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GIBBONS, Roger & wife, Barbara
(Brand New Life)
31304 South Birch Street
Bel Air, California
Roger is a lawyer. Barbara is an ex-waitress. The Gibbons family is a "blended" family with Barbara's children, Ericka, Christy and Bart and Roger's kids, Amanda, Laird and Barlow. Barbara & her children formerly lived at 708 Valley Drive, Los Angeles, CA

(Love That Jill)
c/o Jack Gibson, Owner
540 Madison Avenue
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Pearl is the agency’s secretary. Jack's rival competitor is Model Girls, Inc. run by Jill Johnson.

(Love That Jill)
1360 West 63rd Street
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Jack owns the Gibson Girls Agency.

(The Honeymooners)
33 Koscrusko Street
New York City, NY
Mrs. Gibson is Alice Kramden's mother.

GILBERT, Darlene & her sisters
Apartment #410
362 East 7th Street
New York, NY (Manhattan)
The Gilbert sisters are all overweight [each weighing over 200-pounds]. They live together in a studio apartment in Manhattan. Darlene, the oldest sister, is divorced, cynical and a dog groomer [later a day care center employee]. Charlene, the middle sister, is single, out-going, and a commercial makeup artist. Her boyfriend is Ronnie Underwood, the owner of Ronnie’s Take Out Food. Marlene, the youngest, is single, naive and worked as a toll collector, a model ["The Hefty Hose Girl"] for Merit, Barrett and Cole Ad Agency and later as a video photographer for Ideal Mates, Inc., a dating service.

GILDERSLEEVE, Throckmorton P.
(The Great Gildersleeve)
217 Elm Street
Summerfield, USA
"Gildy" is the city water commissioner and a bachelor uncle who adopts his deceased sister's children, Marjorie and Leroy Forrester. Other residents of Summerfield include Birdie Lee Coggins. Gildy's housekeeper; Mayor Terwilliger, Gildy's boss; Bessie, Gildy's secretary; Mr. Peavey, the town's druggist; Floyd Munson, the town's barber; and eligible town females Leila Ransom, an attractive Southern belle; Kathryn Milford, a nurse at Summerfield Hospital; Amy Miller of the Ladies' Poetry Club; and Lois Kimball, the town Librarian.

GILES, Rupert
(Buffy the Vampire Killer)
( 11783
523 Oakpark Street,
Apartment B
Sunnydale, California, 90211
Rupert Giles is a Watcher. Born in England to a family of Watchers, Giles attended Oxford University and later became a museum curator. The Watcher Council assigned Giles to a Slayer named Buffy Summers who lived in Sunnydale, California. Under the guise of the school librarian, Giles instructed Buffy in the ways of the Slayer.

GILLESPIE, Bill & wife, Harriet
(In the Heat of the Night)
Sparta, Mississippi
Bill is a white police chief. Harriet is a black city councilwoman. Note: The exterior shots for the Gillespie home are actually photographs of a private residence located at 2130 Monticello in Covington, Georgia. Before Bill married Harriet DeLong, he lived in a cabin (shots of a cabin located off Turner Road in Covington, Georgia).

GILLESPIE, Dr. Leonard
(Dr. Kildare)
Unnamed City, USA
Leonard is the chief of staff at Blair General Hospital. He mentors intern Dr. James Kildare.

(That Girl)
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
This agency represents aspiring model/actress Ann Marie. The firm's agents include Harvey Beck, George Lester, Sandy Stone and Seymour Schwimmer.

(Gilligan’s Island)
Uncharted Island
Somewhere in the South Pacific
[300 miles southeast of Hawaii]
Gilligan is the bumbling First Mate of the charter boat S.S. Minnow. He is shipwrecked on an uncharted desert with Jonas "The Skipper" Grumby, the boat’s captain who calls Gilligan his "Little Buddy"; and passengers millionaire Thurston Howell the Third; his wife, Lovey; movie star Ginger Grant, country girl Mary Ann Summers and science teacher Roy Hinkley, a.k.a. "The Professor." Note: The name "Gilligan" was plucked right out of the Los Angeles white pages by the show’s producer Sherwood Schwartz because "it’s a happy name that was also funny." The name never appeared in the series but Sherwood Schwartz said "Willy" was Gilligan's first name.

