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LOCHSLEY, Sir Robin of
(The Adventures of Robin Hood)
Sherwood Forest, England (1190 AD)
Sir Robin of Lochsley a.k.a. "Robin Hood" is an English nobleman turned outlaw to battle against the injustice of the Prince John and the Sheriff of Nottingham. Robin’s allies are noble lady Maid Marian; priest Friar Tuck and faithful "Merry Men" sidekicks John Little a.k.a. "Little John" and Will Scarlett [both helped Robin steal from the rich and give to the poor]. Note: In the remake Robin of Sherwood the first Robin Hood is killed off and a nobleman called Robert of Huntington assumes the mantel of the legendary outlaw. In the series The New Adventures of Robin Hood Robin gets a few new allies including Kemal, a black warrior; Olwyn, a mighty sorcerer and Rowena, Olwyn’s sexy apprentice. Other remake series featuring the Robin Hood include When Things Were Rotten with Robin portrayed as a complete nitwit; and Maid Marion and Her Merry Men with Maid Marion being the brains behind the Merry Men and Robin Hood, a.k.a. Robin of Huntington portrayed as a cowardly tailor from Huntington.

(Logan’s Run)
c/o The Sandmen
City of Domes (A.D. 2319)
Logan 5 is a police officer known as a Sandman. He is a descendant of an atomic holocaust and lives in a huge self-contained environment called the City of Domes. One of their traditions is called the Ceremony of the Great Sleep, in which all persons who reach the age of 30 are required to enter "The Carousel," a chamber wherein participants are slowly floated into the air and then exploded. The citizenry believe they are being reborn, but in actuality, they are being killed as a means of population control to sustain the city. Those refusing to enter The Carousel (known as "Runners") are pursued by Sandmen, the city's internal police force. The Runners search for the legendary location called "Sanctuary" whose inhabitants are free to live past the age of 30 years. Wishing to live to a ripe old age, Logan 5 escapes the City of Domes with Jessica 6 and Rem, their android companion. They are pursued by Francis 7, a Sandman loyal to the Council who is charged with their termination [The Council promised Francis 7 a seat on the Council of Elders and the right to live past the age of 30 if he captured the runaways.] Note: The TV series is based on a novel by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson and the motion picture Logan's Run (1976).

Lexington, KY (in 1881)
Ned is a dashing descendant of Irish immigrants from County Cork, Ireland who continued the family’s well-to-do legacy by running a horse and tobacco enterprise on a farm near the city of Lexington, Kentucky. Ned’s household included his sons Sean, and Clay, daughters Lexy and Alice; Jeremy Bradford, a seventeen-year-old orphan; Isaac, the family's trusted black ranchhand; and Marita, the family’s black housekeeper.

(The Man From Blackhawk)
Old West (late 1800s)
Sam is an investigator for the Chicago-based Blackwell Insurance Company. He traveled the Old West of the 19th century settling claims and foiling schemes to defraud the company.

LOGGINS, Adelaide "Addie"
(Paper Moon)
47 Bridge Corner
Ophelia, KS
When Addie's mother, Essie Mae died, she took to the road with a traveling con-artist & Bible salesman, Moses "Moze" Pray, whom she believes is her father.

(The X-Files/The Lone Gunmen)
The Lone Gunmen is a group of paranoid conspiracy theorists who act as an informal think tank for agent Fox "Spooky" Mulder and who publish The Lone Gunman/The Magic Bullet newsletter, a conspiracy oriented magazine named after the alleged second assassin in the Kennedy assassination. Its techno-geek members included the tall, blond spectacled Langly [communications expert]; the bearded, well dressed Byers [information systems expert]; Frohike [he’s a photographic and special operations expert and has a crush on FBI agent Dana Scully] and Kenneth Suna [a.k.a. "The Thinker"], a computer hacker who accessed classified Defense Department MJ files and was later murdered, execution-style. The Lone Gunmen debuted in the first season episode "E.B.E." (Extra- terrestrial Biological Entities). They formed an alliance with FBI paranormal investigator Fox "Spooky" Mulder. Once Frohike quipped to Mulder "UFO's caused the Gulf War Syndrome? That's why we like you, Mulder. Your theories are weirder than ours."

