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(Rags to Riches)
( Klondike 5-4023
Mansion in Bel Air, CA
Nick is a bachelor playboy-businessman. He adopted five children: Rose, Marva, Diana, Patty and Mickey. Nick's butler, John Clapper, tends to their needs.

(Sugar & Spice)
731 Oakwood Avenue
Ponca City, OK (also given as CA)
Loretta is an aspiring singer. She lives with her divorcée sister Vickilyn Fontaine Clayton and their orphaned teenaged niece, Toby.

FONZARELLI, Arthur "Herbert"
(Happy Days)
( Klondike 5-1313
565 North Clinton Drive
(c/o garage apartment)
Milwaukee, WI
Arthur a.k.a. "The Fonz" is an ultra-cool Italian-American auto mechanic. He lives over the garage owned by the Cunningham family. Marion and Howard Cunningham became the Fonz’s adopted family [the Fonz’s dad abandoned him years earlier]. Besides all the girls who go gaga over the Fonzarelli mystique [they come running with the snap of his fingers], Fonzie’s friends included Richie Cunningham, a student from Jefferson High School whom Fonzie mentored in the ways of women; Joanie Cunningham, Richie’s little sister [whom the Fonz called "Shortcake"]; Arthur’s enterprising young cousin Charles "Chachi" Arcola [who later married Joanie]; sexy motorcycle queen, Pinkie Tuscadero [who is "cooler" than the Fonz]; and an even "cooler" mystical hip chick known as Cat Mandu. The Fonz’s catchphrase is "Aaaayh!" [accompanied by a thumbs-up gesture]. The Fonz can also start the juke box at Arnold’s Drive-In restaurant by just thumping it with his fist. See also "Arthur Fonzarelli"

FOGG, Phileas  See - VERNE, Jules

(To The Manor Born)
Grantleigh Manor & Lodge
Rural England
When Audrey's husband died, she lost her mansion to bankruptcy and relocated to the Manor Lodge on the estate grounds with her manservant Brabinger. Audrey’s best friend is Marjory Forbisher.

FORD, Josh
c/o Kennedy High School
Josh is a student. He is the school's star quarterback, a member of the drama club [he got the lead role in the play] and the most popular guy in school. His authoritarian father is ex-military officer. Josh hangs out with Mary Cherry; cheerleaders Brooke McQueen and Nicole Julian; Poppita "Poppy" Fresh; and fellow football player Mike "Sugar Daddy" Bernardino. Josh has even dated Brooke's step-sister Samantha McPherson, who is classified as one of the "unpopular" students.

(That ‘70s Show)
Point Place, WI (1976)
Eric is a teenager. He lives with his parents Red [downsized to a part-time worker]; Kitty Forman [a nurse] and his libidinous sister, Laurie [she was flunking out of the University of Wisconsin]. Eric’s car [once Red Forman’s prize possession] is a 1969 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser station wagon - license: 1Z3820. Eric’s 17-year-old friends included his sexy redheaded girlfriend Donna Pinciotto, who lives next-door; horny Michael Kelso; Jackie "Beulah" Burkhardt [she aspires to be a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader], Steven "Steve" Hyde [his mother abandoned him and he now lives with the Formans], and Fez, a naive foreign exchange student. They all hangout at an eatery called "The Hub."

FORRESTER, Paul Edward
Paul Forrester is a freelance photographer. His identity was assumed by an alien from outer space after Paul died in a helicopter crash while on assignment photographing volcanic eruptions (presumably Mt. St. Helens) near Seattle, Washington. The alien, known as "Starman," cloned Paul's body from drops of blood left in the snow at the wreckage site. See also ALIENS - "Starman"

FORSYTE, Jolyon "Jo"
(The Forsyte Saga)
Jolyon "Jo" Forsyte is a wealthy male (and heir) of the Forsyte family living in the Victorian and Edwardian times of England from 1879 to 1926. The series chronicled the lives of the famous aunts and uncles of the Forsyte family including lawyer Soames Forstye'; Irene; Fleur; Winnifrid; Michael Mont; Jolyon, Sr.; Aunt Ann; Helene; Jon Forsyte; Frances; and Swithin.