(The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis)
( Springfield-4682
c/o The Gillis Grocery Store
285 Norwood Street
Central City, USA
Dobie lives above a grocery store owned by his father, Herbert T. "I gotta kill that boy!" Gillis and his mother, Winifrid "Winnie" Gillis. Dobie normally has one thing on his mind - Girls. His friends include beatnik buddy, Maynard G. Krebs; egghead, Zelda Gilroy; spoiled rich kid, Chatsworth Osborn Jr.; and the beautiful girl of Dobie’s dream, Thalia Menninger. The Gillis’ alternate addresses are Elm Street, 3rd & Elm and 9th and Main.

GILLIS, Jim & wife, Honeybee
(The Life of Riley)
( Gladstone-9989K
[as heard on Radio]
Blueview Terrace, Los Angeles, CA
Jim is an aircraft plant worker. His son is named Egbert.

Texas Frontier (1870s)
Hoby is a Texas Ranger. He maintained law and order in Southwest during the 1870s. NOTE: Many of the program scripts were based on actual Texas Ranger case files.

GILMORE, Lorelai & daughter, Rory
(Gilmore Girls)
Stars Hollow, CT [Founded 1779]
Lorelei is a manager at the Independence Inn, an historic hostelry set in a quaint community of green lawns and clapboard houses. Lorelai is 32-years-old, headstrong, addicted to coffee ["she 90% water and 10% caffeine"] and the daughter of very rich parents. Unfortunately, Lorelai didn’t appreciate her controlling mother and so after she got pregnant at 16 by a guy named Christopher, Lorelai left home to make it on her own. She started as a maid, then earned a management position at the Independence Inn. She dreams of one day running her own restaurant. Lorelai’s daughter, Lorelai "Rory" Leigh Gilmore is now a teenager and mother Lorelai is trying her best to be a friend to her daughter and avoid the traditional parental role. Many people in town mistake them for sisters.

(America 2-Night)
WZAZ-TV Channel 6
Acacia Street
Fernwood, OH
Barth is a talk show host of Fernwood 2-Night. He is the egotistical twin brother of Garth Gimble, a wife beater [who impaled himself in a closet on an aluminum Christmas tree]. Barth’s performed each talk show with the help of his half-witted sidekick, Jerry Hubbard and Happy Kyne, the leader of the show’s four-man studio band, the Mirth Makers.

(Jackson & Jill)
( Main-6244
c/o Jackson Jones
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Jackson Jones is their accountant.

c/o WNYX Radio
New York, NY
Joe Girelli is a macho, Italian-American. He works as an electronic maintenance technician for WNYX, an all-news radio station in New York City. Joeis extremely talented when it comes to electronics but his social skills are sometimes lacking. His romantic interest is African-American news coanchor, Catherine Duke. Joe once said "I’m Joe Girelli. I’m not afraid of anything." [except alien abductions].

c/o Rosa DiMarco
91 George Street
Walford E20, London (East End)
Rosa runs the eatery with the help of her son, Gianni, and daughter Nicoletta. Her husband, Giuseppe [died in 1998] founded the restaurant. Before "Giuseppes'" Rosa and her husband started out in a little café on Old Compton Street, then took over the Imperial and called it DiMarco's.

(Full House)
1882 Gerard Street
San Francisco, CA
Joey is an aspiring stand-up comedian. He is single, loves to do vocal impressions of cartoon characters [especially Popeye] and frequently uses the phrase "Cut it out!" He lives with his friend Danny Tanner, a widower with his three girls and Jesse Katsopolis. Joey, Danny and Jesse all attended Golden Bay Union High School.

GLOVER, Patrick & Family
(Father Dear Father)
121 Hilldown Avenue
London, England (Hampstead)
Patrick is a divorced mystery writer who suffers the antics of his two teenager daughters, Anna & Karen, his meddling ex-wife, Barbara and his well-meaning but interfering housekeeper, Matilda Harris.



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