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(Room 222)
Los Angeles, CA
Alice is a student teacher at Walt Whitman High School.

(Love That Jill)
( Plaza 6-7017
Apartment 14A
1064 Park Avenue
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Jill owns a fashion model agency.

(Son of the Beach)
c/o Shore Patrol Force-30
Malibu Adjacent
Malibu, California
Notch is the head SPF lifeguard at Malibu Adjacent, a beach near Malibu California. He is single, pasty (no tan) and a simple-minded guy. His lifeguard colleagues included B.J. Cummings, a part time model who got her name from the men’s volleyball team; Jamaica St. Croix, a former inner city black gang member who became a lifeguard in tribute to her brother (killed in a "swim-by shooting); Kimberlee Clark, blond, beautiful and the newest and smartest team member; Chip Rommel, a dim-witted, muscle-bound German exchange student; and Steve the Dog, a Bull dog (a.k.a. Lt. Steve Andrews). Notch’s catchphrase is “Ride the Big One.“ His nemesis are Professor Milosevic, an evil wheelchair bound ex-lifeguard who was injured in a terrible boating accident involving Notch and a lot of sun-screen; and Anita Massengil, the mayor of Malibu-Adjacent who hates Notch with a passion and will do anything to hurt his reputation.

JOHNSON, Mrs. Stella
(Harper Valley P.T.A.)
769 Oakwood Street
Harper Valley, OH
Stella is a widow with a teenager daughter, Dee. Stella sells Angel Glow Cosmetics and later becomes the Mayor's assistant.

JOHNSON, Det. Rosie
(Strike Force)
( 555-6162
136 Shore Drive
Los Angeles, CA

JOHNSON, Skip & wife, Patty
(Rescue 8)
7023 Canyon Road
Los Angeles, CA
Skip is a paramedic. He works out of Rescue 8 Station 8 with his partner, Wes Cameron. Skip and Patty have a daughter named Susan.

JOHNSTON, Florence
(The Jeffersons)
c/o George & Louise Jefferson
Apartment # 12-D
Sixth Avenue
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Florence is the live-in housekeeper for the Jefferson family.

Gotham City, USA
The Joker is a green-haired criminal with the penchant for laughter. He is the arch enemy of the caped crimefighter Batman. The Joker (originally called The Red Hood) was a former employee of the Monarch Playing Card Company.

JONES, Amos and wife, Ruby
(The Amos and Andy Show)
134th Street & Lenox Avenue
New York City, NY (Harlem)
Amos is a cabdriver.

JONES, Barnaby
(Barnaby Jones)
( 555-7650
3782 Clinton Avenue
Los Angeles, CA
Barnaby is a private detective. Barnaby had retired as a private investigator to raise horses on his ranch in Sun Valley. He gave his private eye agency to his son, Hal Jones. Sadly, four years later, Hal was murdered while on a case in 1973. Determined to find his son's killer, Barnaby came out of retirement to solve the murder with the help of fellow detective, Frank Cannon. After Barnaby succeeded, he reopened the firm and kept on his widowed daughter-in-law, Betty Jones to help run the office as his assistant and secretary. See also - TV Character Bios - "Barnaby Jones"

(The Rounders)
c/o The Love Ranch
Near Town of Hi Lo, TX
Ben is a cowpoke. He and his partner, Howdy Lewis work at a Texan ranch owned by the wealthy but unscrupulous Jim Ed Love. On Saturday nights, Ben and his girlfriend Sally shake off the days dust at the Longhorn Café in the nearby town of Hi Lo.

JONES, Casey
(Casey Jones)
State of Illinois (1880s)
Casey Jones is the legendary train engineer. He piloted the Cannon Ball Express locomotive along the Illinois Central railroad line in the late nineteenth century. His family included wife, Alice and their son, Casey Junior. Note: The series was inspired by the famous ballad that foretold the crash of the Cannonball and death of Casey Jones.

