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(Family Law)
c/o Holt & Associates
Los Angeles, CA
Joe is a lawyer. Born in Brooklyn, Joe is single, Italian, Catholic and likes to bend the rules. He is skilled as a labor relations specialist and enjoys taking on big business to champion the underdog. His relatives included his parents (both deceased); his estranged brother, Paulie, a priest; and three cousins who live in New Jersey. Joe's romantic interest is Viveca Foster, a sassy African-American associate at the firm of Holt & Associates.

(Dobie Gillis)
Central City, USA
Teenager Dobie Gillis and friends attend Central High. Faculty on duty include English teacher Professor Leander Pomfritt [he calls his students "young barbarians"], biology and psychology teacher Dr. Imogene Burkhart, and math teacher Ruth Adams. Dr. Pomfritt later taught at S. Peter Pyror Junior College.

New York City, NY (Manhattan)
The "Perk" is a neighborhood coffee bar and the frequent hangout of close friends Monica Geller, her brother Ross, and best friends Rachel Greene, Chandler Bing, Joey Tribianni and Phoebe Buffay [who plays guitar at the Perk]. The Central Perk is 100 footsteps from Monica's apartment [as estimated by Joey Tribianni]. It serves really big cups of coffee and provides nice comfortable couches and chairs to rest your weary bones. The Central Perk's menu consists of Cappuccino, Espresso, Cafe au Lait, Swiss Latte, Mochachino, Central Jolt Java, N.Y. Classico, Urban Tribe Java, Manhattan Mocha, Long Island Cream, Empire Roast, and Ms. Liberty Blend. Terry [who has a beautiful wife] is the owner of Central Perk. Gunther [who silently yearns for Rachel] is the store's manager. Note: The Central Perk is based on the Manhattan Café in New York’s West Village.

(The Pretender)
c/o Miss Parker
Blue Cove, DE 19901
The Centre is a research facility conducting experiments on human subjects. When a genius named Jarod escapes The Centre, the steely Miss Parker and her assistants Broots and Dr. Sydney Green [Jarod’s mentor] are charged with his recapture.

CHA CHA See - MR. SMITH (the orangutan)

(The Education of Max Bickford)
c/o Judith Hackett Bryant, President
Chadwick is a private women's undergraduate college located about 80 miles from Salem, Massachusetts. Signs on campus read: "Chadwick College 1876-2001 - Celebrating 125 Years of Sisterhood." Its faculty included Max Bickford, the school's irascible history professor and newly appointed head of American Studies Department; Professor Andrea Haskell, the newly appointed Chair at the college [with whom Max had an affair while a student at Chadwick] ; Professor Erica Bettis, Max's best friend [formerly called Steve - she's recently returned from sabbatical after a sex change] and Professor Walter Thornhill, a tenured teacher who falls asleep in class. One of Chadwicks' alumnus was a former policy aide to Senator Breckenridge Long who conspired long ago to prevent Jewish refugees from landing safely in the United States as they fled from Nazi Germany. Note: Chadwick College is designed to resemble Smith College in Massachusetts and is filmed on campuses like Brooklyn College and Wagner College in Staten Island.

(Star Trek: Voyager)
c/o The USS Voyager
Somewhere in the Delta Quadrant
Chakotay is a Starfleet First Officer stationed aboard the starship USS Voyager. Once the leader of the rebel group called The Maguis, Chakotay joined forces with Federation starship Captain Janeway to return to the Alpha Quadrant (after being transported against their will across the galaxy). Chakotay sports a triangular shaped tattoo over his left eye.

CHALLENGER, Professor Edward
(Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World)
Somewhere on a plateau in Mongolia
Professor Challenger is a British scholar and adventurer. He leads an expedition designed to prove the existence of a lost world filled with dinosaurs. Somewhere along the journey, the hot-air balloon carrying his team crash-lands on an eerie remote plateau in Mongolia. Now trapped in a strange lost world filled with ape men, crocodiles, man-eating plants and carnivorous dinosaurs, Challenger and his fellow explorers struggle to survive.

