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(Max Headroom)
c/o Network 23
Max Headroom is the computer generated alter-ego of award winning investigative reporter Edison Carter [Ident No. 74928VDG6629] who worked for the futuristic TV Network 23. Max Headroom, the blonde haired, blue eyed computer image of Edison Carter, popped in and out of regularly scheduled programs with such provocative questions as "How can you tell when our network president is lying? "...His lips move."

The Vicarage
All Saint's Church
31 Albert Square
Walford E20, London (East End)
Alex is the Vicar of Walford. He lives with his father, Jeff Healy.

HEALY, Melanie
c/o Studio Flat
Off Albert Square
Walford E20, London (East End)
Melanie works at Beale's Market.
Her brother Alex is the local Vicar. Jeff Healy is their father.

(The Hector Heathcote Show)
Somewhere in Time
Hector is a bumbling time traveling scientist who became an unsung hero for anonymously assisting in a variety of historical events such as readying Paul Revere's horse and building the rowboat that carried Washington across the Delaware. Part of the show's narration included the line "History has recorded many great names, but only we know about Hector Heathcote."

HECK, Mike and Frankie
(The Middle)
427 Birchwood Avenue
Orson, Indiana (Home of a Giant Cow Statue and Little Betty Snacks)
The Hecks are a married semi-dysfunctional couple with three children. Frankie (nee Spence) is a harried use-car salesperson at Ehlert Motors, the town's last surviving car dealerhip. Her husband Mike is a quarry manager. Their children include Axl, the rebellious teen who plays on the High School football team (and is flushing his future down the toilet because he is academically challenged); Sue, the gawky middle teen with braces tries very hard but has no talent; and Brick, the socially awkward seven-year-old and clinically quirky of the bunch likes to read books instead of watching TV (His best friend is his backpack). The family shops for discounts at the Frugal Hoosier Market.

Apartment #8
New York, City NY (Greenwich Village)
Mr. Heckles is the weird neighbor of Monica Geller who lived in the apartment just below hers. Heckles constantly banged on the ceiling with his broom and on occasion came to their door dressed in his bathrobe to request quiet. Monica and her friends tried to accommodate Heckles but could never understand why he was complaining. When Mr. Heckles died, surprisingly, he left all his possessions to Noisy neighbor No.1 [Monica] and Noisy neighbor No. 2 [Rachel Green, Monica’s roommate at the time].

HEFFERMAN, Doug & wife, Carrie
(The King of Queens)
3121 (unnamed street)
New York City, NY (Queens)
Doug is an IPS package delivery man [#62287]. He is a Pisces, overweight, a former club bouncer, and a recipient of IPS’s ‘Driver of the Month’ award. Doug’s wife, Carrie [née Spooner] is tough, nearly thirty-years-old, cheats at board games, smokes cigarettes on the sly, and works at a posh Manhattan law firm. The Hefferman’s lived happily in their small Queens home until Carrie’s recently widowed father Arthur burned down his own house and had to move in with them. He now lives in the basement that was supposed to be Doug’s TV room [the brand new 70-inch big screen set was moved into the garage and later got stolen when Carrie left the garage door open].


(Gabriel's Fire)
( 555-4748
c/o Victoria Heller & Louis Klein
14301 North LaSalle Street
New York City, NY

HELM, Matthew "Matt"
(Matt Helm)
( 555-2040
c/o The McGuire Beach House
2001 Postal Road
Malibu Beach, CA
Matt is a private eye. He lives with lawyer girlfriend, Claire Kronski.

(The John Larroquette Show)
Apartment #3
St. Louis, Mo
John is a night manager at The Crossroads bus terminal. He is a recovering alcoholic, earned a Master’s degree in English Literature, and banks at National Fidelity Bank. When John moved to apartment 2B, he met and fell in like with Catherine Merrick, a nurse at County General Emergency Room who lived across the hall in 2C.

c/o Ashley Hunter-Carrington
Acapulco, Mexico [a posh hotel]
Ashley and her partner Mike Savage supervise anti-terrorism team members Catherine Avery Pascal (a.k.a. "Cat"), Brett, Krissie Valentine, Tommy, and Marcos. [all working undercover as fashion photographers and models]. The H.E.A.T. team reports to a mysterious Mr. Smith [seen over a TV monitor]. Arthur Small coordinates the team's missions.

