Albert “Al”
(Home Improvement)
Apartment #505
Detroit, MI
Al later rented a house owned by his partner/employer Tim Taylor.

(We Got It Made)
Apartment 9A
1054 West 61st Street
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Jay lives with lawyer roommate, David Tucker and their sexy live-in housekeeper, Mickey MacKenzie.

BOUVIER, Patty & twin sister, Selma
(The Simpsons)
Apt. #1599
Springfield, USA

BOWER, Angela & son, Jonathan
(Who's the Boss)
( KL5-6218
3344 Oak Hills Drive [also given as Madison Avenue]
Fairfield, CT (Fairfield County)

(Who's the Boss)
c/o Angela Bower
323 East 57th Street
New York City, NY (Manhattan)

BOWES, Major
(Original Amateur Hour)
( Murrayhill 8-9933
Capital Theater, New York City, NY. Address & phone number for the radio amateur talent show. See MACK, Ted for TV version of show.

(The Adventures of Jim Bowie)
New Orleans, LA (in the 1830s)

BOWMAN, Det. Beau Jack
(Broken Badges)
Bay City, CA

BOWMAN, Gabriel
1122 Ulysses Street
New York City, NY
Gabriel is an antiques dealer and historian. He supplies information about an ancient mystical gauntlet known as the Witchblade, to its new wielder, police detective Sara Pezzini.

BOYD, Woodrow “Woody” Tiberius
c/o Cheers Tavern
112 & 1/2 Beacon Street
Boston, MA (basement level)
Woody was raised in Hanover, Indiana.

BOYINTON, Major Gregory
(Baa Baa Black Sheep)
Island of Espiritu Santo
New Hebrides (1940s)

(Our Miss Brooks)
c/o Madison High School
Madison, USA

BOZINSKY, Murray "Boz"
c/o Riptide Detective Agency
Pier #56 Slip # 7
King Harbor, Los Angeles, CA
Boz helps private eyes Cody Allen and Nick Ryder.

BRADFORD, David & wife, Janet
(Eight is Enough)
2475 De Vanna Place
Sacramento, CA

BRADFORD, Tom & wife, Joan
(Eight is Enough)
( 555-0263 or 6023
1436 Oak Street
Sacramento, CA

BRADFORD, Vicki & Jack Tripper
(Three's Company/Three's a Crowd)
Apartment 203
834 Ocean Vista Avenue
Ocean Vista, CA

(Petticoat Junction)
c/o The Shady Rest Hotel
Hooterville, USA
Kate runs the hotel with her three grown daughters Billy Jo, Bobby Jo and Betty Jo and her workshy Uncle Jo Carson.

(The Dick Van Dyke Show)
c/o Temple Towers
East 61st Street
New York City, NY (Manhattan)

BRADY, Mike and wife, Carol
(The Brady Bunch)
( 762-0799 or 555-6161
4222 Clinton Avenue
Los Angeles, CA
For a short time in the late 1970s Mike Brady moved the family to a beachfront home and gave up his career as an architect so that the family could star in their own TV variety show.

BRADY, Dr. Peter
(The Invisible Man)
21 Hugo Drive
London, England

(Occasional Wife)
c/o Peter Christopher, Executive
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
The company slogan: "Every Meal a Lullaby."

(Grace & Favour)
c/o Millstone Manor
Village of Great Tender
Rural England

BRANNIGAN, Ed & wife, Polly
(What A Dummy)
912 Lincoln Drive
Secaucus, NJ
The Brannigans live with their children Tucker, Cory and Maggie and a ventriloquist dummy named Buzz (that's alive).

BRATTER, Paul & wife, Corie
(Barefoot in the Park)
Apartment 5B
49 West Tenth Street
New York, NY (Greenwich Village)

(Brave Eagle: Chief of the Cheyenne)
Black Mountains, WY (1860s)

103 South Coast Road
Chicago, IL
Mary is a Consumer Help-line columnist for the Chicago Eagle.

BRESLIN, Det. John "Jack"
(Something Is Out There)
Apartment #808
Oddfield Apartments
Los Angeles, CA
Jack lives with a female extraterrestrial called Ta'ra and a parrot named Norton.

BREWSTER, Penelope "Punky"
(Punky Brewster)
Apartment 2A
2520 Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL
Punky lives with widower Henry Warnimont (who adopted Punky) and her dog Brandon. Her best friend Cherie lives in Apartment 3A with her grandmother, Betty Johnson.

