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(Danger Theatre: The Searcher)
( 1-800-SRCH-ME
The Searcher is a motorcycle-riding troubleshooter. His phone number is displayed on the TV screen at the end of each episode.

SEAVER, Jason Roland & wife, Maggie
(Growing Pains)
15 Robin Hood Lane
Huntington, Long Island, NY
Jason is a psychiatrist. He worked for Long Island General Hospital before moving his practice to his home. Maggie [nèe Malone] is a journalist recently returned to work. She had jobs for Newsweek magazine, the Long Island Daily Herald, Channel 19 Action News and as "Maggie Malone, Consumer Watchdog" for The Sentinel. Jason and Maggie share their suburban home with their children: 15-year-old Mike, 14-year-old Carol, 9-year-old Ben and later daughter, Chrissy [she grew up from a baby to a 6-year-old in one season]. When Maggie got offered a job in Washington DC as media relations director for a senator, the family moved to the Capital. Mike remained behind living above the garage at the Seaver’s home while Carol was at college. On Maggie’s 30th wedding anniversary she decided to run for Congress.

(Babylon 5)
14B Harridsford Lane
London, England (East End section)
On 11/11/1888 Sebastian was abducted from Earth by a race called the Vorlons who retrained him as an inquisitor. In reality, Sebastian is the infamous Jack the Ripper.

SEBASTIAN JACKAL (the Hologram)  See - LLOYD, Gus

(La Femme Nikita)
c/o Operations
Somewhere in the World
Section One is "the most covert anti-terrorist group on the planet...Their ends are just but their means are ruthless." It is managed by a man referred to as Operations a.k.a. Paul L. Wolfe. He is an ultimate intelligence bureaucrat. He assigns mission against terrorist activities around the globe and approves the termination of agents who do not measure up to his standards.

(Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)
Somewhere in the Alpha Quadrant
Section 31 is a covert intelligence force working behind the scenes for the members of the alliance of planets known as the Federation. The mysterious Mr. Sloan is one of their top operatives. In an effort to battle the Federation's newest nemesis, the Dominion [a race of shape shifters], Sloan recruited the talents of DS9's Dr. Julian Bashir. Sloan seduced Bashir into the fold because he knew he "loves secrets and Sloan is a man of secrets."

SEINFELD, Jerome "Jerry"
( KL5-8333
( KL5-2392
( 555-8383 [car phone]
Apartment 5A
129 West 81st Street
New York, NY (Manhattan)
Jerry is a stand up comedian. He is single, likes Superman [his ATM code is "Jor-El" for Superman’s father], has a lucky T-shirt called "Golden Boy" [replaced by "Baby Blue"] and is extremely neurotic when it came to germs and cleanliness. When not doing his standup act Jerry hangs around with friends George Costanza [a loser], Elaine Benes [his ex-girlfriend] and Cosmo Kramer [his mooching "hipster dufus" neighbor across the hall in apartment 5B.] They meet and eat at Monk’s Restaurant, a local eatery. Jerry's nemesis is a postal carrier named Newman who lives in apartment 5-E. Note: The real Jerry Seinfeld used to live at the given address in the 1970s but there is no apartment 5A. His TV Street is actually a replica of a Manhattan block. Jerry's coffee shop hangout shown on the series [Monk's] is actually Tom's Restaurant located at 112th Street and Broadway in Upper Manhattan.

(Hull High)
( 555-3165
27461 Havenhurst Drive
D.J. is a beautiful red-haired teenager attending Cordell Hull High School. Her last name is also given as Cameron.

(Star Trek: Voyager)
c/o The Starship Voyager
Somewhere in the Delta Quadrant
Seven of Nine is a human female who was abducted and assimilated by the Borg as a child. Her human name is Anika Hanson. After removing most of her Borg implants, Seven of Nine began her gradual readjustment into the human culture as a crew member aboard the starship Voyager.

SEVILLE, David "Dave"
(The Alvin Show)
Dave is the manager of a group of singing chipmunks who lived in the Dave’s home. The Chipmunks included Alvin, the bratty one; Theodore, the plump, giggling one; and Simon, the brainy bookworm.

c/o Commander Edward Straker
London, England (beneath a film studio)
Straker supervises Supreme Headquarters, Alien Defence Organisation, a secret multi-nation project designed to defend the Earth from invading aliens from outer space.

