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(James Garner as Nichols)
Nichols, Arizona (1914)
Nichols (no first name) returned to his family hometown only to be blackmailed into being sheriff by Ma Ketcham, the town's most influential figurehead. In the last episode, Nichol's was shot to death and then replaced by a more dynamic twin brother named Jim who came into town to avenge his death. Townfolk included Ketcham, Ma's son; Judge Thatcher; Bertha; Johnson; Ruth the barmaid; and Mitchell, Nichol's deputy.

NIELSEN, Lloyd Ralph & wife, Honey
(Hi Honey, I’m Home)
178 Morgan Road
New Jersey Suburbs
Lloyd is a wimpy white-collar worker. Honey is a perky, perfect homemaker [she bakes "snicker doodle" cookies]. Their children included a well-mannered, well-developed teenage daughter Babs, a high school beauty queen and the equally presentable but portly preteen Boy Scout son, Chucky. In reality, the Nielsen family were actually characters from a 1950s TV sitcom who were no longer run on network television [they got cancelled]. They were reassigned by the Sitcom Relocation Program from their fictional TV town of Springfield to a real house in New Jersey to wait for their show to be picked up and returned to TV Land. They concealed their black and white appearance with a "Turnerizer" which enabled them to switch to full living color to fool unsuspecting onlookers. To adjust to their modern life, the Nielsens were given A Modern Life User's Manual, an etiquette guide to the 1990s. Their real-life 1990s neighbors included Elaine Duff, a sarcastic divorced single parent with two boys: the couch potato, Mike a.k.a. "Coma Boy" and the nasty punk rocker, Sidney a.k.a. "Skunk." Mike, who lusted after Babs, discovered that his conservative neighbors were actually 1950s TV characters but decided to keep their secret as they learned to adapt to real world.


(The Cowboys)
New Mexico Territory (1870s)
Jebediah is a black ranch foreman and cook for the widow Annie Anderson. Together they attempt to run a homestead with the help of seven young homeless orphan boys (aged 9-17). They included Slim, Cimarron, Jimmy, Homer, Steve, Hardy and Weedy. Note: The series was based on the novel written by W. D. Jennings and the 1972 movie The Cowboys.

(Babylon 5)
Planet Earth
Nightwatch is a futuristic "Big Brother" group assigned to report acts of disloyalty to members of EarthGov. Members of Nightwatch (named for "those who stood faithful in the dark") wore black arm bands and received an additional 50 credits per week to relay their findings to the Earth's main headquarters.

NIGMA, Edward E.
Gotham City
Edward is a criminal. Known also as "The Riddler," Edward got his nickname from his habit of purposely leaving clues (written in riddle form) at the scene of a crime (or upcoming crime) to be discovered by Gotham City crime fighters Batman and Robin. A typical clue: "Riddle me this Batman: What do an orange and a bell have in common?" The Riddler wore a costume that prominently displayed the question mark symbol (?).

NIKITA (a.k.a. "Josephine")
(La Femme Nikita)
c/o Section One
Nikita is a Level 2 Field Op assassin. She reveals her story as follows: "I was falsely accused of a hideous crime [killing a police officer] and sentenced to life in prison. One night I was taken from my cell to a place called Section One, the most covert anti-terrorist group on the planet. Their ends are just, but their means are ruthless. If I don't play by their rules, I die." Nikita is tall, blonde and beautiful. She reports to Michael Samuelle who is her mentor, trainer and lover. They both reported to a supervisor called Operations and his second-in-command Madeline, a master strategist. When the phone rings and Nikita hears the code word "Josephine" she is drawn back into a world of anti-terrorism and intrigue. See also - TV Character Bios

(90 Bristol Court)
Southern California
The occupants include Dr. Dick Moran; Dr, Tom Gentry; his wife, Mary; Steve Scott; his wife, Barbara; their daughters, Karen and Mimi; Alan Harris, his wife, Kate and their children, DeeDee and Billy.

(The Mary Tyler Moore Show)
c/o WJM-TV Channel 12
Minneapolis, MN
Sue Ann is the star of a local TV cooking show called "The Happy Homemaker." In her late 40s, Sue Ann is promiscuous but a very good cook. She uses her culinary expertise to create such savory delights as a multi-tiered low-cal wedding cake with only 82 calories. When not on the air, Sue Ann cruised the hallways of WJM-TV looking for a man to seduce. A frequent target of her affections was blustery news producer Lou Grant, who finally succumbed to Sue Ann's man-hungry ways, much to his regret.



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