112 & 1/2 Beacon Street
Boston, MA (basement level)
Diane is an aspiring writer. She is single, aloof and works at a local tavern called Cheers. She had a passionate on and off again romance with the bar‘s owner, Sam Malone. Before working at Cheers she dated and then got dumped by Professor Sumner Sloan. After dating Dr. Frasier Crane, a regular at Cheers, Diane left Boston to continue her writing career.

(Circus Boy)
Southwest, USA (Early 1900s)
"Big" Tim is the new owner of the Burke & Walsh Circus. He travels about the countryside with a band of circus entertainers. They include Corky, a 12-year-old orphan [his parents were killed in a high-wire act]; Joey the Clown; and Pete, one of the circus' roustabouts.

(The Yellow Rose)
c/o The Yellow Rose Ranch
West Texas
Colleen is the widow of Wade Champion. She runs the day-to-day operations of her 200,000 acre ranch founded by her late husband. Person working on the ranch included Wade's sons Roy and Quisto; Roy's son, Whit; L.C. Champion, Colleen's daughter; and Chance Mackenzie, the newly hired ranch hand and fellow ranch hands Luther, Caryn and Hoyt. The Yellow Rose ranch was formerly owned by Jeb Hollister who named the ranch after his sister Rose Hollister.

CHANCE, Christopher
(Human Target)
c/o The Blackwing
Chance is a former Special Forces operative turned decoy-for-hire who impersonated endangered people. Chris' clients lived in the safety and comfort of a huge high-tech black aircraft called "Blackwing" until the assignment was completed. Its crew included Vietnam veteran pilot Jeff Carlyle; computer whiz Libby Page; and makeup maven Philo Marsden who transformed the appearance of Chance via computer-generated masks for each assignment (which cost 10% of the client's yearly salary).

(Vengeance Unlimited)
( 555-0132
Mr. Chapel is a mysterious vigilante who helps those in need. He only asks for one favor, to be repaid in the future... no questions asked.

Nantucket Island, MA
Helen operates a lunch counter at Tom Nevers Field on Nantucket Island. She grew up on Nantucket Island with her sister, Casey Davenport [now divorced], and her friend Joe Hackett [now a pilot] and his brother Brian Hackett [also a pilot]. Helen loves to play the cello and aspires to play in an orchestra. Helen later married Joe Hackett [she chose Joe over her millionaire fiancé] and set up house keeping on Nantucket Island. After Brian Hackett and Casey accidentally burned down Helen’s house, Helen’s husband discovered an inheritance of $250,000 in an airport locker and used the windfall to support Helens dream of studying the cello by sending her to Vienna.

CHARLES, Nick & Nora "Tiger"
(The Thin Man)
( Regent 4-4598
New York, NY [Greenwich Village]
Nick & Nora are wealthy socialites and part-time sleuths. They own a wire-haired terrier named Asta.

(Charlie's Angels)
( 213-555-0267
( 555-9626 [Line to Charlie]
Los Angeles, CA
Charlie's operatives (called "Angels") are Sabrina Duncan, Jill Munroe, Kelly Garrett, Kris Munroe, Tiffany Welles, Julie Rogers and John Bosley, Charlie's lawyer and liaison with his "Angels" (whom never see but only hear Charlie speak over the phone).

(The Roaring Twenties)
East 52nd Street
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
This 1920s speakeasy is also called Pinky's. It is the hangout for New York Record newspaper reporters Pat Garrison and Scott Norris who come to see Pinky Pinkham headline as a singer.

(The Charmings)
( 555-SNOW
427 Van Oakland Boulevard
Burbank, CA
Prince Charming, his wife, Snow White, and their two sons, Thomas and Cory live in this 20th century subdivision with a dwarf named Luther and Queen Lillian, (who cast the 1000 sleeping spell that got them there). As in the fairy tale, Queen Lillian often consulted her Magic Mirror on the wall.

