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GELLER, Monica
945 Grove St (Near the corner of Bedford & Grove Streets)
Apt. No. 20. [also seen as #5]
New York, NY 10001 (Greenwich Village)
Monica is a raven-haired chef/caterer. She is Jewish, an obsessive neat freak, snorts when she laughs and used to be very fat in high school. Her biggest fault is that she has to be perfect and please everybody. Monica lives in a spacious apartment owned by her grandmother. Monica shares her apartment with Rachel Green, her friend from Lincoln High School days. They are close friends with Chandler Bing and Joey Tribbiani who live across the hall in apartment 19 [also seen as apartment #4] and Phoebe Buffay, a new age masseuse/folksinger. Rachel later moves out to live with friend Phoebe Buffay when Monica’s relationship with Chandler heats up (they eventually get married). Much of the time, Monica and her friend’s hangout at a local coffee bar called Central Perk. In 2004, Monica relocated from her rent-controlled apartment with her new husband to their own home to raise their newly born adopted twins babies.

( 55-JIMBO [Beeper #]
New York City, NY (Greenwich Village)
Ross is a museum paleontologist [a PH.D.] at the Museum of Natural History. He got 1250 on his SAT’s, is always pronouncing everything "perfectly" and has the excessive need to have everyone agree with him. Ross later moves into apartment #3B [formerly owned by "the Ugly Naked Guy"] that can be seen from the apartment window of Monica Geller, Ross's sister. Ross has an off and on romantic relationship with Rachel Greene, whom he married in Las Vegas [while drunk] but then had the union annulled. He later got Rachel pregant on a one night stand.

(General Hospital)
Port Charles, New York
Note: The hospital building regularly seen in the opening and closing credits of GENERAL HOSPITAL is actually the Los Angeles County University of Southern California Medical Center located at 1200 N. State Street near intersections of Zonal Avenue and Marengo Street.

GENNARO, Joe & wife, Sandy
(Joe’s Life)
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Joe Gennaro is an Italian-American aircraft plant worker and a N.Y. Giants fan. Sandy is a homemaker. When Joe was laid off from his management position, he became a "Mr. Mom" staying home to care for his three children: Amy, their self-absorbed fourteen-year-old daughter; Paul, their smart-alecky twelve-year-old son [he likes astronomy]; and Scotty, their adorable seven-year-old son. To make ends meet, Sandy got day work as an office temp and Joe worked evenings as a chef at Gennaro’s Restaurant owned by Joe’s big brother, Stan. Joe’s brother, Stan, his wife, Barbara; and Leo, their sixteen-year-old son were frequent visitors to their humble home.

GENTRY, Dr. Tom & wife, Mary
(Tom, Dick & Mary)
90 Bristol Court
Southern California
Tom shares their apartment with Dr. Dick Moran.

GERARD, Joe & wife, Rhoda
332 West 46th Street
Apartment 9-B
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Joe owns a wrecking company. Rhoda is a window dresser. When Rhoda divorced Joe, she moved to Apartment 6-G (also given as 4-G).



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