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(Black Saddle)
New Mexico (in late 1800s)
Culhane is a reformed gunfighter turned lawyer. He travels the New Mexico territory of the late 19th century trying to settle disputes with law books instead of a gun.

(704 Hauser)
704 Hauser Street
Queens, New York (Corona section)
Ernie is an auto mechanic. He lives with his wife, Rose and his college student son, Thurgood Marshall a.k.a. "Goodie." NOTE: This was the former home of Archie Bunker from the All in the Family sitcom. The real house shown as the TV series residence is located at 89-70 Cooper Avenue in the Glendale section of Queens.

(She Spies)
Los Angeles, CA
Dee Dee is an ex-con turned spy [Interpol Police Record # 33-7648-8]. She comes from Washington, DC and graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard. Dee Dee is 5' 4", single, blond, and was indicted on six counts for stealing state secrets from a government database. An expert in computer hacking, reportedly "Dee Dee cracks code like Leno cracks Jokes," She is also proficient in foreign languages and loves volley ball and dancing the rhumba. Dee Dee is now part of a trio of ex-cons who, through an experimental government program, have been released from jail to work as an undercover crime-fighting task force. Technically, they’re still felons [not even paroled] so the “Agency” won't allow them to carry firearms. She reports to a government agent named Jack Wild who created the program. See also - PHILLIPS, Shane

(The Stockard Channing Show)
123 Morning Glory Circle
Los Angeles, CA
Earline works as a receptionist for KXLA-TV in West Hollywood.

CUNNINGHAM, Richard "Richie"
(Happy Days)
565 North Clinton Drive [also given as 618 Bridge Street]
Milwaukee, WI (in the 1950s & 60s)
Richie is a student at Jefferson High School and an aspiring writer. He is straight as an arrow and has a Howdy Doody face. His friends included Warren "Potsie" Weber, jokester Ralph Malph and Arthur "The Fonz" Fonzarelli, an ultra cool motorcycle-driving mechanic. They hang out at a local hamburger joint known as Arnold's Drive-In. Richie's family members included his father Howard, the owner of Cunningham Hardware Store and a member of the Leopard Lodge; his mother Marion, a homemaker; his basketball playing older brother who went off to college; and his precocious little sister, Joanie Note: The house that served as the Cunningham residence is actually located at 565 North Cahuenga Avenue [south of Melrose Avenue] in the Hancock Park in the Wilshire District of Los Angeles just a few blocks from Paramount's lot on Melrose Avenue.

(Happy Days)
c/o Howard Cunningham, Proprietor
8th Street
Milwaukee, WI
The store offers such items as Mr. Happy Plunger, the Garbage Gulper [a trash compactor] and free paint color mixing.

CURRY, Arthur  See - AQUAMAN

CURRY, Jed "Kid"
(Alias Smith & Jones)
Old West (late 1880s)
Jed is a train/bank robber. He and his partner Hannibal Hayes struck a deal with the territorial governor for amnesty. The hitch: they had to go straight for one year. In the meantime they still would stay wanted by the law. Some deal!

CUSTER, George Armstrong
(Custer / Legend of Custer)
Fort Hays, KS (late 1860s)
Lt. Col. Custer is a flamboyant 28-eight-year old US Cavalry officer given the task of commanding the men of Fort Hays, Kansas, the home of the 7th Cavalry, a rowdy, undisciplined groups of drifters, thieves and ex-confederate soldiers. Soldiers on duty included army scout California Joe Milner; Sergeant James Bustard, Captain Myles Keogh and Brig. General Alfred H. Terry [Custer’s commanding officer]. Note: Historically, Custer & the 7th Cavalry were killed in a battle with the Sioux Indians on the Little Bighorn River in 1876.

CUTHBERT, Marilla & Matthew
(Anne Of Green Gables)
Green Gables Farm
Prince Edward Island, Canada
The Cuthberts live with their adopted daughter Anne Shirley.

(Tales of the Gold Monkey)
Island of Bora Gora
South Pacific (1938)
Jack is owner and operator of
The Cutter's Goose (a.k.a. "the Grumman Goose") a seaplane that flew charter cargo service on the French-owned South Pacific island of Bora Gora in the year 1938. The aircraft was maintained by Corky, a former mechanic for Pan Pacific Airways who got fired for his bouts with alcoholism.


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