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KILDARE, Dr. James
(Dr. Kildare)
Unnamed City, USA
James is a young intern at Blair General Hospital. His mentor is Dr. Leonard Gillespie.

KILEY, Dr. Steven
(Marcus Welby, M.D.)
Santa Monica, CA.
Steven shares a practice with veteran physician Marcus Welby. They both are associated with the Family Practice Center at Lang Memorial Hospital.

KILLIAN, Jack "Nighthawk"
(Midnight Caller)
Apartment 3-C
928 Fargo Street
San Francisco, CA.
Jack is an ex-cop turned deejay. NOTE: The house seen as Killian's residence is located near Alamo Square at the corner of Steiner and Fulton. When he moved to a loft apartment later in the series, exteriors of a building at Lombard and Embarcadero were seen.

KIM, Kazuo
(Hawaiian Eye)
Honolulu, HA
Kazuo Kim is a ukulele-playing Hawaiian cab driver who wore a pupule ("crazy") straw hat and drove around the Big Island with the members of the Hawaiian Eye Detective Agency as they sought to solve criminal cases. Kazuo's rather large family of island relatives often fielded clues invaluable to catching the bad guys.

(The Great Gildersleeve)
181 Oak Street
Summerfield, USA
Lois is the town librarian and acquaintance of the water commissioner Throckmorton P. Gildersleeve.

KINCHLOE, Sgt. James
(Hogan's Heroes)
Stalag 13 Prison Camp
c/o Barricks Two
Dusseldorf, Germany (1940s)
Kinchloe is an American prisoner of war. He is quiet, reserved and an expert at radio communications. Besides monitoring secret coded messages from Allied sources and relating the messages to ranking officer Colonel Robert Hogan, Kinchloe eavesdropped on the Nazi officers in the camp. He personally wired Colonel Klink's office for sound by planting a microphone on a portrait of Hitler.

KING, Amanda
(Scarecrow and Mrs. King)
( 555-3100
4247 Maplewood Drive
Arlington, VA.
Amanda, a spy (Fourth Level, 6SA clearance) works for "The Agency" located in Washington, D.C. Her partner Lee Stetson is code name "Scarecrow." Amanda’s family includes two sons, Philip and Jamie and her mother Dotty West. The Cape Cod exterior used as the King residence is actually located at 4247 Warner Boulevard in Burbank, CA.

KING, Det. Anita Wellman
(Angel Street)
( 555-6616
311 Ashford Drive
Chicago, IL
Anita is a homicide detective.

KING, Devon
(Midnight Caller)
( 555-6023
3546 North Weatherly
San Francisco, CA
Devon owns radio station KCJM 93.3 FM located at 9009 Howard Street.

KING, Frank "Rocky" & Mabel
(Rocky King, Inside Detective)
836 Mead Street
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Frank is a homicide detective. He lives with his wife Mabel [who is heard but not seen]

KING, Jason
(Department 'S'/Jason King)
43 Puchard Street
London, England
Jason is a mystery novelist and special undercover agent for Interpol. He teamed with special Interpol operatives Stewart Sullivan and Annabell Hurst to investigate cases for Department S. The team reported to Sir Curtis Seretse. Jason helped solved each of his cases as if they were a plot for one of his novels. His "Mark Cain" mystery novels included High Fashion Murder and Two Plus One Equals Murder.

KING, John
(King of Diamonds)
146 East 36th Street
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
John is the Chief of Security for the diamond industry.

KING, Skylar "Sky"
(Sky King)
c/o Flying Crown Ranch
Near Grove City, Arizona
Sky is a former WWII Naval aviator-turned-rancher. He uses his twin-engine Cessna airplane known as the "Songbird," to patrol his property and fight the bad guys who messed with his ranch and nearby neighbors. Assisting him were his niece, Penny; his nephew and co-pilot, Clipper; and the local sheriff Mitch Hargrove from the nearby town of Grover City, Arizona.