CHASE, Angela
(My So Called Life)
Pittsburgh, PA (Suburbs)
Angela is a 15-year-old red-haired student at Liberty High School. Things are changing in her life. She's not as close to her parents as she used to be and she's left behind her former best friend and Girl Scout colleague Sharon Cherski to develop new friendships with a wilder crowd. Angela's new friends included easy-going Rayanne Marie Graff [voted Most Slut Potential of the Sophomore class]; homosexual romantic Enrique "Ricky" Vasquez; and Brian Krakow, the nerdish school genius [Angela's secret admirer and long-time neighbor who is clueless when it comes to women]. Angela hates fondue and the school cafeteria "The embarrassment capitol of the world" but she worships Anne Frank and the enigmatic school loner Jordon Catalono. With Jordon on the scene, Angela soon divides her life into two parts: "kissing and not kissing."

CHASE, Cordelia
(Angel & Buffy the Vampire Killer)
Sunnydale, CA
Cordelia is a student at Sunnydale High School. She is a snob, self-centered, fashion conscious and the head cheerleader as well as May Queen in her sophomore [don't you just hate her already]. Her competition is the new girl in town, Buffy Anne Summers, a Valley Girl with blond hair and a vicious right cross. Buffy is vampire slayer who is cutting into Cordelia popularity at school. However, Cordelia eventually befriends Buffy and becomes a member of the "Scooby Gang" a group of Buffy's friends who help her battle demons and other unsightly creatures of the night. After graduation Cordelia moved to Los Angeles with hopes of becoming an actress. She first lived in apartment 4B and then moved to #212 Pearson Arms. Cordelia hooked up with "good" vampire named Angel and worked as a secretary at Angel Investigations.

CHASE, David
(21 Beacon Street)
c/o The Dennis Chase Detective Agency
21 Beacon Street
Anytown, USA

CHASE, Professor Jonathan
c/o New York University
New York, NY
Jonathan is an animal behaviorist. Privy to the secrets that "divide man from the animals," Professor Chase can shape-change into a variety of animal species. His powers apparently came from his father, "sole heir to the secret link that binds man and animal." Working as a consultant for a special investigative unit of the New York Police Department, Professor Chase regularly transformed into a snarling black panther [actually a black leopard]. Chases’ colleagues included police detective Brooke McKenzie; black Vietnam veteran buddy Tyrone C. Earle and Capt. Nick Rivera, the head of the special unit.

c/o Sam Malone, Proprietor
112 & 1/2 Beacon Street
Boston, MA (basement level)
Sam is a former baseball pitcher for the Boston Red Sox. Cheers, the tavern "Where everybody knows your name," is the local hangout for accountant Norm Peterson, postal carrier Cliff Clavin, and Dr. Frasier Crane. The bar's employees are Ernie "Coach" Pantusso, (and later Woody Boyd) as bartenders as well as waitresses Carla Tortelli and Diane Chambers. Other regulars to the bar were Al, the old guy; Paul, the other fat guy besides Norm; and Harry "The Hat" Gittes, a local con artist;

CHEKOV, Pavel Andreievich
(Star Trek)
c/o The Starship USS Enterprise
Somewhere in the Alpha Quadrant
Born in 2245, Chekov is an ensign [Serial No. 656-5827B]. He was later promoted to lieutenant and assigned as security chief. He once mentioned he had an brother named Piotr while under the influence of the Beta XII-entity in 2268. Chekov’s catchphrase is "Vee Russians invented it first."

