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GOLD, Martin B. "Marty"
(Anything But Love)
Apartment 3K
Chicago, IL
Marty is a magazine writer for The Chicago Weekly [later Monthly]

GOLDBERG, Jake & wife, Molly
(The Goldbergs)
Apartment 3B
1030 East Tremont Avenue
New York City, NY (Bronx)
Jake works in the clothing business. He lives with his two teenagers, Sammy and Rosalie, His wife, Molly, is often heard calling "Yoo-Hoo, Mrs. Bloom!" when she had a piece of gossip to spread.

(The Golden Palace)
Miami Beach, FL (South Bay)
The Golden Palace is a 42-room Art Deco hotel in the trendy section of Miami Beach. In the fall of 1992, the hotel was purchased by Blanche Devereaux, Sophia Petrillo and Rose Nylund, three widowed senior citizens who pooled their resources to buy the less than profitable endeavor. Moving into the hotel, the three women tried to make the hotel a success. With such a small staff, the owners had to pitch in to run the place. Blanche took over the job of manager; Rose supervised the kitchen; and Sophia ran the housekeeping department. Their support staff included Chuy Castillos, a divorced Mexican chef; Roland Wilson, the black assistant manager and desk clerk; and Oliver Webb, a parentless street youth who ran errands for the hotel.

GOLIATH (the gargoyle)  See - XANATOS, David

GOLLUP, Barney & wife, Clara
(The Bickersons)
121 Englewood Drive
Anytown, USA
Barney is a gambler. He hangs out at United Nations Pool Hall. Clara is the sister of Blanche Bickerson.

GOOD, Tom and wife, Barbara
(Good Neighbors/The Good Life)
Surbiton, Surrey, England
Tom is a draughtsman for a plastic moldings company. At the age of 40, he drops out of society and transforms his home into an urban farm with high hopes of self-sufficiency. He is assisted by his ever-tolerant wife, Barbara. Jerry and Margo Leadbetter are the Good’s disbelieving, upper crust next-door neighbors.

GOODE, Chester B.
Dodge City, KS (1873)
Chester is a crippled frontier deputy. He lives in Dodge City and walks with a pronounced limp [his right leg was as stiff as a post]. When searching for the town marshal, Matt Dillon, Chester shouted his catchphrase "Mister Dillon, Mister Dillon." Chester was later replaced by Festus Haggen, a scruffy, backwoods deputy who owned a mule named Ruth.

(The Stockard Channing Show)
( 555-3004
196 North Langley Drive
Los Angeles, CA
Susan works as a consumer advocate for KXLA-TV in West Hollywood.

(Nero Wolfe)
237 East 46th Street
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Archie works as an investigator for reclusive criminologist Nero Wolfe.

(Free Spirit)
c/o The Harper Family
33 Essex Drive
Town in Connecticut.
Winnie, a beautiful but dizzy blond witch, cares for Jessica, Robb & Gene, the children of lawyer Thomas J. Harper.

GORDON, Artemus "Artie"
(The Wild Wild West)
c/o The Nimrod
Somewhere in the USA
Artemus and his partner James T. West are Secret Service agents who report directly to President Grant. They live in a lushly decorated, gadget-laden railroad car called "The Nimrod" that travels across the Old West on special assignments [pulled by an 1860 2-4-0 steam engine]. To communicate with Washington, DC, Artemus used the telegraph or his four homing pigeons [Annabella, Arabella, Henry and Henrietta] that lived in the railroad car. Artie’s talent was going undercover disguised as a variety of characters including seafarers, old prospectors, European nobles and outlandish outlaws.

GORDON, Barbara "Babs"
Apartment 8A
Gotham City, USA
Barbara is a librarian. Behind the dark-rimmed glasses of Gotham City librarian Barbara "Babs" Gordon lurked the karate-kicking crimefighter Batgirl. Barbara, the daughter of Police Commissioner Gordon raced about Gotham City on a souped up "Bat" motorcycle, as she battled the likes of the villainous Penguin, Riddler, and Catwoman. Batgirl’s secret identity (known only to Alfred the Butler) was a constant source of speculation to Batman and Robin who were dying to discover who this black-leather clad crusader was in real-life. Note: In the motion picture Batman and Robin (1997) Batgirl is the beautiful blonde niece of Alfred the Butler.

(The Honeymooners)
c/o John J. Marshall, President
225 River Street
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Gotham Bus Company is the employer of Ralph Kramden, a loudmouth bus drivers.
whose daily bus route [Bus No. 2969, No. 247 & No. 802] takes him along Madison and Fifth Avenues in Manhattan. Other fellow Gotham Bus drivers to serve the public included Joe Cassidy, Frank Ferguson, Gallagher, Grogan, Charlie Henderson, Herbert Johnson, Jimmy Nolan, Philbin, and Potter.