HEMPLE, Simon & brother, Carl
New York City, NY (Harlem)
Simon is a black program director for Vintage Television, a cable network in Manhattan that airs reruns of out-dated programs. Simon is trusting but slow-witted and enjoys feeding the squirrels in the park. Simon shares his tenement apartment with Carl, his obnoxious brother who was recently divorced. Simon and friends hang out at Uncle Sam’s Smoking Pit Barbeque Restaurant.

HENDERSON, George & wife, Nancy
(Harry & The Hendersons)
410 Forest Drive
Seattle, WA
George is a marketing executive for People's Sporting Goods Company [later publisher of A Better Life]. Nancy works with the student Council Exchange. They live with their children Sarah, and Ernie and, of course, the legendary Bigfoot creature [dubbed "Harry"] that lives incognito at their house.

HENDERSON, Harry & wife, Alice
Harry is a attorney. Alice is a homemaker. They have a son named Donnie. Beulah a.k.a. "The Queen of the Kitchen" is the Henderson’s black maid who help solve many of this family’s crises . See also - BEULAH

228 West 20th Street
Apt #6E
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Norm is a hockey player. He is single, insensitive, and has a gambling problem. When Norm got in trouble for tax evasion, he was sentenced to do 5 years community service as a social worker. To keep him company, Norm has a dachshund that he calls "Wiener Dog."

(Super Chicken)
Pittsburgh, PA
Henry Cabot Henhouse III is a wealthy playboy. In the guise of his alter ego Super Chicken, Henry battles crime with his dim-witted assistant, Fred the lion.

(Leave It To Beaver)
( OL2-1625
1802 Euclid Avenue
Mayfield, USA
Henry is the local trash man for the Cleaver family. He has two son (Peter & Chris) and two daughters. He owns a Rolls Royce and drives a "Big Step Ford."

HENSHAW, Matt & wife, Ruth
(December Bride)
728 Elm Street
Westwood, CA
Matt is an architect. Ruth is a housewife. Lily Ruskin, Ruth's widowed mother lives with them. She writes an advice column for the Gazette. Their address is later given as 728 North Palm Drive.


(Hercules: The Legendary Journeys)
Somewhere in Ancient Greece
Hercules (Heracles or Herakles) is the son of Alceme (a human female) and Zeus, the Head God of the Greeks who lived on Mt. Olympus. The series followed Hercules, a half-man, half god as he wandered the landscape of the Ancient World with his humand sidekick Aeolus as they battled evil and myriad grotesque mythical beasts (harpies, giants, centaurs, Cyclopes, the Minotaur, Cerberus, the Hydra etc.) When not on Earth, Hercules is probably visiting his relatives on Mt. Olympus, the home of the Gods.

( Terminal 5-6741
91 Surf Street
San Pedro, CA (Wharf Area)
Captain Herrick commands the tugboat Cheryl Ann docked in Berth 14 of the San Pedro Harbor.

HETEBRINK, Amelia & Casietta
( 555-1765
Philadelphia, PA
The Hetebrink sisters are on the governing board of the First Community Church that is headed by Deacon Ernest Reverend Frye.

(Have Gun Will Travel)
c/o Hotel Carlton
San Francisco, CA (late 1800s)
Hey Boy is a cow-towing, efficient Chinese manservant employed at the Hotel Carlton. He fetched newspapers, cigars and other items for Paladin, a gentleman gunfighter living at the hotel. Hey Boy’s close friends included Hey Girl, a female hotel servant, and Hey's Boy's uncle Sing Wo, the owner of Sing Wo's Chinese Laundry.

(Spin City)
New York City, NY
Carter [a.k.a. Dexter St. John] is a black gay activist working for the Mayor's office in New York City. His sardonic personality had very little patience for foolishness and he believed that he was superior to all the people around him. He owns a Pug dog named Rags that is so old [23-years-old to be exact] that he needs a lot of attention.



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