Mary is a student at Kennedy High School. She is one of the "popular" kids and is obsessed with her gorgeous blonde looks. Mary was born and raised in Texas. Her mother Cherry Cherry is a CEO of a major oil company in Texas and taught Mary to get what she wanted in life, no matter whom she had to climb over [Cherry Cherry later got hired as the economics teacher at Kennedy High]. Mary Cherry's "popular" friends included Brooke McQueen, Poppita "Poppy" Fresh, Nicole Julian, Josh Ford and Mike "Sugar Daddy" Bernardino. In her younger days, Mary used to be called "quack" because she had deformed hands and feet. She also got a rib removed.

(My So-Called Life)
c/o Liberty High School
Pittsburgh, PA (Suburbs)
Sharon is a student at Liberty High School. Considered to be "Miss Perfect" by her classmates [also voted "Best Hooters" in the sophomore class], Sharon loves to wear pink colors and is involved in a number of extra-curricular activities including playing the Oboe, working on the school yearbook, Teen Hotline volunteer and organizer of the World Happiness Dance. Sharon is also the former best friend and Girl Scout buddy of Angela Chase [whose taken up with a wilder crowd]. Sharon is also a friend of Delia Fisher, a new student and yearbook staffer who has a crush on Ricky Vasquez, a gay student.

(Frank's Place)
c/o Frank Parrish, Proprietor.
New Orleans, LA
Frank Parrish is a former Professor of Renaissance History from Boston who moved South to manage the Chez Louisiane restaurant willed to him by his father. The restaurant's staff include the elderly matron hostess, Madame Torchet; the head waitress Anna-May; and Big Arthur, the Creole cook. NOTE: The Chez Louisiane was modeled after the real New Orleans restaurant, Chez Helene.

(Perfect Strangers)
c/o Mr. Wainwright, Publisher
901 East Wacker Street
Chicago, IL
The newspaper employees are city editorial assistant [later reporter] Larry Appleton, mailroom clerk Balki Bartokomous, mailroom boss, Mr. Sam Gorpley, advise columnist Lydia Markham and elevator operator Harriette Winslow.

(Chicago Hope)
c/o Phillip Waters, Chief of Staff
Chicago, IL
Chicago Hope is a busy high-tech urban medical center. Physicians on duty include neurosurgeon Aaron Shutt; surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Geiger; Dr. Arthur Thurmond; Dr. Daniel Nyland; reconstructive (cosmetic) surgeon Dr. Geri Infante; Dr. Billy Kronk; Dr. Dennis Hancock; Dr. Kathryn Austin; obstetrician, Dr. John Sutton; and Dr. Diane Grad. Additional hospital staff include Alan Birch, the hospital's lawyer; Chief Surgical Nurse Camille Shutt (Dr. Shutt's wife); Nurse Maggie Atkisson; and Angela Giandamenico.

(Anything But Love)
Editorial Offices
Room 702
Chicago, IL
Employees include editor Catherine Hughes, her assistant Jules Bennett, writers Marty Gold, Hannah Miller, Brian Alquist, Mike Urbanek, and photographer Patric Serreau.

(Garrison’s Guerillas)
Somewhere in Europe (1940s)
Chief (just "Chief") is a Native-American Indian who is proficient with a switchblade knife. He is attached to special group of four motley commandos (recruited from stateside prisons) who were assigned to go behind the lines during World War II and kill Nazi Germans. Each of these soldiers were promised a Presidential pardon for their indiscretions, but only if they followed orders and accomplished their missions.


Las Vegas, NV
Chief Harlon Two Leaf is a pony-tailed Native American Indian who occasionally helped private investigator, Dan Tanna track down clues and criminals amidst the glitter of Las Vegas, Nevada.

(Guestward Ho!)
c/o Trading Post
New Mexico
Chief Hawkeye is a conniving American Indian and owner of a local trading Post located in New Mexico. The only store for miles, he supplied the dude ranch "Guestward Ho" with life's little necessities at the going rate...his. Hawkeye's avocation was trying to return the country back to its rightful owners...the Indians. Pink Cloud assisted Hawkeye in selling his wares, which included authentic Indian trinkets made in Japan.

