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(Northern Exposure)
( 555-4043
c/o Maggie O'Connell, Pilot
Cicely, AL

(Oh, Those Bells!)
c/o Henry Slocum, Proprietor
4 Ridgeway Drive
Hollywood, CA
Herbert, Harry & Sylvester Bell work as custodians for Cinema Rents.

(The Mickey Mouse Club)
c/o Helen Adams, Camp Head
North Folk, CA
Circle H campers include Annette and Darlene. The Triple R Ranch, an all-boys camp, is located across the lake. [as seen on SPIN & MARTY episodes].

(The Cisco Kid)
Old Southwest (1890s)
The Cisco Kid is a Mexican "Robin Hood of the Old West" who roamed the dusty trails of the Southwest accompanied by his jovial sidekick, Pancho. Note: The characters were adapted from the short story "The Caballero's Way" written by O. Henry.


(Tombstone Territory)
Arizona Territory (1880s)
Harry is the editor of the newspaper The Epitaph. While he tried to prove that the pen is mightier than the sword, the town sheriff Clay Hollister enforced the law with a set of six-shooters.

CLAMPETT, Jed & Family
(The Beverly Hillbillies)
c/o The Clampett Mansion
518 Crestview Drive
Beverly Hills, CA.
Jed is a widowed hillbilly turned millionaire from the oil ("black gold, Texas tea") found on his Ozark property in Sibly near Blueberry Ridge. He "loaded up his [1921 flatbed Oldsmobile four-cylinder] truck and moved to Beverly" with his mother-in-law, Daisy "Granny" Moses, Jed's tomboy daughter, Elly May Margaret Clampett, and cousin Jethro Bodine [who "graduated from the sixth grade"]. NOTE: The actual mansion (a.k.a. "The Kirkeby Mansion") used for establishing exterior shots on the series was built in 1933 on a sprawling 6.5 acre tract of land located at 750 Bel Air Road in Bel Air, California by millionaire Arnold Kirkeby, a Chicago hotel magnate. The Kirkeby mansion went up on the market in the mid 1980s with an asking price of $27 million dollars. It was purchased by TV executive named Jerrold Perrenchio in 1987 for $13.7 million who then dismantled the mansion and built a new structure to reflect his own lifestyle.

(The Howdy Doody Show)
Town of Doodyville, USA
Clarabell the Clown is a silent, red-haired clown living in the circus frontier town of Doodyville, USA. Dressed in a baggy, body length green and white zebra striped costume, Clarabell Hornblow Clown (his full name) carried a small utility box strapped below his chest in which he kept his squeaky, Harpo Marx-like horn (He talked via "yes" and "no" honks) and a bottle of seltzer water often used to squirt Buffalo Bob Smith, the program's host. Note: After 2,343 programs, The Hoowdy Doody Show left the air on September 24, 1960, but not before Clarabell, silent for 13 years, uttered the closing line, "Goodbye Kids."

CLARK, Brett
(The Pony Express)
c/o The Overland Express Company
American Frontier (1860s)
Brett is an investigator for Central Overland Express Company (also known as the "Pony Express") that covered the areas from St. Joseph, Missouri to Sacramento, California from 1860-61. His friends included Donovan and Tom Clyde. See also - HUNTER, Teaspoon.

CLARK, Emmett & wife, Martha
(The Andy Griffith Show/Mayberry RFD)
132 Main Street
Mayberry, NC
Emmett is a handyman; he’s been one for 38 years. Martha [née Beecham} is a housewife. The Clark’s originally lived in Mt. Pilot. In 1967 Emmett moved his home-based handyman business to Mayberry and opened Emmett’s Fix-It Shop at 132 Main Street, the former site of Floyd’s Barbershop next to the Sheriff's office.. Married twenty five years, Emmett and Martha enjoy a leisurely life. Martha likes to garden, and is a member of the Garden Club and the Bridge Club in town. as well as a member of the church finance committee. Emmett likes to bowl, and to dance [once a Harvest Ball dance finalist] and uses his handyman background to volunteer on the church’s building and safety committee.

(Stories of the Century)
American Frontier (late 1800s)
Matt is a detective for the Southwestern Railroad. He tracked down such notorious frontier outlaws as Belle Starr, Billy the Kid, Butch Cassidy, and Jesse James with the assistance of his lovely female partner Frankie Adams [replaced by Jonesy Jones]. Note: The series was also known as The Fast Guns and Tales of the West.