LONG, Michael/Michael Knight
(Knight Rider)
1834 Shore Road
Noris, CA
Michael Long [a cop] is given a change of identity to Michael Knight [after an accident] and works for the Foundation for Law and Government. He now lives at 2457 Yearra Road, Noris, CA 93666

(The Texan)
Texas Territory (late 1870s)
Big Bill is a fast gun. He wandered the Texas frontier in the years following the Civil War helping the needy along the way.

( 555-2368.
835 Chartres Street
[near the corner of Dumaine Street]
New Orleans, LA
Michael is a criminal insurance investigator. After he loses his sight in a car explosion that also kills his wife, Ingrid. Mike returns to work at Great Pacific Casualty Company. To compensate for his blindness, he carries an electronic cane that calculates distances and uses a white German shepherd guide dog named Pax. Mike’s friends include Nikki Bell, his Braille instructor; and Li Tsung, his self-defense instructor (played by the legendary Bruce Lee). See also - TV Character Bios

LOPEZ, George & Angie
(The George Lopez Show)
Rose Street & Allen Avenue
Los Angeles, CA
George, a Mexican, is a manager at an airplane parts factory. He shares his house with his wife, Angie (she's Cuban) and their children Max and Carmen Conzuela. George's acerbic mother, Benny lives nearby. His father abandoned him as a child. George's close friend is his coworker Benny from the plant.

(Needles and Pins)
c/o Nathan Davidson, Owner
463 7th Avenue
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Nathan and his brother-in-law Harry Karp manufacture women's clothing in the garment district. Their employees are Sonia Baker, the secretary/bookkeeper; Wendy Nelson, the clothing designer; Max, the fabric cutter; Myron Russo, the pattern maker and Charlie Miller, their salesman.

LORENZO, Det. Sgt. Chris
(Silk Stalkings)
4613 Fairway Drive
Palm Springs, FL
Chris is assigned to the Crimes of Passion Unit with his partner, Sgt. Rita Lee Lance. Their cases involves society murders (a.k.a. "Silk Stalkings").

(Quincy, ME)
Los Angeles, CA
Medical staff on duty include medical examiner, Dr. R. Quincy, his assistant, Sam Fukijama, assistant deputy coroner, Dr. Robert J. Asten, Quincy’s superior, Dr. Alice Ting, and Dr. Janet Carlisle.

(My Favorite Martian)
c/o Mr. Harry Burns, Editor
Los Angeles, CA
Mr. Burns supervises newspaper reporter Tim O'Hara who is hiding the scoop of the century [a man from Mars] in his apartment on Elm Street.

(Lou Grant)
c/o Margaret Pynchon, Publisher
Los Angeles, CA.
Newspaper staff include city editor Lou Grant, managing editor Charlie Hume, assistant city editor Art Donovan, reporters Joe Rossi and Billie Newman McCovey, and news photographer Dennis "Animal" Price. The art deco-style structure shown as the Tribune building on the series is actually The Title and Guarantee and Trust Building at 411 W. 5th Street in downtown Los Angeles.

LOUD, Jenny
(MacGruder & Loud)
Apartment 2B
165 North Veranda
Los Angeles, CA
Jenny is a cop. She is secretly married to Officer Malcolm MacGruder because marriage is against departmental policy. To be near each other, Malcolm and Jenny live in adjoining apartments that are connected by a revolving bookcase. Malcolm lives in apartment 2A.

LOUD, Bill & wife Pat
(An American Family)
35 Wood Dale Lane
Santa Barbara, CA
The Loud's live with their children Lance, Kevin, Grant, Delilah & Michele. Cameras followed the daily activities of the Loud family in this controversial PBS documentary series.