(F Troop)
c/o F Troop
Kansas/Missouri Territory (late 1860s)
Fort Courage is named for General Sam Courage, a bumbling, portly officer with white hair and sideburns. Troopers at the fort include newcomer Captain Wilton Parmenter, Sergeant Morgan O'Rourke, his assistant, Corporal Agarn, Corporal Dobbs, the fort's bugler, and a host of other misfits solders. To make extra money, Sergeant O'Rourke runs O'Rourke Enterprises, an illegal trading operation of souvenirs and trinkets manufactured by the nearby Hekawi Indian tribe. Once, a local business name named Big Jim Parker tried to cut in on O'Rourke's action by buying the fort and renaming it Parkerville, but O'Rourke thwarted his scheme by using local Indians to scare Parker into abandoning his plans. Each year, the citizens of Fort Courage celebrate a Founder Day event. For music, Agarn plays the saxophone and Dobbs blow his bugle which has the tendency to shatter glass.

(Boots & Saddles)
c/o Captain Adam Shank
Arizona Territory (1870s)
Soldiers on duty included Lieutenant Colonel Hays; Lieutenant Kelly; Lieutenant Binning; Sergeant Bullock and veteran Indian scout Luke Cummings. Note: The program title was derived from the traditional "bugle call" used to summon soldiers to their horses. Filmed on location in Kanab, Utah.

6265 Crescent Road
Seattle, WA
A Refuge and Research Center for 4,400 hundred people who were abducted by a beam of light starting in 1946 and then returned one day in 2004 by an unknown force in the Cascade Range foothills near Mount Rainier, Washington. All of the 4,400 returned as they were the day they were taken although many years had past since their abduction.

(Double Trouble)
( 555-7767
49 West 74th Street
New York City, NY.
Margo is a writer of children's stories. She shares her home with her twin teenage nieces, Allison & Kate. Her address is later given as 51 West 74th Street. The twins originally lived at 1555 North Ridge Drive in Des Moines, Iowa.

FOSTER, Judith "Judy"
(A Date with Judy)
123 State Street
Located near Cincinnati, OH
Teenager Judy lives with her parents Melvyn and Dora and her bratty brother, Randolph. Her boyfriend is Ogden "Oogie" Pringle.

(Surfside Six)
Miami Beach, FL
Singer Cha Cha O'Brien performed in the Boom Boom Room. The Hotel is the headquarters for private eyes Ken Madison, Dave Thorne and Sandy Winfield II who live in a houseboat in the harbor across from the hotel.

4077th M*A*S*H UNIT
c/o Lt. Col. Henry Blake
Ouijongbou, Korea (in the 1950s)
The 4077th is a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital unit that treated wounded soldiers near the front lines in the Korean War. Medical staff on duty includes Captain Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce; Captain John "Trapper John" McIntyre ; Head Nurse Major Margaret "Hot Lips" Houlihan; Major Frank "Ferret Face" Burns; company clerk Corporal Walter "Radar" O’Reilly; Corporal Maxwell Q. Klinger [who replaced "Radar" when he went stateside]; Chaplain Father John Francis "Dago Red" Mulcahy; Captain B.J. Hunnicutt [who replaced "Trapper John"]; Major Charles Emerson Winchester III [who replaced Frank Burns]; and Colonel Sherman T. Potter [who replaced Henry Blake after he died in a helicopter crash]. Camp support staff includes Igor Straminsky, the camp’s cook and mess tent server; and Sgt. Luther Rizzo, a Louisiana native who ran the motor pool.

55 Victoria Road
Walford E20, London (East End)
Mark is married to Ruth Aitken. He runs a Fruit & Veg Stall in Albert Square. Ruth works at the local Crèche.

