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(The Prisoner)
c/o The Village
Somewhere in the world
Number Six [a.k.a. John Drake] is a British secret agent being held against his will in a mysterious coastal resort referred to as "The Village." The Village logo is a 19th century bicycle with large front wheel. It is supervised by a man named Number One who controls large white spheres called "Rover" that capture or kill anyone trying to escape their confinement. On the series’ last episode Number Six escapes to freedom.

NUVO, Arnie & wife, Lillian
( 555-6676
4650 Liberty Lane
Los Angeles, CA
Arnie works as Head of Products Improvement Division for Continental Flange Co. The Nuvo's live with their teenage children, Andrea and Richard.

(The Golden Girls)
6151 Richmond Street
Miami Beach, FL
Rose [née Lindstrom or Gierkleckibicken] is a widowed senior citizen. She is Lutheran, scatterbrained, honest to a fault and has a proclivity for misinterpreting everybody’s conversations. Rose was born and raised on a farm in St. Olaf, Minnesota. She took up residence at the home of Blanche Devereaux along with her cat, Mr. Peepers and roommates, Dorothy Zbornak, and Sophia Petrillo. On April 25, 1992 Rose had a heart attack and wanted to preserve her brain by freezing her head. Fortunately, she survived. Later that year, Blanche sold her house and Rose and Sophia pooled their money to purchase The Golden Palace, a small Art Deco hotel in the trendy section of Miami Beach. For comfort Rose owned a plush Teddy bear named Fernando.

NYPD - New York Police Department - 4th Precinct
(New York Undercover)
c/o Lt. Virginia Cooper
New York city, NY
Officers on duty are Lt. Malcolm Barker; Det. J.C. Williams; Det. Nina Moreno; Det. Ricciarelli; Det. Alec Stone; Det. Tommy Macnamara and; Det. Nell Delaney.

NYPD - New York Police Department - 12 Precinct
(Barney Miller)
c/o Captain Barney Miller
Greenwich Village
New York City, NY
Officers on duty are Det. Phil Fish; Det. Sgt. Chano Amenguale; Det. Stanley "Wojo" Wojohowicz; Det. Nick Yemana; Det. Ron Harris; Det. Janice Wentworth; Inspector Frank Luger; Officer Carl Levitt; Det. Arthur Dietrich; and Lt. Scanlon. Note: On the last episode, (9/9/82) before leaving the building for the very last time, Barney, alone in the deserted squad room, remembered (via flashbacks) all the staff who had come before, both living and departed. The 12th precinct is also the setting for the TV series THE BEAT/UPN/2000 with Officer Dorigan and Officer Mazzarelli working the streets of New York City as beat cops.

NYPD - New York Police Department - 14th Precinct
(Cagney & Lacey)
c/o Lt. Albert "Bert" Samuels
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Officers on duty are Det. Christine Cagney, her partner Det. Mary Beth Lacey, and fellow detectives Victor Isbecki, Marcus Petrie. Paul La Guardia, Jonah Newman, Manny Esposito, Al Corassa and Verna Lee Jordan. Other officers on the job included Deputy Inspector Marguette, Desk Sergeant Ronald Coleman, Sgt. Dory McKenna, and Inspector Knelman.

NYPD - New York Police Department - 15th Precinct
(NYPD Blue)
c/o Lt. Arthur Fancy
Homicide Division
New York City, NY
Officers on duty are Det. John Kelly (left precinct in 1994); Det. Andy Sipowicz; Det. Greg Medavoy; Det. Bobby Simone (died of heart failure in 1998); Officer Janice Licalsi; Officer/Det. James Leo Martinez (promoted to Sgt. in 2000); Det. Sharon Lasalle; Det. Adrienne Lesniak; Det. Diane Russell; Det. Jill Kirkendall [left town with her son]; Det. Danny Sorenson (Bobby Simone's replacement and Sipowicz's new partner; and Det. Baldwin "Dee" Jones. Lt. Fancy was promoted to Captain in April 2001. His replacement was Lt. Tony Rodriquez, a 17-year veteran with the Bronx narcotics division. Note: The stationhouse exterior used for the 15th Precinct is actually the 9th Precinct house located at 321 East 5th St. between 1st & 2nd Avenue. This same stationhouse served as the Manhattan South headquarters for the police drama Kojak starring Telly Savalas as Det. Lt. Theo Kojak.

NYPD - New York Police Department - 27th Precinct
(Law & Order)
c/o Capt. Donald Cragen
New York City, NY
Cragen supervises homicide investigations that are forwarded onto the D.A.‘s office for prosecution. The 27th support staff includes Det. Mike Logan, Det. Sgt. Max Greevey [killed on duty], Det. Phil Cerreta, Det. Lennie Briscoe, Det. Ray Curtis [left to tend his sick wife] and Lt. Anita Van Buren [who replaced Captain Cragen].

NYPD - New York Police Department - 27th Precinct
c/o Chief Peter B. Clifford.
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Officers on duty included Sgt. Broadhurst, Sgt. Grover, and US Deputy Marshall Sam McCloud on temporary loan from Taos, New Mexico.

NYPD - New York Police Department - 53rd Precinct
(Car 54 Where Are You?)
c/o Captain Martin Block
New York City, NY [in the Bronx]
Officers on duty are Officer Gunther Toody; Officer Francis Muldoon (Gunther & Toody are assigned to Patrol Car 54). Other precinct staff include Officer O'Hara; Officer Anderson; Officer Antonnucci; Officer Riley; Officer Murdock; Officer Steinmetz; Officer Leo Schnauser; Officer Kissel; Officer Ed Nicholson; and Officer Nelson.

NYPD - New York Police Department - 55th Precinct
(Third Watch)
New York, NY
Officers on duty include Maurice 'Bosco' Boscorelli, an insensitive, glory-hungry 'supercop'; his partner Faith Yokas, a married mother of two; streetwise veteran cop John 'Sully' Sullivan; and his by-the-book rookie partner, Ty Davis, whose cop dad was killed in the line of duty. The cops at the 55th interact with paramedics Kim Zambrano, Bobby Caffey, Monte 'Doc' Parker, Carlos Nieto and Kim Zambrano's ex-firefighter husband Jimmy Doherty.

NYPD - New York Police Department - 65th Precinct
(Naked City)
( WA 2-9970
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Officers on duty are Detectives Lt. Don Muldoon, Det. Jim Halloran, Det. Sgt. Frank Acaro, Det. Lt. Mike Parker, and Det. Adam Flint. The 65th Precinct was built in 1938.

NYPD - New York Police Department - 87th Precinct
(87th Precinct)
( C16-4098
New York City, New York
Base of operations for police detectives Steve Carella, Bert King, Roger Havilland, and Meyer Meyer.



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