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(Open House)
( 555-1612
c/o Roger McSwain, Owner
Los Angeles, CA
His sales agents are Laura Kelly, Linda Phillips, Ted Nichols & Scott Babylon (who does celebrity impressions to make sales)

JULIAN, Nicole
c/o Kennedy High School
Nicole "Nic" is a student. She is blonde, obsessed with her looks and is the Devil incarnate. She is always picking on fellow student Carmen Ferraro, who is classified as one of the "unpopular" kids in school. Nicole, on the other hand, is part of the "popular" crowd and hangs with Brooke McQueen, the captain of the cheerleaders [Nicole is co-captain], Mary Cherry, Poppita "Poppy" Fresh, [Nicole doesn't like Mary or Poppy but tolerates them because Brooke likes them] and football players Josh Ford [the star quarterback] and Mike "Sugar Daddy" Bernadino.

(21 Jump Street)
c/o Captain Jenko (or Adam Fuller)
21 Jump Street and 6th Avenue
Unnamed Pacific Northwest City.
Jump Street Chapel is headquarters for a secret undercover unit of police officers who infiltrate high schools. Its top field operatives are Tom Hanson, Judy Hoffs, H.T. Ioki and Doug Penhall.

JUNIOR (the plant)  See - KRELBORN, Seymour

(The Forest Rangers)
Indian River, Ontario, Canada
The Junior Rangers are a group of youngsters who aid the regular forest rangers on duty in the northwest wilderness. Their members included Chub, Peter, Mike, Ted, Kathy and Denise. They report to Ranger George Keeley of the Department of Land and Forests Service. The ranger's radio code is XNY 556. The kid's radio call sign is XNY 556 'a' for 'apple.'

(Hee Haw)
( BR-549
Kornfield Kounty, USA



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