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JEANNIE (the Genie)
(I Dream of Jeannie)
c/o Major Tony Nelson
1020 Palm Drive
Cocoa Beach FL
Jeannie is a beautiful blond genie dressed in a harem costume. Born in Baghdad on April 1, 64 BC, Jeannie was imprisoned by the powerful Blue Djinn when she refused his proposal of marriage. Her punishment was to be imprisoned in a bottle and forced to live an eternity of loneliness. Some two thousand years later, Tony Nelson, a NASA astronaut who crash-landed on a desert island, found her bottle on the beach while attempting to make an S.O.S. rescue signal. Seeing that Tony was something special, she hitched a ride back to the mainland on the helicopter that she just "zapped" up from nowhere and soon took up residence at Tony's bachelor pad..

JEFFCOAT, Dr. Benjamin
(My Secret Identity)
45 Meadow Drive
Briarwood, Canada
Dr. Jeffcoat mentors teenager Andrew Clements, a.k.a. the superhero "Ultra Man."

(Mr. Peepers)
c/o Mr. Gabriel Gurney, Principal
Jefferson City, USA
Faculty on duty include general science teacher Robinson J. Peepers, music teacher Royala Dean, school nurse Nancy Remington [who marries Mr. Peepers), history teacher Harvey Weskit, English teacher Mrs. Gurney [the principal's wife], and school coach Frank T. Whipp III. The job of principal later falls to Mr. Bascomb.

(Mr. Novak)
c/o Mr. Albert Vane, Principal
Los Angeles, CA
Faculty on duty include English teacher John Novak, French teacher Jerry Allen and teachers Mr. Arthur Bradwell, Mr. Paul Webb, Mr. Stan Peeples, Miss Marilyn Scott, Mr. Peter Butler, Mr. Parkson, Mrs. Vreeland, Mrs. Ann Floyd, Mrs. Ring, Mr. Gallo, Mr. Larry Thor and Mr. Everett Johns. Administrative staff includes assistant vice-principal Jean Pagano, girl's vice-principal Ruth Wilkinson, secretary Miss Rosemary Dorsey, Nurse Bromfield, and Martin Woodridge [former English teacher] who later replaced Mr. Vane as Principal when he got promoted to superintendent of schools.

JEFFERSON, George & wife, Louise
(All in the Family/The Jeffersons)
708 Houser Street
Corona Section of Queens, NY.
George is a successful dry cleaning store operator. He lives with his wife Louise, a.k.a. "Weezie" and their college-student son, Lionel. The Jefferson's later moved to a Sixth Avenue, 12th Floor Apartment 12-D in Manhattan, NY. According to The Jeffersons sitcom theme song they were "Movin' on up to the East Side, to a deluxe apartment in the sky..." Florence Johnston is their live-in housekeeper. Note: The East Side high-rise apartment building seen on the series is located at 85th Street and Third Avenue in Manhattan.

(Broken Arrow)
Arizona Territory (late 1800s)
Tom is a US government Indian agent. He maintains a tenuous peace with the white settlers and local Indians lead by Cochise, the Apache's chief. Note: The series was based on the novel Blood Brother written by Elliot Arnold and the 1950 movie of the same name.

(Good Morning Miss Bliss)
State of Indiana
John F. Kennedy Junior High School teaches students Zack Morris, Lisa Turtle, Samuel "Screech" Powers, and Nicole "Nikki" Coleman. Faculty on duty included Principal Richard Belding; and ninth grade history and social studies teacher, Miss Carrie Bliss. See also - BAYSIDE HIGH SCHOOL

JENKINS, Grandma & grandson, Jamal
11 East 39th Street
New York City, NY (Brooklyn)
Jamal helps solve mysteries with the help of Ghostwriter, a ghost in a computer.

JENKINS, Lester & wife, Mary
227 (Unnamed street)
Washington, D.C.
Lester is a contractor. He lives with his wife, Mary and their daughter, Brenda. Rose, the landlord, is Mary's best friend.

(Honey, I Shrunk the Kids)
c/o W. T. Jennings. President
Matheson, CO
Lab employees include research scientist Wayne Szalinski, a genius inventor.

JENSON, Samantha "Sunshine"
(B.A.D. Cats)
( CAT-2 [Police radio code]
701 Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, CA
Samantha is an undercover cop.

JEROME, Jennie
(Shell Game)
3613 Gantry Avenue
Santa Ana, CA
Jennie works for KJME-TV Channel 6 as a consumer advocate assistant for "Solutions."

(Hard Times on Planet Earth)
Planet Earth
Jesse is an exiled extraterrestrial warrior criminal transformed into human form and sentenced to live on Earth by an intergalactic court. Only when he could control his violent tendencies and learn the qualities of compassion and kindness would this outworlder be returned to his home planet. Jesse's activities were monitored by an unusual parole officer known only as Control that looked like a flying conch shell with a large eyeball.


JETSON, George & wife, Jane
(The Jetsons)
( Venus 1234
Sky Pad Apartments
Orbit City, The 21st Century
The Jetson's live with teenage daughter Judy, little son, Elroy, a Great Dane dog named Astro and Rosey, their robot maid.



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