(The X-Files)
West 46th Street
New York, NY
The Shadowy Syndicate is a sinister conspiratorial cabal of anonymous businessmen "representing secret global interests." The Shadowy Syndicate (a bunch of old white guys) ran their dirty deeds workshop from the comfort of their headquarters on West 46th Street in New York City. It member included The First Elder, The Second Elder, The Third Elder, a portly fellow called The Fat Man, and a distinguished-looking older man referred to as the Well-Manicured Man. He once informed FBI Agent Dr. Dana Scully on their mission: "We predict the future, and the best way to predict the future is to invent it"

(Petticoat Junction)
c/o Kate Bradley, Owner
Hooterville, USA
Kate is a widow who runs the rural Shady Rest Hotel with the help of and her work-shy uncle Joe Carson ["whose movin' kind of slow"] and her three beautiful fully grown daughters, Billy Jo, Bobby Jo and Betty Jo. According to Uncle Joe [Hooterville’s fire chief], the hotel is haunted by the ghost of Chester W. Farnsworth, a former hotel guest. Note: The Shady Rest Hotel’s location is also known as "Petticoat Junction" because during the summer time, Kate’s daughters would drape their petticoats over the water town used for refueling the local train [The Cannonball] while they went swimming inside the roofless elevated structure.

Wyoming Territory (late 1800s)
Shane (just "Shane") is a wandering gunfighter. He championed the cause of widow Marian Starett and her eight-year-old son Joey who were being pressured by land hungry cattle rancher Rufe Ryker to leave their homestead. Shane's acquaintances included Tom Starett, Marion's father-in-law and Sam Grafton, the local barkeeper. Note: The "Shane" character is based on the 1953 film Shane.

(Wagon Train)
American Frontier (late 1800s)
Duke is a frontier scout. He prepares the way ahead for pioneer families traveling west by wagon train from St. Joseph, Missouri to California in the post Civil War days. He reported to wagon master Christopher Hale.

SHANNON, John Francis "Jack"
(Shannon's Deal)
Apartment 4B
East 18th Street
Philadelphia, PA
Shannon is a lawyer. His works in Room 406 [later 805] at 14 East Ashton Street. His secretary is Lucy Acosta. Jack has a gambling problem which cost him his marriage and his previous career. He is starting over and hoping to leave his gambling past behind.

SHANNON, Nostradamus "Bull"
(Night Court)
New York City, NY
Bull is a bailiff for the New York night court. He is the author of Puff the Flesh Eating Dragon that he submitted to a children's book writing contest. He received this nickname "Bull" from his mother who reportedly said "Bull" when she found out she was pregnant.

SHARPLES, Melvin "Mel" Emory
634 Plainview Drive
Phoenix. AZ
Mel is a short-order cook. His is single, ex-navy and owns Mel's Diner on Bush Highway. Mel's favorite catchphrase is "Dingy" (what he calls waitress Vera Louise Gorman).

SHAYNE, Michael "Mike"
(Michael Shayne)
( 236-6236
c/o Michael Shayne,
Private Investigator
Office #322
483 Adams Street
Miami, FL
Shayne’s faithful secretary is Lucy Hamilton.

(Sheena, Queen of the Jungle)
Kenya, Africa
Sheena is an airplane crash survivor who grew up in the jungles of Africa. Raised by a native black tribe, Sheena, a white Amazon with blond hair bounded about the jungle wearing a skimpy leopard skin costume and carrying a spear. Her friends included a chimpanzee sidekick called Chim and a local trader named Bob whom Sheena constantly rescued from danger.

(The Nanny)
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Maxwell Sheffield is a wealthy British widower [deceased wife, Sarah] and successful Broadway producer living in Manhattan. His business partner is C.C. Babcock [who has a crush on Maxwell]. Maxwell’s household is cared for by Niles, his sarcastic, eaves dropping British butler. Sheffield also hired a former cosmetics saleswoman from Queens named Nanny Fine [whom he later married despite objections from Ms. Babcock] to care for his children: Maggie, a shy, insecure teenager; Gracie, his serious, analytical younger daughter; and Brighton, his mischievous only son.

(My Secret Identity)
47 Meadow Drive
Briarwood, Canada
Ruth is the nosy neighbor of the Andrew Clemons, a fledgling superhero known as Ultraman.