American Frontier (1860s)

(Northern Exposure)
( 905-555-7823
c/o Holling Gustaf Vincoeur, Proprietor
Cicely, Alaska

BRIDGES, Frank & wife, Cara Wilton
(The Cara Williams Show)
( 736-8876
Los Angeles, CA

BRIDGES, Det. Nash
(Nash Bridges)
c/o S.I.U. [based on a boat]
Hyde Street Pier
San Francisco, CA

(The Marshall Chronicles)
64 Gramercy Place
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Marshall lives with his parents, Michael & Cynthia.

BRISCOE, Charlie
(Living Dolls)
68th Street and Madison Street
New York City, NY
Charlie lives with Trish Carlin, the head of the Carlin Agency.
BROCK, Jimmy & wife, Jill
(Picket Fences)
211 Willow Road
Rome, WI
They live with their children, Kimberly, Matthew and Zach.

(East Side/West Side)
New York City, NY (Manhattan)

(Richie Brockelman, Private Eye)
8410 North Turtle Dove Drive
Los Angeles, CA
Richie has an office (#24) in the Bromley Building located at 4th and Alameda.

( 546-2144 [mobile phone]
c/o Jettison Scrap & Salvage Company
98 Ventura Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA

(Black Tie Affair)
1731 Prescott Street
San Francisco, CA
Dave is a private eye and record shop owner. He owns Brodsky’s Used and Hard to Find 33 1/3 Record Shop and Detective Agency. His company motto is “I do insurance investigation, Polaroids and 33’s. I don’t do compact discs and murder.” Dave drives a surveillance van displaying the words “Ed’s House of Hammer’s” [( 555-NAIL]. Dave’s beautiful Eurasian assistant Cookie runs the record store while he goes investigating. Cookie lives in an apartment on Wilshire Boulevard.

BRONKOV, Lt. Alexander
Ocean City, CA
Alex Bronk cares for his crippled daughter Ellen who was injured in an accident that killed his wife.

(Meet Millie)
Apartment 3B
137 West 41st Street
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Millie lives with her mother, Bertha.

BROOKS, Connie
(Our Miss Brooks)
c/o Mrs. Davis's Boardinghouse
Carroll Avenue
Madison, USA

BROOKS, Herman
(Herman's Head)
Apartment 3C
564 West 58th Street
New York City, NY (Manhattan)

BROWN, Andrew "Andy"
(The Amos and Andy Show)
134th Street
New York City, NY. (Harlem)

BROWN, Dr. Emmett
(Back to the Future)
1640 Riverside Drive
Hill Valley, USA
Emmett is an eccentric scientist. Born into a wealthy family, Emmett used his time inventing things that never really worked, like a mind reading device. But one day a distraught teenager named Marty knocked on his door of his mansion and declared he was from the year 1985. Eventually, Marty convinced Emmett that in the future he would invent a time travel machine. Inspired by the revelation that he invented something that actually worked, Emmett joined forces with Marty to send him Back to the Future!

BROWN, Father John
(Father Brown)
London, UK

BROWN, Lorelei
(My Favorite Martian)
21 Elm Street
Los Angeles, CA

BROWN, Murphy
(Murphy Brown)
c/o FYI (For Your Information)
Washington, D.C.

BROWN, Opal Marie
Gossett, CA
[20 miles south of the Oregon Border]
Opal is the guardian of her sister Pearl’s daughter, Riley who was given away at birth and then showed up on Opal’s doorsteps 16 years later.

BROWN, Taylor
(What a Country)
36 Whitney Way
Los Angeles, CA
Taylor teaches night school (Room 107) to a group of recent immigrants trying to pass their citizenship test.

BROWN, Velvet
(National Velvet)
c/o Brown Dairy Ranch
Town of Valley (Outside Birch City)
Velvet lives with her parents Herbert & Martha and trains her chestnut horse named Blaze King for the Grand National Steeplechase.

BRUCE, Ferguson & wife, Jackie
(Love Thy Neighbor)
325 North Robin Hood Road
Sherwood Forest Estates
San Fernando, CA

(Run for Your Life)
Paul is a 35-year-old lawyer with an incurable disease (Chronic Myelocytic Leukemia). He travels the world until his impending death .


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