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DIAL, Carlton
(Fortune Hunter)
c/o Intercept Corporation
San Francisco, CA
Carlton is a suave ex-British spy. He now works for Intercept Corporation, a recovery firm that retrieves valuable items for high paying clients. While on assignment, Dial was ordered to use a tranquilizer gun (that fired six high-potency darts) due to lawsuits against the corporation for over excessive violence by its agents. His colleagues included Harry Flack, a computer geek who monitored Dial's activities; and Yvonne, a sexy Intercept employee who gave Carlton his assignments.

DIAL, James "Jim" & wife, Doris
(Murphy Brown)
3134 South Bedford Drive
Washington, D.C.
Jim and Doris share their house with a pet dog named Victor (later called Trixie and Trixter)

DIAMOND, Richard
(Richard Diamond, Private Detective)
( ZM-1-2173 [car phone]
( ZM-1-2713 [car phone]
Savoy Hotel
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Diamond is an ex-cop turned private eye. He lives at the Savoy Hotel and works out of office number #306 in an unnamed building. His business calls are fielded by a sexy-voiced but never seen telephone operator named Sam who owns the Hi Fi Answering Service [? Murray Hill 4-9099]. Sam would often call Mr. "D" (as she called him), just in time to supply him with information that saved him from the bad guys. Diamond later moves to Los Angeles [office # 117].

DICKENS, Harold "Harry" & wife Katherine "Kate"
(I'm Dickens...He's Fenster)
( 555-3438
285 South Lakehurst
Los Angeles, CA
Harry is a construction worker. His carpenter buddy, Arch Fenster is a swinging bachelor.

Dodgy City, KS, (1880s)
Matt is a US Marshal who maintained law and order in the town of Dodge City, Kansas. His close friends included Galen "Doc" Adams, the town physician; Chester Goode, Matt's limping deputy [replaced by Festus Haggen]; and Miss Kitty Russell, owner of the Long Branch Saloon and Matt's unofficial sweetheart.

4107 5th Avenue
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Tracy shares her luxurious apartment with Melissa "Mel" Kirshner and Princess Georgina "Georgy" De La Rue.

Basement Apartment
89 George Street
Walford E20, London (East End)
Beppe works as a Vice Squad cop in Central London. He lives with his son, Little Joe and is still married to Sandra (nee Davis) but separated from her. His parents and siblings live upstairs. His father (now deceased) owned Guiseppe's Italian Restaurant at 91 George Street and his whole family helps run it including brother Gianni, sister Nicoletta, and mother, Rosa. His sister, Teresa works at The Night Cafe.

DIMAURO, Elliott
(Just Shoot Me)
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Elliott DiMauro is a kindhearted but klutzy balding Italian-American photographer. He shoots fashion layouts for the New York-based Blush magazine. Elliott's romantic interest is Maya Gallo, the daughter of Jack Gallo, the magazine's owner [who personally hired Elliott].

DIN, Tran Van
(Down Home)
c/o McCrorey's Landing
Hadley Cove, TX
Tran Van Din is a Vietnamese immigrant working as a short order cook at McCrorey's Landing, a cafe/bait shop located in Hadley Cove, Texas. He came to the U.S.A. by misrepresenting the fact that he was an oriental mail-order-bride. He had sent a picture of Connie Chung to his love-starved suitor [who paid for his air-fare to the states].

DiPESTO, Agnes
633 Hope Street
Apartment 723
Los Angeles, CA
Agnes is the receptionist for Blue Moon Detective Agency. Her boyfriend is junior detective Herbert Viola.

(Ask Harriet)
c/o Marshall "Old Man" Russell, Owner
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
The Dispatch is a daily New York newspaper publication. Its employees included Jack Cody, who writes "A Man's World" column; Sylvia Coco, who writes "Ask Harriet", an advise-to-the-lovelorn column [Sylvia is actually Jack who now masquerades as a female after losing his job]; Melissa Peters, Jack/Sylvia's boss; Trey Anderson, Jack's scheming former assistant; Joplin Russell, the boss' sexy granddaughter and editor in training; and Ronnie Rendall, the restaurant critic who's the only one who knows Sylvia's true identity. The papers' mascot of sort is a homeless man named Marty who stands vigil in front of The Dispatch building soliciting passer-bys.

(Room 222)
Los Angeles, CA
Pete is a history teacher at Walt Whitman High School. His girlfriend is school counselor Liz McIntyre



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