LOUDON, Richard & Joanna
c/o The Stratford Inn
28 Westbrook Road
Just off Route #22
Norwich [or River City], Vermont.
Richard "Dick" is a "how-to" book writer. Joanna, his wife, is a real estate agent. Together they run the Stratford Inn [built in 1774]. Room rates range from $35 to $55 a night. In revolutionary times, the Inn was a brothel. Their support staff include maid, Leslie Vanderkellen [replaced by her sister Stephanie] and George Utley, the handyman [there's been an Utley at the Stratford for generations]. Their nearby neighbors include three backwoods brothers Larry, Darryl and Darryl; and Kirk Devane who owns the Minute Man Cafe.

LOVE, Det. Christine "Christie"
(Get Christie Love)
( 462-4699 [Home phone]
( 5-BAKER-5 [Police radio]
3600 La Paloma Drive
Los Angeles, CA
Christie works undercover for the Special Investigations Division. Sgt. Pete Gallagher is her sidekick. Her boss is Lt. Matt Reardon and later Captain Ryan.

LOVE, Jim Ed
(The Rounders)
c/o J. L. Ranch
Near town of Hi Lo, TX
Jim Love is a fast-talking, unscrupulous Texas rancher. He is reportedly the second richest man in Texas. Jim loves to wear fancy white cowboy suits and drive a souped-up station wagon. His employees included cowpokes Ben Jones and Howdy Lewis [both are in debt and beholding to Ed Love]. Note: The characters are base on the novel written by Max Evans and the 1965 movie The Rounders.

LOVE BOAT (Crew of)
(The Love Boat)
c/o The Pacific Princess
Somewhere at Sea
The Love Boat a.k.a. The Pacific Princess [registered in London with the British P & O Lines] cruised the oceans of the world inspiring numerous onboard romances while visiting such exotic and distant ports as Mexico, Alaska, Europe, the Orient and Australia. The crew of the Pacific Princess included Captain Merrill Stubing; ship's physician Adam Bricker; Yeoman-Purser Burl "Gopher" Smith; bartender Isaac Washington who roomed in cabin C-130; Cruise Director Julie McCoy who roomed in Cabin C-125; and later cruise photographer Ashley "Ace" Covington Evans.

Note: A new and updated version of the series resurfaced on The Love Boat: The New Wave in 1998. It featured a new ship, the 77,000-ton Sun Princess, that held 1,950 passengers in 1,050 cabins - more than double the number of rooms in the UK's largest hotel, The Grosvenor. The crew this time around included recovering alcoholic Captain Jim Kennedy III; the captain‘s pot-smoking teenage son [who aspires to photograph nudes]; Camille Hunter, Security Officer turned Co-Cruise Director; Chief Purser Will Sanders; Dr. John Patrick Morgan; Bar Manager Paolo Kaire; Danny Kennedy, Cruise director, Suzanne Zimmerman [replaced by Co-Cruise Director Nicole Jordon]; and Donald Griswald, assistant Purser turned Security Officer.

(The New WKRP in Cincinnati)
( 555-WKRP
c/o WKRP Radio Station
Suite 1412 [Ninth Floor]
Flimm Building
Cincinnati, OH
Mona is a late night deejay at WKRP - "The Mighty 1530 AM." She is sexy, a Leo and the host of "Mona Till Midnight" that airs each night at 9:00 PM. Mona begins her show with "This is Mona Loveland. I’ll be your guide to dreamland. It’s just you and me and music till midnight." Mona dresses in provocative clothing and has a gambling problem. Mona replaced deejay ‘Venus Flytrap,’ a WKRP late night legend.

(Grace & Favour)
c/o Millstone Manor
Village of Great Tender
Rural England
Miss Lovelock is a former associate of the 'young' Mr. Grace, the owner of Grace Brothers Department Store in London. She retired to the country with a group of former Grace Brother employees when they inherited Millstone Manor upon the death of Mr. Grace.



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