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PO, Master
(Kung Fu)
China (mid-late 1800s)
Master Po is a blind monk. He lived in a Shaolin monastery in the Hunan province. His favorite student is Kwai Chang Caine, a half-American/half-Chinese youth who was adopted by the monks. Po nicknamed Caine "Grasshopper." Sadly, Master Po was cruelly killed by the royal nephew while on a pilgrimage. In defense of his master, Caine killed the royal nephew and was forced to flee to America.

POIROT, Hercule
(Agatha Christie’s Poirot)
London, England
Hercule Poirot is a private investigator. He is Belgian, a bachelor, sports a little curly mustache and has a very large talent for solving crimes. His friends include Captain Hastings, Insp. James Japp, and Miss Felicity Lemon.

POMEROY, Max & son, Dennis
(The Magician)
36 Beverly Drive
San Francisco, CA
Max is a close friend of magician and illusionist, Anthony Blake. Max's son is a paraplegic.

PONCHERELLO, Officer Frank
( 7-MARY-3 [Radio code]
( LA-15-MARY-2 [Radio code]
( LA-15-MARY-6 [Radio code]
c/o California Highway Patrol
Los Angeles, CA
Ponch is a Highway Patrol motorcycle officer. He is single, athletic and always on the make for a good looking woman. John lives in Apartment #127 at 1170 Marina Place in Los Angeles, CA. His partner is Officer Jon Baker.

(Evening Shade)
Ponder Blue, Proprietor
Evening Shade, Arkansas
Ponder Blue’s is hangout for coach Wood Newton and his lawyer wife, Ava. The building used as the backdrop for Ponder Blue's is actually The Bank Of Fayetteville located on the square at 1 South Block in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

(Bonanza / Ponderosa)
c/o Ben Cartwright, Owner
Virginia City, NV
The Ponderosa Ranch is a 1,000 square mile timberland in the Comstock Lode located near Lake Tahoe on the outskirts of Virginia City. Ben's grown sons, Adam, Eric [a.k.a. "Hoss"] and Joseph Francis [a.k.a. "Little Joe"] supervise the ranch's cattle, logging and mining operations. Ranch hands earn "$30 a month, a bunk and beans." Hop Sing is the Cartwright's Chinese house cook.

PORTER, Felicity
c/o New York University
New York City
Felicity is a 17-year old pre-med student at New York University. She communicates her experiences at school via audio-tapes to her former high school French tutor Sally Pearson who now resides in Sante Fe Mexico. Felicity's new friends include Elena Tyler, Ben Covington (Felicity had a crush on Ben and followed him to New York), resident advisor Noel Crane and talented guitarist Julie Emrick.

PORTER, Pete & wife, Gladys
(Pete & Gladys)
( Granite 5-5055
36 Bleecker Street
Westwood, CA
Pete is a salesman for the Springer, Slocum and Klever Insurance Company. Pete & Gladys used to live next-door to Matt & Ruth Henshaw & widow Lily Ruskin who reside at 728 Elm Street on the sitcom series December Bride.

PORTER, Wallis "Wally"
(Love & War)
Apartment C
1016 East 74th Street
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Wally is a former chef and current owner of the Blue Shamrock bar. Her romantic interest is journalist Jack Stein.

POST, Wilbur & wife, Carol
(Mister Ed)
( State 1-1781
(Poplar 9-1769 [Barn office]
17230 Valley Spring Lane
Los Angeles, CA
Wilbur is an architect. His office area is set up in a barn at the back of his home. This, of course, is the home of a talking horse named Mister Ed. who chats with Wilbur while he works. The Post's address is also given as 17290 Valley Spring Lane, 17340 Valley Boulevard and 1720 Valley Road.

POTTER, Colonel Sherman T.
(M*A*S*H / afterMASH)
c/o The 4077th M*A*S*H Unit
Ouijongbou, Korea (in the 1950s)
Sherman is a Colonel in the US Army [Serial No. RA41021629]. He is stationed at 4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital as their commanding officer. Sherman became a surgeon in 1932 [inspired by his Uncle Roy, a veterinarian] and served in WWII. He has a wife named Mildred who calls him "Puddin‘ Head [her picture rests on his office desk]. At the end of the war Sherman donated his horse, Sophie to the children at a nearby orphanage. After the war, Sherman Potter returned home and took the position of chief of staff at General John J. Pershing Veteran Memorial Hospital in River Bend, Missouri.

POTTER, Thomas "Tom"
(The Tom Ewell Show)
611 Elm Street
Las Palmas, CA
Tom is a real estate agent. He lives with his wife, Frances, their children [Carol, Debbie, and Cissy] and Fran's mother, Irene.

POWELL, Walter
(Charles in Charge)
10 Barrington Court
New Brunswick, NJ
Walter is retired Navy man. He lives with his daughter-in-law Ellen [whose Navy husband is stationed in the South Seas] and his three grandchildren, Jamie, Sarah and Adam. The Powell's purchased their home from the Pembrokes, who moved to Seattle. In both households, a young man named Charles acted as a male governess for their children.