FOWLER, Pauline
No. 45 Albert Square
Pauline works at the Launderette on Bridge Street. She was married to Arthur Fowler (now deceased). She is the mother to Michelle, and Mark. Michelle, her second child lives in Florida with her granddaughter, Vicki. Her brother Pete died in a car crash on 12/9/93. Her brother Kenny lives in New Zealand. Conor and Mary Flaherty, from the Irish side of her family, arrived in Albert Square in 1997. No. 45 was always owned by Pauline's mother, Lou Beale. She bequeathed the home to Pauline.

FOX, Harrison K.
(Crazy Like a Fox)
San Francisco, CA
Harrison is an attorney. His father, Harry Fox [who can’t drive a car] is a private eye. Harrison is married to Cindy and has a young son named Josh. Harrison’s secretary is Allison Ling. Note: The office building used for Harrison's law practice is actually located at the corner of Sutter & Market St.

FOX, Coach Hayden
c/o Minnesota State University
( 407-555-0199
100 Stadium Way
Minnesota, USA
Hayden is a award winning coach for the Screaming Eagles football team. Born in Spokane, Washington, Coach is divorced, lives in a cabin outside of town and loves chili. His coworkers at the University are Luther Van Dam, a cheerful but inane assistant coach; Michael Fabian "Dauber" Dybinski, a former staff advisor turned assistant coach; Judy Watkins, the girl's basketball coach and Hayden‘s nemesis; and Hayden‘s superior, Howard Burleigh, the college administrator. In his spare time Hayden hosts The Hayden Fox Show sports show on KCCY-TV, Channel 6. Coach’s favorite hangout is the Touchdown Club. Hayden’s family included his grown daughter Kelly from a previous marriage [after her failed marriage, she took a job at a New York ad Agency]; and his girlfriend [later wife] Christine Armstrong, a TV newswoman. In 1995 eccentric millionaire Doris Sherman offered Hayden a job as coach for the Florida Pro expansion team, The Orlando Breakers. He accepted the position but later returned to Minnesota so that Christina could pursue her broadcasting career. In the middle of all these changes, Hayden and Christine adopted a baby named Timothy.

FOX, Nick
(The Insiders)
34 Brewster Avenue
Los Angeles, CA
Nick is an investigative magazine reporter. His partner is James Mackey.

FOX, Sydney
(Relic Hunter)
Trinity College
East Coast, USA
Sydney is an unorthodox History Professor of Asian descent working for Trinity College on the East Coast. Sydney moonlights as an explorer, crisscrossing the globe in pursuit of fabled lost treasures and rare stolen artifacts. She is skilled in the martial arts and in high demand by a variety of employers: secret government agencies, private collectors, museum curators, etc.

FOXWORTHY, Jeff & wife, Karen
(The Jeff Foxworthy Show)
Bloomington, IN
Jeff is an heating and air-conditioning and engineer [HVAC]. Karen is a homemaker and registered nurse. They share their suburban home with their child Matt, a seven year old. The Foxworthy’s relocated to Atlanta where Jeff took a job as a loading dock foreman.

(The Jeff Foxworthy Show)
( (812) 555-4944
c/o Jeff Foxworthy
Bloomington, IN
Jeff's employees are Walt Bacon, Russ Francis, and later Jeff’s brother Wayne Foxworthy.

FRANCISCO, Det. George
(Alien Nation: The Series)
1377 (unnamed street)
Los Angeles, CA (Little Tencton)
George [a.k.a., Neemo] is a space alien from the planet Tencton who escaped to Earth. He lives with wife, Susan and their children Buck and Emily. George’s earthling partner is Det. Matthew Sikes. Their police car radio code is ? 1-WILLIAM-52.

(Alien Nation: The Series)
Apartment 204
Los Angeles, CA
Cathy is a Tenctonese alien who relocated to Earth. She works as a biochemist at the Newcomers' Behavioral Center. Her love interest is police detective Matthew Sikes who lives in Apartment 203.

          See - MUNSTER, Herman; and
                   STEIN, Ted.

(Living Dolls)
68th Street and Madison Street
New York City, NY
Emily is a model and aspiring doctor.

