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(Beverly Hills 90210)
c/o Nat Bussichio, Proprietor
Corner Olympic & Larabee Streets
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
This 1950s style diner is the hangout for Brandon Walsh, his fraternal twin sister, Brenda and their friends Kelly Taylor, Donna Martin, David Silver, Andrea Zuckerman. Steve Sanders and Dylan McKay.

PEACOCK, Captain Stephen
(Grace & Favour)
c/o Millstone Manor
Village of Great Tender
Rural England
Captain Peacock is a former employee of Grace Brothers Department Store in London. He retired to the country with a group of former employees when they inherited the Manor in lieu of a pension upon the death of "young" Mr. Grace.

(Tales of the Texas Rangers)
Texas Frontier (1800s-1900s)
Ranger Jace Pearson and his fellow Ranger Clay Morgan appeared in a variety of historical adventures that surveyed a 120-year period in the history of the famed Texas Rangers.

187 Via Alta Taso
Sante Fe, New Mexico 82505
Sally is the mysterious never-seen friend who responds to audio-tapes sent to her by Felicity Porter a 17-year-old pre-med student at New York University. Sally formed a special bond with Felicity when she tutored her high school French lessons.

PECK, Lt. Templeton "Faceman"
(The A-Team)
1347 Old Balboa Road
Southern California
Peck is a master con artist and former army officer falsely accused of robbing the Bank of Hanoi at the end of Vietnam War. He now hangs with The A-Team, a group of urban vigilantes.

PEEL, Emma
(The Avengers)
London, UK
Emma Peel [née Knight] is a widow. She is also a karate-kicking spy for the British Government. Her partner is the dashing Major John Steed. Mrs. Peel is athletically fit and extremely intelligent [she can recognize a celenium rectifier]. Mrs. Peel drives a powder blue Lotus Elan S2 [license: HNK-999C]. Emma dresses in tight but comfortably fitting outfits of black leather and other assorted colored jumpsuits which fostered lustful gazes and smiles. When in need of a firearm Emma chose the Italian Beretta 7.65 pistol.

PEEPERS, Robinson J.
(Mr. Peepers)
Jefferson City, USA
Robinson is a science teacher at Jefferson City Junior High School. He later marries Nancy Remington, the school nurse. He began each day with a ritual breakfast. As he put it "I have the same thing every morning: prune juice and two scrambled eggs. Sometimes on pay days I get a little wild and get a side order of sausages."

PEMBROKE, Stan & wife, Jill
(Charles in Charge)
10 Barrington Court
New Brunswick, NJ
Stan is a company vice-president. Jill "Jillybean" is a theater critic for the Register. Always on the move, they hire a young man named Charles as a male governess for their children Lila, Douglas, Jason, The Pembroke's later sublet their home to the Powell Family when they move to Seattle.

c/o Elaine Benes
New York City, NY
Elaine is a manuscript reader. Her coworkers call her "The Nip" because her breast once fell out of her blouse during a photo shoot. She temporarily got her friend George Costanza hired as a proofreader at Pendant. Elaine later took a job as copywriter at J. Peterman, a mail order catalog.

(Third Rock from the Sun)
Rutherford, OH
College staff include physics professor Dick Solomon (actually an alien from outer space) and professor Mary Albright. They share faculty office #109. Their secretary is Nina Campbell. The school’s campus newspaper is The Daily Badgerian. Pendelton's football team is called "The Badgers." Their mascot is Pendelton J. Badger. Their rivals are the "Mustangs" at Western University.

PENGUIN, THE  See - COBBLEPOT, Oswald Chesterfield

PENHALL, Det. Douglas "Doug"
(21 Jump Street)
8137 Juniper Avenue
Metropolis, The Evergreen State.
Doug works at Jump Street Chapel ,an undercover unit of police officers that infiltrate high schools. His fellow operatives are Tom Hanson, Judy Hoffs, and H.T. Ioki. His address is seen on his driver's license [#71-6583] in the show's opening credits.

c/o Wayne Manor
Gotham City, USA
Alfred Pennyworth is a British butler in the employ of Gotham City millionaire Bruce Wayne. Alfred was the only one who knew that his employer and his ward, Dick Grayson were in reality the crime fighting dynamic duo known as Batman and Robin. Alfred also learned the identity of the super heroine Batgirl and kept that little secret under raps as well.

PEPPER, Dr. Edward & Trudie
(Coming of Age)
Condo 7-C
Dunes Retirement Resort, AZ
Ed and his wife are next-door neighbors to retired airline pilot Dick Hale and his wife, Ginny.

PERIWINKLE, Professor J. J.
(The Adventures of Superman)
( Greenleaf-8975
64 Hope Street
Metropolis, USA
The Professor experiments with Kryptonite, the only substance that can destroy Superman.

(Opposite Sex)
Northern California
Jed is a new student at Evergreen Academy. He just moved from the East Coast to Northern California with his newly-widowed father Will Perry to discover his new school just went coed. Yikes! He is now one of only three male student enrolled in a population of 200 girls. Sounds enticing except for the fact that many of the girls resent the boys invading what was previously an all-girl environment.

