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LE BEC, Eddie
Boston, MA
Eddie is a French Canadian hockey player who married Carla Tortelli, an Italian-American waitress working at a Boston Pub named Cheers. Eddie was crushed to death by a Zamboni machine while rescuing a fellow Ice Show performer. He was dressed as a penguin at the time.

LE BEAU, Corporal Louie
(Hogan's Heroes)
Stalag 13 Prison Camp
c/o Barricks Two
Dusseldorf, Germany (1940s)
LeBeau is a French prisoner of war. He is an excellent cook [a better cook that his wife he boasted-and better looking] and is famous for his strudel, sauce béarnaise and other tasty concoctions. When the head German guard Sgt. Hans Schulz needed to be diverted from seeing something that he shouldn't, LeBeau stepped up with a promise to cook one of his delicious recipes.

LE MAY, PFC Paul "Caje"
c/o K Company, Second Platoon
Somewhere in Europe after D-Day
Paul is a Private in the US Army [Serial # 1019698]. He landed at Omaha Beach on D-Day and is attached to Sergeant Saunders Squad. Caje’s personality is charming and can sweet talk nuns as well as the local fair maidens.

LEADBETTER, Jeremy & wife, Margo
(Good Neighbors/The Good Life)
( 390-7614
Surbiton, Surrey, England
Jeremy "Jerry" is an executive at a plastic moldings company. Margo is his snooty wife. Their next-door neighbor Tom Good, who used to work as a draughtsman at Jerry’s firm, suddenly drops out of society at the age of 40 and begins a life of self-sufficiency by turning his home into an urban farm. Now Margo and Jeremy’s quiet suburban lifestyle was being interrupted by the smells and sounds of farm life emanating from just across the back yard fence.

(Saturday Night Live)
515 Oak Street
The Leather Shop offers a full line of leather products. The owner of the shop Jeffrey, is called "The Leather Guy." He and his assistant Choo Choo religiously work to attire visitors to the shop with the finest in leather products. No matter what they buy, they are guaranteed to make that distinctive leather squeaking sound as they leave the shop.

LEE, Geneva & daughter, Nicole
(Hangin' with Mr. Cooper)
653 Hamilton Street
Oakland, CA
Geneva shares a house with two friends to cut down on expenses. The exterior used on the series is the same home facade used on the sitcom Growing Pains.

LEERY, Dawson
(Dawson's Creek)
Capeside, Massachusetts (on Cape Cod)
Dawson is a 15-year-old, dreamer. He works part-time at the Capeside Video Store and aspires to be a filmmaker. Joey Potter, a precocious tomboy, is Dawson’s best friend and waitresses at the touristy restaurant S.S. Icehouse after school and on weekends. Together, they tackle the challenges of growing up. Note: Dawson’s two-story Colonial home with white clapboards and black shutters is actually a private residence near Hewlett's Creek, North Carolina. The interior's of the home are shot on a Hollywood studio. The exterior shots of Capeside are scenes of the picturesque seaside town of Wilmington, North Carolina.

(The Simspons)
c/o Ned Flanders, Owner
Springfield, USA
Ned's store is located in the Springfield Mall. The Leftorium's company motto is "Everything for the Left-handed Man, Woman and Child."

(Poltergeist: The Legacy)
The Legacy Consortium
c/o Derek Payne
San Francisco, CA
The Legacy Consortium is a philanthropic institution whose members battle demonic evil under the guise of the Luna Foundation, a front for the Legacy House. The group sponsors Legacy Houses throughout the world. Psychic Derek Payne, the leader of the San Francisco house recruits new members and disperses them throughout the world to other Houses in Cairo, London, Paris, Moscow or Tokyo. Its members included researcher Alexandra Moreau; Dr. William Sloan, the leader of the London Legacy House and worldwide operations of the Legacy project; psychic and psychological expert Katherine Corrigan; psychologist Rachel Corrigan; Philip Callahan, a Catholic priest; and Nick Boyle, a researcher and ex-Navy SEAL.