(Will & Grace)
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Grace is an interior designer. She runs her business out of a rehabbed Tribeca loft. Her assistant is Karen Walker, an unreliable wealthy woman who works just for the hell of it. When someone phones the office Karen’s response to Grace is "You got a phone call from a person or place or a thing or something." Grace once told Karen "Just for your information, - the first three letters in assistant spell A-S-S. So please, get off yours!"

(Are You Being Served?)
c/o The "Young" Mr. Grace, Owner
London, England
The store staff includes ‘Menswear’ employees Captain Stephen Peacock, Mr. Cuthbert Rumbold, Mr. Ernest Grainger, Mr. Dick Lucas, Mr. Wilberforce Clayborne Humphries; and ‘Ladies' Fashions’ employees Mrs. Mary Elizabeth ‘Betty’ Slocombe and Miss Shirley Brahms. Mr. Bert Spooner is a member of the stores’ housekeeping staff.

GRAFF, Rayanne Marie
(My So-Called Life)
c/o Liberty High School
Pittsburgh, PA (Suburbs)
Rayanne is a student. She comes from a broken home and displays such dysfunctional traits as drinking too much alcohol and sleeping with undesirable low-lives. Rayanne was voted "Most Slut Potential" by her sophomore class. Barely able to take of herself [and afraid of the dark], Rayanne displays a mother hen attitude for fellow angst-filled students Angela Chase, and gay romantic Enrique "Rickie" Vasquez.

(The New Phil Silvers Show)
c/o Osborne Industries,
Maintenance Department Foreman
Factory D
Office B-116
Los Angeles, CA
Harry also runs Grafton Enterprises, an illegal business operation behind his regular office work area. A sign above the entrance reads: "Honesty is the Enemy of Greed."

GRAIL, Sheriff Jonathan
Houston, TX (1986)
Jonathan is a former outlaw turned lawman who had to chase down his former partners who robbed a bank in his town. However, the arrest was interrupted by an electrical storm which time warped Sheriff Grail and the escaping outlaws to the year 1986. Finding they were trapped in the future, they used the gold they had procured from the 1899 bank robbery to start a detection agency [Double Eagle Detective Agency] and used their rough and tumble ways and code of the west bravura to chase down the bad guys in the twentieth century. Members of the gang included Harland Pike, Isaiah McAdams, Wolf Lucas, and Billy Pike, Harland's younger brother. Grail and company shared their adventures with neighbor Maggie Randall, a modern-day sheriff.

(The Virginian)
c/o The Shiloh Ranch
Medicine Bow, Wyoming (1890s)
John Grainger is the second owner of the Shiloh Ranch. He purchased it from Judge Henry Garth. John's family included Stacy, his grandson; Elizabeth, his granddaughter; and Clay Grainger, John's brother, who then bought the ranch from Clay.

GRANGER, Sheriff Hildegarde
(She's The Sheriff)
( 555-1515
3111 Pine Shadow Lane
Lake County, NV
Hildy is the first female sheriff in Lake County. She supervises deputy officers Max Rubin, Dennis Putnam, Hugh Mulcahy, and Alvin Wiggins.

GRANT, Ginger
(Gilligan’s Island)
c/o Gilligan’s Island
Somewhere in the Pacific
Ginger is a movie actress. Unfortunately, she is now marooned on a tropic desert island with passengers of the shipwrecked S.S. Minnow. Ginger often referred to her Hollywood experiences and the movies in which she appeared. Before finding work in the movies Ginger worked for Merlin the Mindreader and Al Ben Casey, a phony sheik. The shapely starlet was once voted Miss Hour Glass because "her sand was in all the right places."

GRANT, Harry
(The Corner Bar)
c/o Grant's Toomb
137 Amsterdam Avenue
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Harry is the bartender-owner at Grant's Toomb.

(Mary Tyler Moore Show/Lou Grant)
c/o The Los Angeles Tribune
Los Angeles, CA
Lou is the former news editor for WJM-TV Channel 12 , "Six O’Clock News" program in Minneapolis. After he lost his job he took the position as city editor for The Los Angeles Tribune. His family includes his ex-wife, Edie Grant and daughter Janie who live in the Midwest. Lou has a gruff personality, enjoys a good belt of booze [in Minneapolis he hung out at The Happy Hour Bar] and admires actor John Wayne.