(The Monkees)
c/o The Monkees Rock & Roll Band
1334 North Beechwood Drive
Los Angeles, CA
Davy is a rock and roll singer. He is British, and popular with the women. Davy lives with fellow rock musicians Peter Tork, Mike Nesmith & Micky Dolenz in a small beach house. One of Davy’s biggest fans was Marsha Brady from Los Angeles. She invited him to attended their high school dance and Davy accepted and sang his hit song "Girl."

(Thunder Alley)
State of Indiana
Gil is a gruff but lovable widowed ex-NASCAR stock car racer. Once called "Wild" Gil Jones, he now operates the Thunder Alley Garage with the help of his divorced daughter Roberta Ann "Bobbi" [née Turner] who works as a his bookkeeper and Leland DuParte, Gil‘s droll chief mechanic. Gil shares his apartment over the garage with Bobbi and her three children, Claudine [age 11], Jenny [age 8], and Harry [age 5] who has a dog named Daisy [that Gus called Fido] and an imaginary friend named Chester.

JONES, Indiana
(The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles)
Princeton, NJ (1908)
Indiana Jones is an archeologist and adventurer. Born July 1, 1899, Indiana became a respected archeologist who tracked down such artifacts as the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail. At the age of 93, Indy reminisced of his early days when he traveled from Princeton, New Jersey, to accompany his archeologist father Professor Jones on his lecture tour around the world.

JONES, Jackson & wife, Jill
(Jackson & Jill)
( MAIN-6421
Apartment 1-A
167 Oak Street
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Jackson is an accountant for the Gimmling Company. At the beginning and ending of each episode newlywed Jill Jones jotted daily entries into her paper diary [her words heard via voice-over narration] often concerning misadventures with her accountant husband Jackson.

JONES, Jonesy
(Stories of the Century)
American Frontier (late 1800s)
Jonesy is a detective for the Southwestern Railroad. She tracked down such notorious frontier outlaws as Belle Starr, Billy the Kid, Butch Cassidy, and Jesse James with the assistance of her rugged partner Matt Clark. Note: The series was also known as The Fast Guns and Tales of the West.

JONES, Kenneth Yarborough
(Kentucky Jones)
c/o Jones Ranch
Southern California
Kenneth [a.k.a. "Kentucky" from his initials "KY"] is a widower veterinarian. He lives on a forty-acre ranch in southern California with a newly adopted ten-year-old Chinese orphan, David Eisenhower "Ike" Wong. Friends of the family included Miss Thorncroft, Ike's teacher; Annie Ng, Ike's friends; Mr. Ng, Annie's father; Mr. Wong, a friend of Dr. Jones; and Seldom Jackson, an ex-horse jockey who helped Dr. Jones out on the ranch

(How to Marry a Millionaire)
( Plaza 3-5099
Penthouse "G" 22nd Floor
Tower Apartment House
Park Avenue
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Loco shares her barely affordable digs with fortune-hunting career girls "Mike" McCall, Greta Lindquist and later Gwen Laurel.

JONES, Det. Patricia "Casey"
( Murray Hill 3-4643
New York City, NY
Casey is an undercover policewoman.

JONES, Rochester Van
(The Jack Benny Show)
c/o Mr. Jack Benny
336 North Camden Drive
Beverly Hills, CA
Rochester is the raspy-voiced valet to comedian Jack Benny, "the cheapest man in the world." Note: During a 1950s episode, Jack Benny recalled the first time that he met Rochester. It seems that Jack Benny crashed into a cab owned by Amos Jones and Andy Brown of the Sunshine Cab Company (it was up on a grease rack at the time). In an attempt to get out of paying any compensation for the accident, both Amos and Andy convinced Jack that he needed a valet and left their driver Rochester with him.

JONES, Det. Stanley
(Broken Badges)
134 Meadow Lark Drive
Bay City, California
Stanley carries a ventriloquist dummy that he calls Officer Danny.




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