(F Troop)
Missouri/Kansas Frontier (1860s)
Chief Wild Eagle is the leader of a peaceful tribe of Hekawi indians who lived on the Kansas/Missouri Frontier of the 1860's. As he often said "Hekawi's not fighters...invent peace pipe. Hekawi's not mad at Nobody!" The chief's second-in-command, Crazy Cat often reminded the chief that he was the heir apparent to the tribe's leadership. Other tribal members included the tottering medicine man, Roaring Chicken; the 147-year-old Flaming Arrow; the ridiculous Bald Eagle; and Wise Owl, a crooked Indian detective. The Hekawi Indians did a rather lucrative black market trading business, supplying beads, trinkets, blankets to con-man/hustler, Sgt O'Rourke, a Cavalry officer stationed in the nearby frontier outpost known as "Fort Courage.

(Northern Exposure)
Cicely, AL
Ed Chigliak is a movie obsessed Native American teen and aspiring filmmaker living in the small town of Cicely, Alaska who helped newcomer Dr. Joel Fleischman adjust to culture shock by translating the peculiarities of the people of this small northern town. Ed later studied to be a Shaman.

CHIM (the chimp) See - SHEENA

(The Secret Empire)
Cheyenne, Wyoming (1880s)
The Chimerians are outer space aliens who established the futuristic city of Chimera deep beneath the town of Cheyenne, Wyoming in the 1880s. This secret subterranean civilization was ruled by the evil Emperor Thorval and his spoiled, power-hungry daughter, Princess Tara. Thorval used the "Compliatron," a mind controlling device powered by gold to enslave his citizenry. Outlaws known as the Phantom Riders supplied Thorval with his precious metal needs. Marshall Jim Donner stumbled upon the hidden entrance to the City of Chimera while tracking these gold stealing desperadoes and soon was locked into battle with these alien invaders on a weekly "to be continued" basis.

Hudson Valley, NY (1755)
Chingachgook, is the stoic Delaware Indian who befriended a frontier scout named Hawkeye based at Fort Bennington in New York's Hudson River Valley of 1755. Together they battled the hostile tribes of Huron Indians. Note: The series is based on James Fenimore Cooper's "Leatherstocking Tales." NOTE: In the series Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans series Chingachgook is a Mohican Indian.

CHIPMUNKS, THE [Alvin, Theodore & Simon] See - SEVILLE, David

CHISHOLMS, Hadley & wife, Minerva
(The Chisholms)
Old West (1840s)
Hadley Chisholm is the patriarch of Chisholm clan, a Virginia family who trekked across the wilderness of early America in search of a new home (a legal battle had taken their old home from them.) Hadley's family included his wife, Minerva, and children Will [married an Indian woman], Bonnie Sue [had Gambler's illegitimate child], Annabelle [died from Indian Attack], Bo, Gideon and Kewedinok [Will‘s Indian wife]. Hadley later died and the family's trek continued under the guidance of wagon master Cooper Hawkins.

(Chopper One)
Western California
Chopper One is the radio code name of helicopter used by the Western California Police Department (WCPD). Amidst the noise of whining propeller blades, officers Don Burdick and Gil Foley soared over the concrete canyons of a California city chasing down speeding automobiles and rooftop snipers. Mitch is Chopper One’s ground mechanic. Chopper One's registry numbers are N2098 (on its bottom) and N40MC (on its side).

(Occasional Wife)
Apartment 7C
East 57th Street
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Peter hires a fake wife named Greta to get an executive promotion. She lives in Apartment 9C.

(The Mary Tyler Moore Show)
c/o WJM-TV Channel 12
Minneapolis, MN
Chuckles the Clown is the star of The Chuckles the Clown Show that aired on the Minneapolis television station WJM-TV Channel 12. Chuckles died when he got trampled to death by an elephant in a parade.


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