(The Corner Bar)
c/o Harry Grant, Proprietor
137 Amsterdam Avenue
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
The bar is later sold to Mae & Frank Flynn.

c/o The Sunshine Cab Company
New York City, NY
Latka is a lovable garage mechanic. He comes from an undetermined East European nation and speaks a language with gibberish sounding phrases like " yabba Ibby dibby dabba." Latka reports to cab dispatcher Louie DePalma who always gives him a hard time. For fun, Latka unwinds at Mario's, the cabbie's local hangout. His favorite song on Mario's "Rock-ola" jukebox is "Summer Love." [A7 on the machine]. Latka later married Simka Dahblitz, a peasant girl who recently moved from Latka's homeland to New York City.

GRAY, Amy Madison
(Judging Amy)
Hartford, CT
Amy is a 35-year-old Superior Court Judge and a graduate of Harvard. Formerly a corporate lawyer in New York, Amy left her husband of ten years and moved home to Hartford. She now works as a judge in the juvenile court system. Amy shares a home with her mother Maxine, an opinionated social worker and Amy's her six-year-old daughter, Lauren.

GRAY GHOST, THE  See - MOSBY, Major John Singleton

GRAZZO, Bobby  See - VERDUCCI, Vinnie

(The Outsiders)
c/o Walker Ridge High School
Tulsa, OK (1966)
The Greaser are a group of lower-class youths from Walker Ridge High School who occasionally had run-ins with affluent kids called the "Socs." The Greasers included Darrel Curtis, a roofer and construction worker; Soda Pop Curtis, a high school dropout who was coming of age; and Pony Boy Curtis, an aspiring writer.

(Twin Peaks)
c/o Benjamin Horne, Proprietor
Washington State
[Five miles from Canadian Border]
The Great Northern Hotel is actually The Salish Lodge located at 37807 Southeast Snoqualmie Falls Road in Snoqualmie Falls, Washington.

(Saturday Night Live)
( Dial 1-500-HARASSS
c/o Barry Green, Senior Partner
This law firm’s slogan proclaims "Experts in nuisance suits since 1978. Everyone hates us but our clients. The extra "S" (in their phone number) is for extra harassment.

GREEN, Leo & wife, Liz
(Leo & Liz in Beverly Hills)
( 555-6636
105 North Bevon Drive
Beverly Hills, CA
Leo owns the Lovely Lady Bra Manufacturing Company. The nouveau riche Green's share their life with their married daughter, Mitzie, and their two loony servants, Lucille, the maid and Leonard, the handyman.


GREEN, Rachel Karen Ms.
945 Grove St
Apt. No. 20 [also seen as #5]
New York, NY
New York, NY 10001 (Greenwich Village)
Rachel is a fashion consultant. She is single, Jewish, a Daddy’s girl and hates fish [they freak her out]. She left her husband to be at the altar and sought refuge with her friend Monica from Lincoln High School days [where Rachel was Prom Queen, Homecoming Queen and Class President]. To become independent, Rachel cut up her daddy’s credit cards and took a job as waitress at the Central Perk, a local coffee house where Monica and her friends Chandler Bing, Joey Tribbiani and Phoebe Buffay hangout. Rachel’s place of residence has changed from Monica’s apartment, to Phoebe’s apartment to Joey Tribbiani’s apartment across the hall from Monica.

GREENE, Dr. Mark
1211 DuPont Drive
Chicago, IL
Mark is a resident physician at Cook County General Hospital. He describes himself as "the son of an agnostic Jew [his father] and a lapsed Catholic" [his mother]. In 1997 Mark was severely beaten by an unknown assailant in the hospital’s men’s room. After Mark’s mother died, his ailing father [a former navy man] moved from San Diego to Chicago and spent his last days being attended by his son. One morning Mark woke and his father had quietly passed away. Mark’s romantic interests included Dr. Susan Lewis [she departed for Arizona] and later British doctor Elizabeth Corday whom Mark married. She became pregnant at the same time Mark discovered he had a brain tumor. Mark later died in Hawaii.

GREENE, Patricia "Patty"
(Square Pegs)
98061 Walken Drive
Near Weemawee High School, USA
Patty's best friend Lauren lives next door at 98063 Walken Drive. Her cheerleader acquaintance, Muffy Tepperman lives at 802 Grant Street.

