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GUERIN, Michael
Roswell, NM
Michael is a teenager. He is also a descendant of aliens from outer space who crash-landed in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. He was raised by foster father Hank Whitmore, but even he doesn't know of Michael's origins or special abilities. Michael later discovers that locals Max and Isabel Evans also had an alien heritage. Together they kept their secret under wraps until they could figure out more about their extra-terrestrial roots. When Max Evans falls in love with human Liz Parker, a distrustful Michael began to fear their secret was in danger of being revealed to the world [especially to Sheriff Valenti and FBI agent Baxter who were hot on their trail.]

GUERRA, Jackie
(First Time Out)
48 Beverly Boulevard
Beverly Hills, CA
Jackie is Latina, single, a graduate of Yale University and an aspiring lawyer. In the meantime, she works as a receptionist at The Tudor, a trendy L.A. hair salon. Her coworkers included friend Rosa, and Freddy Tudor, a womanizing British hairstylist. Jackie shares an apartment with Dominique Costallano, a cynical record store worker; and Susan Gardner, a psychotherapist. Madeline, a neighbor, lives a across the hall. Jackie’s nerdy childhood friend, Nathan Fisk is a magazine writer for the L.A. Review. Jackie and her pals hangout at Tio’s Cafe.

(Guestward Ho!)
c/o William Hooten & Family
Near Santa Fe, New Mexico
Rates are $25 a day.

(Civil Wars)
East 74th Street
New York City, NY
Sidney is a divorce attorney. Born in Minnesota, Sidney is a divorcée, a workaholic and extremely attractive. She works as a partner in the Manhattan firm of Guilford, Levinson & Howell [Office #712]. Her legal secretary is Denise Iannello. In September 1992, Sydney posed for a famous photographer who took nude shots of her beautiful blonde body for a layout in the New Yorker Magazine.

(Star Trek: The Next Generation)
c/o The USS Enterprise-D
Somewhere in the Alpha Quadrant
Guinan is a mysterious brown-skinned alien who operates the recreational level lounge called "Ten Forward" aboard the federation starship USS Enterprise. Her race was destroyed and sent to wander the galaxy when the Borg, a race of cyborgs, attacked her planet. Her rare intuitive powers and listening abilities were appreciated by all members of the crew especially, Jean Luc Picard, the captain of the Enterprise. Her wardrobe included an unusual halo like headdress which resembled a plate wrapped in a cloth. Guinan's character was the focus of the two-part episode No. 126 & 127 "Time's Arrow." Note: The series’ creators named Guinan after a legendary Prohibition bartender named Texas Guinan.

GUNN, Peter
(Peter Gunn)
( KR 2-7056 [Home Phone]
( JL1-7211 [Car Phone]
351 Ellis Park Road
Los Angeles, CA
Peter is a private eye. He hangs out at a nightclub called "Mother's" [run by a sweet old dame named Mother]. Pete’s girlfriend is singer Edie Hart. His police contact is Lt. Jacoby.

GUNN, Rachel
(Rachel Gunn, R.N.)
668 Oak Street
Rachel works at Little Innocent Hospital Fourth Floor Nurse's Station. She shares her home with a her dog, Spike and a physician (Dr. Dave Dunkel) who rents a room at her Duplex.

GUNZER, Det. Charlie
(Strike Force)
Apartment # 42
1908 Harbor View Drive
Los Angeles, CA
Charlie operates out of Room #414 of the LAPD Strike Force Unit.

GUTHRIE, Mitch & brother, Andy
(The Wide Country)
Southwest, USA
Mitch and younger brother, Andy traveled the rodeo circuit in competition for the Gold Buckle rodeo trophy.



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