LEGEND, Nicodemus  See - PRATT, Ernest

LEKATZIS, Christina
(I'll Fly Away)
Bryland, Georgia
Christina is a defense attorney. Exteriors of Christina's home were based on shots from two real private residences located in Madison, Georgia at 557 Academy Street and 396 East Washington Street.

LeMAY, Paul "Caje"
c/o K Company, Second Platoon
Somewhere in Europe after D-Day
Caje is a Private First Class in the US Army [Serial Nos. 1019698 & 780189??]. Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, Caje [for "Cajun"] is Catholic, speaks French and shoots left-handed [but writes with his right hand]. He landed on Omaha Beach on D-Day and soon joined K Company under the commanded by Sgt. Chip Saunders. Note: In the series pilot Caje was called Paul "Caddy" Cadron.

(Fired Up)
Apartment 406
671 Duwane Street
New York, NY (Manhattan)
Gwen is in public relations. She lives with Terry Reynolds.


(Happy Days)
Lodge No. 462
Milwaukee, WI
The Leopard Lodge membership roster includes hardware store owner Howard Cunningham who began as Leopard first class and eventually attained the rank of Grand Puba. The lodge hat is a leopard covered Fez with a red top and dangling black tassel. Neophytes are called Leopard Cubs. They started off with a plain beige fez beret and then had to earn their spots. The lodge holds an annual event called the Poopa, Dooda Dance. Once Howard's son Richie asked Al Delvecchio, the owner of the local high school hangout, if he was going to the lodge dance? "No, I'm not allowed. I don't have enough spots yet. But someday, I'll be a Poopa, a Dooda, or even a Poopa, Dooda."

(Alright, Already)
Apartment 3D
36 Waterton Avenue
Carol is an optometrist. She is single, in her thirties, and does her best to attract "Mr. Right." Carol’s place of business is the Collins Center Optical Center where she works with Renee Helke, a sexy, free-spirited theatre major [she nicknamed her breasts Judy and Trudy].

LERNER, Jonathan & wife, Denise
(Family Album)
( 555-6938
8461 Bedford Street
Philadelphia, PA
Jonathan is a physician. Denise [née DeMattis] is an architect. To get closer to his parents, Jonathan relocated his family from California to the City of Brotherly Love. The Lerner’s children included Nicole [a.k.a. "Nicky"], a pretty 14-year-old; Jeffrey, an 11-year-old; and Max, a 7-year-old.

LEXX (Crew of)
Somewhere in Space
Lexx is a large dragon-fly shaped ship that cruises the galaxies of two universes [the Dark Zone and the Light Zone]. It is equipped to be able to destroy planets for His Shadow, an evil tyrant. The crew of the Lexx who are looking for a new home included Stanley Tweedle, a bumbling security guard [ class 4]; Kai, a former assassin; Zev [or Xev], a transformed love slave; and 790, the ship’s head robot.

LEWIS, Dave & wife, Linda
(Good Morning, World)
Apartment 1-B
63 Court Plaza
Los Angeles, CA
Dave is a deejay cohost of "The Lewis & Clark Show" call-in show [( Crestview 6-7399].

LEWIS, Evelyn
77 Kantwell Drive
Beverly Hills, CA
Evelyn is the wealthy love interest of Watts junkman Fred Sanford.

LEWIS, Howdy
(The Rounders)
c/o The Love Ranch
Near Town of Hi Lo, TX
Howdy is a cowpoke. He and his partner, Ben Jones work at a Texas ranch owned by the wealthy but unscrupulous Jim Ed Love. On Saturday nights, Howdy and his girlfriend Ada shake off the days dust at the Longhorn Café in the nearby town of Hi Lo.

LEWIS, Parker Lloyd
(Parker Lewis Can‘t Lose)
Santa Domingo, CA
Parker is a sophomore at Santa Domingo High School. His best buds are sophomore Michael Patrick "Mikey" Randall [an aspiring musician], and freshman Gerald "Jerry" Steiner [he collects Star Trek figurines and enjoys computer games]. Together, they pull scams on the student population and continually pull the wool over the eyes of autocratic principal Ms. Grace Musso.



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