KING, Tara
(The Avengers)
Number Nine Primrose Crescent
London, England
Tara is a British secret agent (No. 69). She works for M15 and 1/2. Her partner is the suave John Steed who previously teamed with the dynamic Mrs. Emma Peel.

c/o Billy Truman, Manager
East Coast, USA
Billy is an ex-cop. He acts as both hotel manager and house detective. His friend, undercover police detective Tony Baretta, lives in Apartment 2-C with a pet cockatoo named Fred.

(Magnum, P.I.)
c/o Rick Orville Wright, Bartender
Honolulu, HA
Rick serves drinks to his friends private eye Thomas Magnum, and helicopter pilot Theodore "T.C." Calvin. The actual name of the King Kamehameha Club is The Honolulu Elk's Club.

Gotham City, USA
King Tut is the alter ego of a Gotham City professor of Egyptology whose love of all things Egyptian went awry when he got hit on the head and assumed the personality of the legendary King Tut. Clad in the royal costume of an Egyptian Pharaoh, he recruited a group of zany criminals to assist him in his nefarious deeds.

(All in the Family)
( 555-4378
Queens, New York
Members of this Fraternal lodge included Archie Bunker, a loading dock foreman [who later became the owner of a local Queens tavern "Archie Bunker's Place"] and his friend Barney Hefner. The head of the New York brotherhood is called the Grand Potentate. All members get a prepaid burial insurance after twenty years. Their lodge hat is a golden fez with blood red lining.


(Naked City)
( 346-3593
363 East 65th Street
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Libby is a
Her boyfriend is Det. Adam Flint.

(The Drew Carey Show)
c/o Warsaw Tavern
Cleveland, OH
Lewis is a janitor at DrugCo Pharmaceutical Company [originally a maintenance man] .
He is allergic to fish and strawberries, believes in alien abduction, loves the sci-fi shows Star Trek and Babylon 5 and drives a 1973 AMC Matador. Lewis now lives above the Warsaw Tavern. Lewis hangs out with friends Drew Carey, Kate O'Brien and Oswald Harvey [who later moved in with Lewis]. See also - TV Character Bios

KIRA, Nerys
(Star Trek: Deep Space 9)
c/o Space Station DS9
Orbiting the Planet Bajor
Major Kira is the first officer of space station DS9. She is also the liaison between the Federation and her home world of Bajor. She reports to station commander Benjamin Sisko, but takes moral and religious guidance from the Kai, the Bajoran’s supreme spiritual leader. Before serving on DS9, Nerys fought along side Bajoran resistance fighters who battled to drive the occupying Cardassian forces from their planet. Per Bajoran custom, Kira wears an ornamental earring on her right ear.

(How to Marry a Millionaire)
( Plaza 3-5099
Penthouse "G"
22nd Floor
Tower Apartment House
Park Avenue
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Gwen shares her barely affordable digs with fortune-hunting career girls "Mike" McCall, and Loco James.

(The Rough Riders)
American Frontier (late 1860s)
Kirby is an ex-Confederate officer. At the end of the Civil War he formed an unlikely alliance with ex-Union officers Captain Jim Flagg and Sergeant Buck Sinclair. Together they wandered westward in search of a new life. Note: Kirby wore his guns backward in the holster so he could cross-draw his gun [like pulling a sword from a sheath.]

KIRBY, William G. Pvt.
c/o K Company, Second Platoon
Somewhere in Europe after D-Day
Kirby is a private in the US Army [Serial Nos. 14327230, 1302882, & 37428620]. Raised in Chicago, he is left-handed, opinionated, and received his basic training in Trenton, New Jersey. He landed on Omaha Beach on D-Day as a corporal but lost his rank soon after. Kirby joined K Company under the commanded of Sgt. Chip Saunders.

KIRK, James Tiberius
(Star Trek)
c/o The USS Enterprise
Somewhere in the Alpha Quadrant
Kirk [Serial No. SC937-0176] is the Captain of the starship Enterprise whose "five year mission [from 2264-69] was to "seek out new life, to boldly go where no man has gone before."