(A Man Called Shenandoah)
American Frontier (Late 1880s)
Shenandoah is a survivor of a shooting found near-dead on the prairie. Awakening from the ordeal, he realized he had amnesia. Calling himself Shenandoah, he spent the rest of his time searching for his identity. Note: A similar western called Lazarus Man followed a man who was buried then resurrected by digging his way out of the ground. He wandered the western frontier trying to piece together his past, a past possibly linked to the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

11291 Moss Canyon
Los Angeles, CA
Cybill is a middle-aged actress. Born in Memphis, Tennessee, she's now finding it hard to find acting parts. Her best friend is Theresa Maryann Thorpe, an angry martini-drinking, alimony-grubbing divorcée. Cybill's family included her two ex-husbands, Jeff Robbins [a stuntman], Ira Woodbine [a lawyer turned novelist of Lowensteins's Lament] and her children from those encounters, daughters Zoe, a 16-year-old [she's Ira's offspring] and married daughter Rachel Taylor [Jeff is her dad]. Note: Earlier in her career Cybill had done an all-nude version of the play "Death of a Salesman." Cybill once said about her acting roles "The actual stars of the shows are my breasts, which receive more air time than the rest of me." Ex-husband Jeff nicknamed her breasts "The Pointer Sisters."

(T.J. Hooker)
c/o L.C.P.D.
Southern California
Tracy is a sexy, blond, blue-eyed cop. Her father is Captain Sheridan and her God-father is veteran policeman and Head Academy Instructor T. J. Hooker. Tracey eventually earned a street assignment and teamed with Officer Jim Corrigan. Their patrol unit is 4-Adam-15 [or-4 Adam-16].

(Tallahassee 7000)
( Tallahassee-7000
c/o Det. Lex Rogers
Miami Beach, FL

(The Critic)
Apartment #1202
New York City, NY
Jay is a movie critic. He is 36-years-old, divorced, overweight and the host of Coming Attractions on Channel 67. His physical features combined the portly sweater wearing attributes of movie reviewer Roger Ebert with the balding persona of Ebert’s colleague Gene Siskel.

SHERMAN, Slim & brother, Andy
Laramie, WY (1870s)
Slim and Andy Sherman inherited their father's Wyoming cattle ranch after he'd been killed by land-grabbers in the 1870s. Jess Harper, a drifter threw in with the brothers to make the ranch a success.

(Murphy Brown)
( 555-7261
Washington, D.C.
Corky is a CBS-TV investigative news journalist for "F.Y.I." [For Your Information]. She lives alone with her cat Mr. Puffy. She later marries a writer named Will Forrest and then marries TV producer Miles Silverberg. As a hobby, Corky collects First Lady Dolls.

(The Virginian / The Men from Shiloh)
c/o Judge Henry Garth
Medicine Bow, Wyoming (1890s)
Judge Henry Garth owned The Shiloh Ranch. He hired a mysterious drifter known only as The Virginian to supervise his sprawling spread. Other hired hands included Trampas, an amiable assistant foreman [he's a bit wild at times]; and ranch hands Steve, Belden, Starr, David Sutton, Jim Horn and Roy Tate. The Judge's family members included Randy Garth, his son, Betsy Garth, his daughter; and Jennifer, Judge Garth's niece. Judge later sold the Shiloh Ranch to John Grainger. His family included Stacy Grainger, his grandson; Elizabeth, his granddaughter; and Clay Grainger, John's brother, who then bought the ranch from Clay. The fourth and final owner of the Shiloh was Colonel Alan MacKenzie, an Englishman who purchased the ranch from John Grainger.

(Designing Women)
( 404-555-8600 [& 6787]
c/o Sugarbaker’s Design Firm
1521 Sycamore Street
Atlanta, GA
Mary Jo [née Jackson] is a decorator/buyer. She is recently divorced, a Baptist, attended Franklin Elementary School and co-wrote a children‘s book entitled Billy Bunny with her co-worker Charlene Frazier-Stillfield. Her family included her ex-husband Ted Shively, a gynecologist; their two children, teenager Claudia Maria and young son, Quinton. The family dog is named Brownie.

SHORR, Sidney
(Love, Sidney)
Apartment 405
136 East 46th Street
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Sidney is a gay commercial artist. He shares his apartment with single mother, Laurie Morgan and her daughter, Patti.

(Laverne & Shirley)
Milwaukee, WI
Factory employees include Laverne DeFazio and Shirley Feeney who work in the Bottle-cap Division and company truck drivers Lenny Kosnowski and coworker Andrew "Squiggy" Squiggman.

SHUMWAY, George & Martha
(Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman)
( 555-7335
4309 Bratner Avenue
Woodland Hills, Fernwood, Ohio.
George works at the Fernwood Auto Plant with son-in-law, Tom Hartman. The Shumways share their home with daughter, Cathy & Grandpa Raymond [a.k.a. "The Fernwood Flasher"].



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