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IOKI, Harry Truman
(21 Jump Street)
Evergreen State
Harry Truman "H.T." Ioki is a young Japanese-American police officer (with erratic driving skills) who was assigned to an elite squad of baby-faced cops posing as high school students to battle juvenile crime. (A sort of Mod Squad of the 1980's.) His parents moved to the U.S.A. after World War II. Once Ioki commented he was "named after the guy who dropped an atom bomb on my house". He learned to speak English by watching old Dragnet reruns and once thought a "Stake-out" was what you did to get a "Sirloin-to-go." Later in the series (12/20/87 episode) it was revealed that Ioki was actually a Vietnamese refugee.

IRONHORSE, Lt. Colonel Paul
(War of the Worlds)
c/o "The Cottage"
Ironhorse is a by-the-book West Point trained special forces officer of Cherokee descent who assisted in the detection and destruction of the Mothren alien life form that had invaded Earth. His colleagues included astrophysicist Harrison Blackwood; computer whiz Norton Drake; and microbiologist Susan McCullough.

IRONS, Valerie
( 310-555-9276
c/o Valerie Irons Protection
9100 Sunset Boulevard
Beverly Hills, CA 90210-0176
Valerie is a hot, sexy bodyguard. She is 5’6" tall, weighs 120 lbs., has long blonde hair, green eyes and a mole on her left shoulder. During a date with a movie star, Val accidentally saved his life from an attacker and inadvertently became famous as a bodyguard. Soon after, Val was approached by a struggling bodyguard agency called Colt Arrow Security Services. They offered Val a chance to be a figure head in the agency. They promised to do all the dirty work in exchange for letting them use Val’s name and notoriety to attract new clients. Val accepted their offer and moved into the new Beverly Hills offices of Valerie Irons Protections.

IRONSIDE, Chief Robert T.
( 362-0224 [Office]
( JW-1-6223 [Van No.]
c/o SFPD Main Headquarters
Third Floor
San Francisco, CA
Ironside is a police chief. He was crippled by an assassin’s bullet but returned to work and continued to investigate criminal cases. Now confined to a wheelchair, Ironside was assigned an assistant named Mark Sanger who drove the Chief around town in a handicapped-equipped van. Robert was assisted by Detective Sgt. Ed Brown, Eve Whitfield and Fran Belding [who replaced Eve].

(Magnum, P.I.)
( BRAVO 516 [Radio Code]
Island of Hawaii
Island Hoppers charter service is owned and operated by Theodore "T.C." Calvin, a veteran of the Vietnam War. He charges $100 an hour to fly tourists about the islands. T.C.’s friend, private eye Thomas Magnum and buddy from Nam, occasionally requested the aid of T.C. and his chopper.



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