POWERS, Diana  See - NEURO-BRAIN (the computer)

POWERS, Samuel "Screech"
(Saved by the Bell)
88 Edgemont Road
Palisades, CA
Screech is a nerdy teenager. Born 2/9/75, he attends Bayside High School, scored 1200 on the SAT, sports a halo of wiry hair and is socially inept. When Screech graduated in 1993, he transferred to California University and shared dorm room 218B with fellow Sigma Alpha Fraternity pledges, Zack Morris, and A.C. Slater. Screech’s employment history included a stint as a waiter at the Malibu Sands Beach Club; an assistant to Bayside’s Principal Belding when he returned from college; manager at Palisade Hills Country Club; manager at Yukon Yogurt Store; assistant at Sweet Tooth Candy Store; an assistant at Gimmicks and Gadgets, an electronics store; and a mall security guard. Note: The Screech character first appeared as an eighth-grade student at J.F.K. Junior High School in Indiana on the Disney Channel series Good Morning, Miss Bliss which eventually became Saved by the Bell.

POWERS, Senator William "Bill"
(The Powers That Be)
2292 Applewood Drive
Washington, D.C.
The senator lives with his wife, Margaret; their married daughters Caitlin & Sophie Lipkin (Bill's illegitimate offspring); and his dog Little Dickens.

POPOWSKI, Lorraine
(Stand By Your Man)
Camelot Court Trailer Park
Near Paramus, NJ
Lorraine is a stock clerk at Bargain Circus. Her husband, Artie resides at New Jersey State Penitentiary (# 01832) with Roger Dunphy (#42997) the husband of Lorraine's sister, Rochelle.

PRATT, Ernest
(The Legend)
Old West (late 1800s)
Ernest is an alcoholic gambler and dime novelist. When he was mistaken for one of his own pulp fiction heroes, Nicodemus Legend [Pratt's publisher made him act the part to promote his books], Ernest's trouble just began. Pratt's friend's included Janos Bartok, a genius inventor whose gadgets got Pratt out a dangerous jams when he reluctantly aided the downtrodden in the guise of Legend. Pratt's assistants were Ramos, Bartok's intelligent assistant, and Skeeter, a dimwitted helper.

PRATT, Dr. Gregory
Apartment #242
Chicago, IL
Gregory is a medical intern. He is African-American, single, cocky and works at the Emergency Room at Cook County Hospital in Chicago, Illinois. Pratt’s tendency to act first and then ask for permission later gets him into trouble in the ER - like performing unauthorized procedures on patients when he thinks he is right to do so. He once brought a man pronounced dead back to life, only to learn the man is brain dead. Gregory is attracted to fellow intern Dr. Jing-Mei “Deb” Chen and hits on her throughout his day in the ER.

PRESTON, Dick & wife, Jenny
(The New Dick Van Dyke Show)
747 Bonnie Vista Road
Tarzana, CA.
Dick is a soap opera doctor on "Those Who Cares." During the first two seasons, the Preston's lived in Phoenix, AZ. when Dick worked as talk show host on KXIV-TV].

PRESTON, William "Bill"
(Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures)
( 555-1306
San Dimas, CA
Bill is a musician with "The Wyld Stallyns." His partner in crime is Ted Logan. Together they crank out rock and roll tunes and, on occasion, they travel through time in a Circuits of Time Phone Booth. Just dial #7560. Their mentor from the future is named Rufus.

PRESTON, Sgt. William
(Sergeant Preston of the Yukon)
Canadian Wilderness
William is a Canadian Mountie, who maintained law and order amidst the rugged Northwest Territories. His sidekicks included his horse, Rex and his malamute dog, Yukon King. Preston's catchphrase "On King, on you huskies" could be heard as he prompted Yukon King and his sled dogs forward through the frozen wilderness. Note: The series character was created by George W. Trendle. and Fran Striker and first aired on radio from 1947-55.

PRIDE, Benjamin
(The Road West)
Laurence, KS (late 1860s)
Benjamin is a the patriarch of the Pride family. He moved from Springfield, Ohio to a new homestead in Lawrence County, Kansas in the days following the Civil War. His family members included eldest son, Timothy; daughter, Midge; son, Kip; Benjamin's new wife, Elizabeth Reynolds; her brother, Chance Reynolds; and Grandpa Pride.

(Wonder Woman)
( Capitol 7-362
2890 West 20th Street
Washington, D.C.
Diana is a naval Yeoman. Her alter ego is Wonder Woman, an immortal super heroine from Paradise Island. Wonder Woman possessed the beauty of Aphrodite, the wisdom of Athena, the strength of Hercules and the speed of Mercury. Her arsenal of weapons included bracelets made of Feminum which maintained her strength and deflected bullets; a lariat which forced people to tell the truth when wrapped around them; and a mind-altering drug derived from the Hybernia Tree found only on Paradise Island that induced forgetfulness. Later, Diane's character was set in the 1970s. She worked for the Inter-Agency Defense Command (IDAC) battling Modern-Day terrorists. Major Steve Trevor, Jr., the spitting image of his father whom Wonder Woman was so attached to 30 years before, was her cohort. Note: On the series, the reference to Diana Prince's nickname of Wonder Woman originated when her mother Queen Hippolyta said goodbye as she left Paradise Island. "Go in peace, my daughter. And remember, in a world of ordinary mortals, you are a Wonder Woman."

PRITCHETT, Wyleen & Boyd
(Boston Common)
Apartment E
509 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA
Wyleen & Boyd are from Virginia. Wyleen came to Boston to attend Randolph Harrington College. Her brother, Boyd decided to stay in Boston working as a Physical Plant Assistant at the school's Student Union. Leonard Prince is their neighbor across the hall. Boyd is in love with student Joy Byrnes.


(Babylon 5)
Planet Earth
The Psi Corps is a futuristic police force created in 2161. Its mission was to train persons with latent telepathic powers and use them to read the minds of those who were a threat to the stability of Earth or to act as go betweens in business negotiations to discern nefarious schemes.



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