(Good Morning, World)
3126 Orion Place
Los Angeles, CA
Larry is a deejay co-host of the call-in radio show "The Lewis & Clark Show"
[( Crestview 6-7399]

CLARKE, Lyle & wife, Brenda
(Saturday Night Live)
3130 Meadow Lane
The Clarke's own an accident-prone gray tabby cat called Toonces, a.k.a. Toonces, the Driving Cat. Each week, Toonces gets to drive the family car and ultimately drives it off a cliff—with owners aboard.

CLAVIN, Clifford "Cliff"
c/o Cheers Tavern
112 & 1/2 Beacon Street
Boston, MA (basement level)
Cliff is a verbose postal worker. He lives with his mother, Ester [he has a ten o‘clock curfew], has difficulty finding a date, belongs to the Knights of the Scimitar Lodge and spends his off hours at Cheers tavern. His father Cliff Claven, senior is hiding in Australia from U.S. authorities because of a real estate scam.

CLAYTON, Burt & wife, Alice
(Bless This House)
Apartment 4D
Trenton, NJ
Burt is a post office supervisor. He moonlights as a deliveryman for Sun Dairies. Alice is a cashier at Trenton Motor Cars [and later a salesgirl at Trenton Mall and then a secretary at Richman, Goldman and Pike law firm]. Their children included 12-year-old Danni [a girl] and young son Sean.

( Central-4734
Madison, USA (1920s)
Teenager Margie lives with parents Harvey & Nora & her brother Cornell.

CLEARY, Fr. Daniel & Sister Agnes
(In the Beginning)
c/o Inner City Mission
122 Fifteenth Street
Baltimore, MD

CLEAVER, Wally & wife, Mary Ellen
(The New Leave It To Beaver)
213 Pine Street
Mayfield, USA
Wally is a lawyer. He lives with his children Kelly and baby Kevin and his wife, Mary Ellen. Wally's widowed mother June Cleaver still lives next-door at 211 Pine Street at his childhood home along with his now divorced 33-year-old younger brother Theodore and his children teenager Skip and preteen Ollie.

CLEAVER, Ward & wife, June
(Leave It To Beaver)
( Whitney 1-2738
( Klondike 5-4763
211 Pine Street
Mayfield, USA
Ward is a businessman. June Evelyn [née Benson] is a homemaker. They live with their two sons Wallace "Wally," the eldest and Theodore, a.k.a. "The Beaver." NOTE: The Cleavers' originally lived at 485 Maple Street [also given as 428 Mapleton]. Between the 2nd and 3rd season, the Cleaver family moved to 211 Pine Street [also seen as 211 Maple and 211 Lakewood Avenue]. Mr. Brenner moved into their old house at 485 Maple: The home used for the exterior shots for the Cleaver residence is actually located at 1727 Buckingham Road in the Wilshire District of Los Angeles, California. An identical copy of the home's stone and wood rambler facade was built on the show's back lot on Colonial Street located on the Upper Lot at Universal City [with Camillia bushes in front of the house]. In the revival series The New Leave It To Beaver, June Cleaver now widowed shares her home [a restored version of the original Cleaver house] with a her grown son, Theodore Cleaver, now a divorced father with two sons, Kip & Ollie. A new replica was built for the 1997 film version of Leave It To Beaver.

(What's Happening!!)
534 Oakmont
Los Angeles, CA
Dwayne He like girls and greets everyone with an exuberant "Hey! HEY, Hey!" He lives at home with his father, Lawrence Clemens and hangouts with his friends, Freddie "Rerun" Stubbs and Roger "Raj" Thomas who lives with his mother Mabel "Mama" and his bratty little sister. Dee. Dwayne and his friends hangouts at Rob's Place, a local hamburger/soda shop that employs a sassy waitress named Shirley Wilson. On the sequel series What's Happening Now!! Dwayne works for Milster Computers. He still hangs out with Rerun, now a used car salesman and Raj who is now married struggling writer and business partner with Shirley in Rob's Place.

(My Secret Identity)
( 555-7175
43 [or 51] Meadow Drive
Briarwood, Canada
Andrew lives with his mother Stephanie. and sister Erin. He is also a superhero called "Ultraman."

(My Friend Irma)
c/o Milton J. Clyde
631 East 41st Street
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Irma Peterson is their secretary.


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