GREGG, Captain Daniel
(The Ghost & Mrs. Muir)
c/o Gull cottage
Schooner Bay, ME
Daniel is an irascible but charming sea captain. He is single, 39-years-old and a veteran of the Battle of Vera Cruz. One night in November 13, 1869, Daniel accidentally kicked over a gas heater by his bedside and expired. His spirit now haunts Gull Cottage. Before Daniel unexpectedly died, he planned on turning Gull Cottage home into a home for retired seamen. In 1968, Claymore Gregg, the current owner and Daniel’s only living relative rented the cottage to an attractive widow named Carolyn Muir, her children Jonathan and Candace, their wired-haired terrier, Scruffy and a housekeeper named Martha. Captain Gregg resented his guests at first but eventually warmed to the intruders in his seaside abode. Note: The cottage used as Gull Cottage is located in Montecito, California shouldered between condominiums.

GREGG, Bentley & Miss Kelly
(Bachelor Father)
1163 Rexford Drive
Beverly Hills, CA
Bentley is an attorney. He lives with his teenage niece, Kelly; houseboy, Peter Tong; and scruffy dog, Jasper. Bentley's attorney's office is located in Suite #106 of the Crescent Building on Crescent Drive in Los Angeles.

GREGORY, Reverend Reuben
c/o First Community Church
Philadelphia, PA
Reuben lives in apartment # 931 near the church. He later marries Thelma Frye, the daughter of the church's deacon.

GREY, Sir Thomas Gray
(Covington Cross)
England (in 1350 A.D.)
Sir Thomas Gray is a twelfth-century Lord who shared his castle with four sibling including his son Richard, a knight; his son Cedric, a knight; young son Armus, an aspiring knight; and Eleanor, the Lord's only but spirited, feminist daughter. Lady Elizabeth is a local landowner and the love of Sir Thomas' life. Their nemesis is the evil Sir John Mullens. Note: The series was filmed in Kent, England at Allington Castle and Penshurst Place.

GRIFFIN, Frances "Gidget"
(The New Gidget)
( 555-1385 [later 555-9099]
656 Glendale Avenue
Los Angeles, CA
Gidget owns Gidget Travel Agency. She is married to Jeff "Moondoggie" Griffin and shares her home with her sister's teenage niece, Danni Collins.

GRIFFIN, Peter & wife, Lois
(The Family Guy)
31 Spooner Street
Quahog, RI
Peter is a portly product-safety inspector for Happy-Go-Lucky Toy Company. Lois is a homemaker. Their children included Meg, an awkward 16-year-old who attends James Woods High School; Chris, an overweight underachieving 13-year-old; Stewie, a one-year-old baby boy with a football shaped head who speaks with a British accent and aspires to rule the world; and Brian, the family’s intelligent talking dog and Peter‘s sidekick/confidant. Peter’s boss is Mr. Weed.

( 555-6696
c/o Wade Griffin Investigations
Suite #1103 and 1/2
19734 Mays Street
Westwood, CA

c/o Crime Scene Investigators
Las Vegas, NV
Gil is a forensic scientist and entomologist. He works for the Crime Scene Investigators. and keeps a maggot farm in his office. Gil’s job is to examine corpses, and blood-splattered crime scenes and uncover enough clues to identify the killers. His colleagues included Catherine Willows; Nick Stokes; Holly Gribbs; and Captain Jim Brass. To do their job effectively, Gil advises his coworkers to "Concentrate on what cannot lie!"

(Suddenly Susan)
c/o The Gate
San Francisco, CA
Vicki Groener is a red-headed lifestyle reporter and food critic for a trendy San Francisco magazine called The Gate. She is zany, outspoken and needs "pizza, booze and male strippers" to get over a bad relationship. One of her pick up lines was "You know what would look good on you?...Me!"

GROVER, Millie
(From A Bird’s Eye View)
Somewhere over the Atlantic
Millie Grover is a British stewardess who worked for International Airlines based in London. She shares the friendly skies with her American coworker Maggie Ralston. They both report to Mr. Beauchamp, an airline executive.

GRUMBY, Jonas "The Skipper"
(Gilligans’ Island)
Uncharted Island
Somewhere in the South Pacific
[300 miles southeast of Hawaii]
Jonas is a former navy man and captain of the charter boat S.S. Minnow. He is shipwrecked on an uncharted desert island after a three hour sightseeing tour got marooned by a tropical storm. His castaway companions include First mate, Gilligan and passengers millionaire Thurston Howell the III; his wife, Lovey; movie star Ginger Grant, country girl Mary Ann Summers and science teacher Roy Hinkley, a.k.a. "The Professor." The Skipper always wears nautical captain’s hat and hits Gilligan [his "Little Buddy"] over the head with it when he gets annoyed with him (which is frequently).



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