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LUBBOCK, Graham & wife, Elizabeth
(Just the Ten of Us)
( 555-3273
Eureka, CA
Graham is the athletic director and coach at St. Augustine's Catholic High School for Boys. He is bald, rotund and coaches The Hippos St. Augie’s football team. To makes ends meet, Graham worked at Burger Barn under the alias "Mitch." Elizabeth is a homemaker and volunteers at the local food bank. Her job is to raise the kids, milk the cow, feed their dog [Hooter] and remind her husband that he needs to lose a few pounds. Married in 1970, Graham and Elizabeth now have a family of eight. They included Marie, 18, the eldest who wants to be a nun; Wendy, 17, and sister, Cindy Anne, 16, are both boy-crazy; Constance "Connie", 15, wants to be a journalist; Sherry, 11, is the brainy one in the bunch; Graham, Jr. "J.R." is a Freshman at St Augustine’s and unlike his dad is not very athletic and this causes Graham some concern; toddler Harvey [and later baby Melissa] round out the brood. Father Robert Hargis arranged for all the Lubbocks to attend St. Augie’s even the girls. Now all the coach had to do was to keep all the boys in the school away from his daughters. The Lubbock’s used to live in Long Island, New York where Graham worked as a coach at Dewey High School. Mike Seaver was one of his students. See also - SEAVER, Dr. Jason Roland

LUCARD, Alexander
(Dracula: The Series)
Alexander Lucard ["Dracul" spelled backwords] is the legendary Transylvanian vampire. He moves his operations to the corporate chair of a global conglomerate based in Luxembourg. As always, there is someone on his trail. In Lucard's case, it is university professor Gustav Helsing who enlists his young nephews from Philadelphia [Max and Chris] to bring Dracula down. Lucard wears a ring on the ring finger of his right hand, drives a Mercedes limousine and finds poppy seed irresistible. His dining room table is coffin-shaped. His secret refuge is located behind his fire-place. Lucard can be destroyed by the relic Cross of the Magyars crafted by Saint Varma.

LUCAS, Hilton & wife, Ruth
1539 33rd Avenue
New York, NY (Queens)
Hilton is an airline worker. He is 60-years-old, African-American and recently laid-off after working for 30 years. Ruth is a homemaker and his faithful companion. She works part-time at a flower shop. Now in forced retirement, Hilton complains about all of lives woes and reluctantly counsels those younger than him with their problems.

LUCAS, Dr. Jane
(The Lucie Arnaz Show)
Apartment 4A
East 70th Street
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Jane is a psychologist who cohosts the popular "The Love and Lucas Show" on WPLE radio.

(Pete Kelly's Blues)
c/o George Lupo, Proprietor
17 Cherry Street
Kansas City, MO
Lupo's is a funeral parlor turned speakeasy. "The booze is cut but the prices aren't. The beer is good and whisky is aged-if you get here later in the day." The Big Seven Band played at Lopo's from 10:00 P.M. to 4:00 A.M.

(The Addams Family)
c/o 001 Cemetery Lane
Cemetery Ridge, USA
Lurch is a towering zombie butler. He works for Gomez Addams, an eccentric millionaire. Speaking in short groaning phrases, Lurch performed such domestic duties as dusting the house's strange family heirlooms and answering the call of the fog horn that announced the arrival of guests at the front door. When the Addams wanted to summon Lurch they pulled the butler's hangman-shaped bell pull dangling from the ceiling that sent out a resounding "Gong!" Lurch then entered the room and in a deep voice said "You Rang?"

(Superboy/Lois & Clark)
Metropolis, USA
Lex Luthor is the nemesis of Superman. Lex loves Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane who loves Superman a.k.a. reporter Clark Kent. Can you see a triangle developing? To describe Lex, read a snippet from one of his own conversations:

"Imagine a man whose net worth is in excess of 20 billion dollars and that the same man is currently the 3rd richest man on the planet superseded only by Mr. Albert Chow of Hong Kong and Leila Pappas of Athens, Greece. And when I say "currently" I really mean "temporarily." And that the same man has an additional annual income of over 2 billion which is approximately 200 million a month, 7 million a day, 300 thousand an hour, 5 thousand a long have we been talking Max? That man is me. I hope you see my point...You don't see my point. Why am I not surprised? Well, then let me explain it to you Max. If a man like you has a problem, I expect you to solve it with your own usual flair. For a man like me, on the other hand, life is a bowl of rubies. An extremely large bowl. I have no problems!"

Note: The series Superboy [a.k.a. The Adventures of Superboy] featured Lex Luthor in his formative days as he interacted with a younger Clark Kent who was a journalism student at Shuster University. The later WB network series Smallville followed Lex as the wealthy son of Lionel Luthor and his interactions with Clark Kent in his hometown of Smallvile, Kansas.

LUTZ, Barnett M. "Bud" Jr.
(Eisenhower & Lutz)
c/o Eisenhower & Lutz, Attorneys at law
Palm Tree Mini Mall
Yucca & Coronado Streets
Palm Springs, CA
Bud's secretary is Millie Zamora. Dwayne Spitler is a pre-law volunteer. [The Eisenhower partnership is bogus. Bud just put the other name on the business to make him look more successful].



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