(Stagecoach West)
American Frontier (Mid 1800s)
Luke is a stagecoach driver. He rode between Missouri and California in the days before the Iron Horse. Fellow drivers included Simon Kane and David Kane, Simon's tagalong young son.

(Married...With Children)
( 1-312-555-SCAM
( 1-800-LEGS UP
Kelly Bundy worked for this company as their mascot "The Verminator."

(On Our Own)
345 East 45th Street
New York City, NY
Julia is a copywriter at the Bedford Advertising Agency.

(Get A Life)
( 555-9034
1341 Meadow Brooke Lane
Greenville, MN
Chris is a paperboy. He is single, 30-years-old and has delivered papers for the Pioneer Press for twenty years. Chris still lives above the suburban garage of his parent's, Fred & Gladys. Sadly, their son is an idiot and has no ambition. On his 31st birthday, Chris moved into the garage of Gus Borden, a short-tempered, alcoholic, ex-cop who lived at 1804 York Lane.

(My Friend Irma)
Apartment 3B
c/o Mrs. O'Reilly's Boarding House
185 West 73rd Street
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Irma is a secretary. She shares her apartment with Jane Stacy (later Kay Foster).

PETERSON, Norman & wife, Vera
c/o Cheers Tavern
Boston, MA
Hilary "Norm" Peterson is a portly accountant who spends most of his waking hours sipping mugs of beer at Cheers Tavern. When he enters the bar everyone screams "Norrrm!" As he saddles up to his favorite stool, the bartender on duty greets him and Norm imparts some funny one liners. For Example: "What's new, Normie?" "Terrorists, Sam. They've taken over my stomach and they're demanding beer."

PETERSON, Robert & wife, Geri
(The Parent 'Hood)
721 West 72nd Street
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Robert is a black professor at New York University. Geri is a lawyer. They share their brownstone home with their cheerleader daughter, Zaria; Nicholas; and Ce Ce, their youngest. When the Peterson's were first married they lived at 103rd and Amsterdam Avenue.

PETRIE, Robert & wife, Laura
(The Dick Van Dyke Show)
( 636-9970
148 Bonnie Meadow Road
New Rochelle, NY
Rob is a comedy writer for "The Alan Brady Show." Laura is a former USO dancer. They have a young son named Ritchie. Note: Their address is also given as 448 and 485. This address was actually a variation on the address of the show's producer, Carl Reiner who once lived at 48 Bonnie Meadow Road when he worked as a comedy writer and performer in New York City.

PETRILLO, Sophia  See - ZBORNAK, Dorothy

PEZZINI, Sara Magdelene
New York City
Sarah is a NYPD police detective. She is single, brunette and the daughter of cop. Her father was killed in the line of duty by a trusted friend. One day while chasing a criminal through a museum, a display case shattered from a bullet shot and an ancient gauntlet leaped from the case and affixed itself to Sarah’s wrist. The Gauntlet was The Witchblade, a mystical, shape-shifting talisman of power that transforms into a formidable sword. It was meant to be worn by legendary female warriors like Joan de Arc. Now Sarah must learn to control the power of the Witchblade, which has a mind of its own. In its dormant state, the Witchblade appears as a small bracelet with large circular ruby jewel that Sara wears on her wrist.

46710 Hillcrest Drive
Los Angeles, CA
Maggie is secretary for MacBride-Ryan Detective Agency.

(I Led Three Lives)
c/o Esquire Cleaners
612 Whitney Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA
Herbert is an FBI undercover agent ferreting out members of the Communist Party who seek to destroy America.

(Philip Marlowe)
c/o Cahuenga Building
Sixth Floor
Hollywood, CA.
Marlowe's private residence is at the Hobart Arms.

PHILLIPS, Richard & wife, Linda
(Duet / Open House)
10 West Florist Street
Los Angeles, CA
Richard sells patio furniture. Linda is a real estate agent. They live with their four-year-old daughter Amanda who is cared for by Geneva, their housekeeper. In the spin-off series Open House, Linda (now divorced) retains the house while her ex-husband, Richard moves to an apartment at 549 Palisades Avenue.

(She Spies)
Los Angeles, CA
Shane is an ex-con turned spy [Police Record # E 804533]. She is single, 5' 8" and comes from a wealthy African-American family. Shane found success as a master thief and once crippled a man she claims was trying to assault her. Shane is now part of a trio of ex-cons who, through an experimental government program, have been released from jail to work as an undercover crime-fighting task force. Technically, they’re still felons [not even paroled] so the “Agency” won't allow them to carry firearms. Shane is proficient in Brazllian ju jitzu and makes a wonderful peach cobbler. She reports to a government agent named Jack Wild who created the program. See also - CUMMINGS, Dee Dee

(Murphy Brown)
c/o Phil the bartender, Proprietor
1195 15th Street [406 seen on door]
Washington, D.C.
The bar was established in 1919. Regulars to the bar include TV journalists Murphy Brown, Jim Dial, Frank Fontana, Corky Sherwood and their producer Miles Silverberg. Phil donated his restroom’s swinging doors to the Smithsonian because it had the signatures of the many US Presidents who visited his bar over the years. Note: In earlier episodes when patron's entered the bar, customers yelled to shut the door [too much light].



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