(The Boys)
Seattle, WA
Doug is a New York novelist. His horror book Slopes was on the best seller list for 11 weeks and made into a major TV movie. To relieve his writer’s block he moved to the suburbs of Seattle with his girlfriend, Molly Rich to concentrate on his second novel. Taking a break from his writing, Doug hangs out at the weekly card game held by a group of eccentric senior citizens [a.k.a. "The Boys"].

KIRKLAND, Michael & wife, Nell
(You Take The Kids)
830 Fairview Lawn
Pittsburgh, PA
Michael is a bus driver. Nell is a piano teacher. They live with their four children, Lorette, Raymond, Nathaniel and Peter.

KIRKWOOD, Gordan & wife, Winnie
(Mister Ed)
7138 Valley Spring Road
Los Angeles, CA
Next-door neighbors of Wilbur & Carol Post who moved into the Addison residence (the Post's original neighbors).

KIRSHNER, Melissa "Mel
4107 5th Avenue
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Melissa shares her luxurious apartment with Tracy Dillon and Princess Georgina "Georgy" De La Rue

KKTY, 98.6 FM
(Saved by the Bell)
c/o Bayside High School
Palisades, CA
KKTY is Bayside High School’s radio station. Called "Tigers Radio" for the school’s football team, KKTY featured Zack Morris as deejay "Wolfman Jack" and programs like Ask Maria, Ask Your Principal, Dr. Love, From the Principal‘s Office, From Lindsay With Love, The Galloping Gossip, Kelly‘s Desire and Screech’s Mystery Theater. KKTY later changed its station call sign to KVIB and then to KGAB.

(Jessica Novak)
c/ Jessica Novak, "Closeup News"
Los Angeles, CA
Jessica's coworkers include her cameraman Phil Bonelli and soundman Ricky Duran.

(My Two Dads)
c/o Ed Klawicki, Proprietor
627 North Brewster Street
Ground Floor
New York City, NY
The diner later changed its name to the Judge's Court Cafe when the landlord of the building [a female judge] took over the place.

KLINGER, Corporal Maxwell Q.
(M*A*S*H / afterMASH)
c/o The 4077th M*A*S*H Unit
Ouijongbou, Korea (in the 1950s)
Max is a Corporal (later Sergeant) in the US Army [Serial No. RA15971782]. He is stationed with the 4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital during the Korean War. Reluctantly drafted into the military, Klinger spent his time dressing in female clothes in hopes of being sent home on a "section 8" discharge [he wore a Miss Highrise Bra (size 36-B) and a size fourteen dress].

KLINK, Colonel Wilhelm
(Hogan's Heroes)
c/o Stalog 13 POW Camp
Dusseldorf, Germany (1940s)
Klink in an inept career officer in the Luftwaffe assigned to run Stalag 13. He wears a monocle, and continually reminds everyone that there has never been a successful escape from his facility. In fact, he was elected "Kommandant of the Year" when Stalag 13 was named one of the top ten prison camps in Germany.

KNIGHT, Michael/Michael Long
(Knight Rider)
2457 Yearra Road
Noris, CA 93666
Michael Long [a cop] is given a new identity as Michael Knight and now works for the Foundation for Law and Government [F.L.A.G.]. He formerly lived at 1834 Shore Road Noris, CA

KNIGHT, Det. Nicholas "Nick"
(Forever Knight)
7 Curity Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
Nick is an 800-year-old vampire turned cop. He works for the 37th Precinct of the Toronto Metro Police Department with his partner Don Schanke. Nick works the night shift and drinks chilled cow’s blood for sustenance. He reports to Captain Joe Stonetree [later Captain Amanda Cohen]. Nick drives a 1962 Cadillac convertible. He uses the car’s spacious truck in sun emergencies [vampires burn in sunlight].



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