FRASER, Constable Benton
(Due South)
Apartment 2-J
221 West Racine
Chicago IL
Fraser is a Canadian Mountie who teamed with streetwise Chicago police detective Ray Vecchio. Fraser's shares his home with a pet wolf named Diefenbaker. Benton's apartment burned down in the first season [episode 3], so he moved into the Canadian Consulate. The ghost of Benton’s murdered father occasionally visits him to discuss life.

361 East 46th Street
New York City, NY (Brooklyn)
Lenni is a musician, a songwriter, and a sleuth.

FRAZIER, Charlene
(Designing Women)
( 404-555-8600 [& 6787]
c/o Sugarbaker’s Design Firm
1521 Sycamore Street
Atlanta, GA
Charlene is the receptionist at Sugarbaker’s Design Firm. She is single, blonde, a Baptist and a romantic. In April 1989 Charlene married US Air Force Colonel Bill Stillwell at the Dunwoodie Hotel’s rooftop garden. The following January 1st, they had a baby girl named Olivia. That same year Charlene purchased the supposedly haunted Grant Ghostly Mansion.

FREEMAN, Ron & wife, Ellen
(True Colors)
218 Bratner Boulevard
Baltimore, MD
Ron is a black dentist and divorced father of two sons Terry & Lester. He is married to Ellen Davis, a white divorced mother of teenage daughter, Katie.

FRENCH, Giles Mr.
(Family Affair)
c/o Bill Davis
Apartment 27A
600 East 62nd Street (near Fifth Avenue)
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Giles [a.k.a. Mr. French] is a British valet and the caretaker of Cissy, Buffy and Jody, the adopted children of construction engineer Bill Davis. Nigel French took over the children’s care when his valet brother Mr. French returned to England to attend to the Royal Family.

(Amos & Andy)
( Atwater 9-3597
New York City, NY (Harlem)
Amos Jones is a one of its drivers.

FRESH, Poppita
Poppita "Poppy" is a student at Kennedy High School. She is African-American and new to the school. She hangs out with the "popular" kids including Mary Cherry; cheerleaders Brooke McQueen and Nicole Julian; and football players Josh Ford, and Mike "Sugar Daddy" Bernardino.

FRIDAY, Sgt. Joe
( 1-K-80 [Police radio]
Los Angeles Police Department
Los Angeles, CA
Joe's partners are Sgt. Ben Romero, Sgt. Ed Jacobs, Officer Frank Smith and Officer Bill Gannon. Joe's badge number is 714. He is fond of saying "Just the facts" when conducting an investigation.

(The Great Defender)
( 1-800-55-LEGAL
Boston, MA
Lou is a streetwise lawyer who advertises on TV commercials and the sides of buses.

FROG, Kermit T.
(Sesame Street/The Muppets)
Kermit T. Frog is a simple, honest frog from the swamps of Georgia who came to Hollywood to seek his fortune. His girlfriend is Miss Piggy, a determined young swine who hopes one day she and her little "Kermie" will be wed (whether Kermit likes it or not).

FRY, Simon
(The Deputy)
Silver City, Arizona (1880s)
Simon is an aging US Marshall. He maintains law and order with the help of deputy Clay McCord, a young storekeeper with an aversion for guns. The local citizenry included Clay's sister, Fran McCord; and Sergeant Tasker, a one-eyed cavalry officer.

FRYE, Deacon Ernest J.
c/o First Community Church
Philadelphia, PA.
Ernest is a deacon for First Community Church. He is a widow. His wife, Laraine Tillman, a nurse at County General Hospital died five years into their marriage. Ernest now lives with his unmarried daughter, Thelma who attended West Holmes High School and was nicknamed "The Undateable." She later married Reverend Reuben Gregory [she called him "Sweet Potato"] who graduated from Yale Divinity School. Thelma worked as a real estate agent for Underwood-Baines and then hosted her own cooking TV show Thelma’s Kitchen. Rev. Frye [also an attorney and later a judge] had a law office at Room 203 on 56th Street. His business sign reads: ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, ERNEST FRYE-WHERE WINNING IS EVERYTHING. Ernest later ran for the senate but lost 19,372 to 43.



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