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SOLO, Napoleon
(The Man from U.N.C.L.E.)
c/o United Network Command for Law and Enforcement
East 46th Street
[between 2nd & 3rd Avenues.]
New York City, NY
Napoleon is a spy for the United Network for Law and Enforcement [a.k.a. UNCLE]. He is a suave ladies man. His nickname is "Nappy." Solo’s partner is Illya Kuryakin. They enter UNCLE headquarters through a secret entrance in Del Floria's Tailor Shop. They both carried a Walther P-38, U.N.C.L.E.‘s standard issue handgun. fter Napoleon left U.N.C.L.E. he became a computer industry executive [as revealed on the 1983 TV movie reunion The Return of the Man from U.N.C.L.E.: The Fifteen Years Later Affair.

SOLOMON, Dick & Family
(Third Rock from the Sun)
c/o Mrs. Dubcek's
417 Pensdale Drive
Rutherford, Ohio
Dick Solomon is an alien [a High Commander] from outer space. He and a group of three alien comrades have taken human form to observe our planet. Dick works incognito as a quantum astro physics professor at Pendelton University [Classroom #239/Faculty Office #109 in Hunt Hall] in the town of Rutherford, Ohio located about 52 miles from Cleveland. His alien colleagues included Sally, a towering butch Amazonian blond [Sally‘s a male on her planet]; Harry, a blithely bizarre squinty-eyed geek; and Tommy Solomon, an alien information officer and the eldest of the aliens who masqueraded as the horny teenage son of team leader. The Solomon's reported all of their findings back to their home world [via Harry] to an alien superior known as "The Big Giant Head."

(The Bionic Woman)
( 311-555-2368 [or 7306]
Ojai, CA [or Ventura Air Force Base]
Jaime is an ex-tennis pro turned spy for the OSI agency. Her body has been enhanced with atomic-powered bionic parts [both legs, right ear, right arm]. Between assignments, Jaime is a schoolteacher.

(The Guns of Will Sonnett)
Wyoming Territory (1880s)
Will Sonnett is a tough ex-cavalry scout wandering the Wyoming Territory of the 1880s with his grandson Jeff Sonnett in search of the boy's father (now an outlaw) who had left his son at birth some 20 years earlier. Will Sonnett's abilities (including sharpshooting) were summed up simply "No brag, just fact."

New York City, NY
The Soup Nazi is the nickname of a tyrannical soup store operator. Comedian Jerry Seinfeld, and friends George Costanza, Cosmo Kramer and Elaine Benes all frequented the Soup Nazi’s store, despite his sour demeanor. Why? Because the Soup Nazi made some of the best soup in New York City and avid fans lined around the block to wait for his savory concoctions. When ordering soups the customer had to follow these strict procedures: 1) When you walk in move immediately to the right; 2) Order your soup with no enthusiasm at all; 3) Put your money on the counter and move to the left; and 4) Take your soup and do not give any comments. Tip! Never push your luck and ask for bread. Note: The real Soup Nazi (Ali "Al" Yeganeh) worked at the Soup Kitchen International at 8th Avenue and 55th Street (259A West 55th Street) in New York City.

(Homeboys in Space)
c/o Ty & Mo
Somewhere in Space
The Space Hoopty is a beat-up spaceship that resembled a dilapidated car. Its crew members included Tyberius "Ty" Walker and Morris "Mo" Clay, two freelance mercenaries who traveled the space corridors of the 23rd century looking for fame, fortune and work. The Space Hoopty’s impudent onboard computer Loquatia offers the crew advice [whether wanted or not]. The Space Hoopty is based at the Jupiter Too bar.

SPACELY, Cosmo G. & Stella
(The Jetsons)
175 Snerdville Drive
Orbit City [In the 21st Century]
Cosmo is the owner of Spacely Space Sprockets that produces three million sprockets a day. Their competitor is Cogswell Cogs.

SPANGLER, Commandant Edwin
(Malcolm in the Middle)
c/o Marlin Military Academy
Edwin is a private military school officer. He is missing his right hand, has a patch over his left eye and a bum leg. He drives a 1937 Stutz Bearcat and uses a stick called "Old Hickory" to discipline unruly cadets. A cadet named Francis is one of Spangler‘s worst disciplinary problems. In general, his cadets fear him.

(Joe & Mabel)
764 Chauncey Street
New York City, NY (Brooklyn)
Joe is a cab driver. His love interest is Mabel Spooner.

(Sabrina, the Teenage Witch)
133 Collins Road
Westbridge, MA
Sabrina is a novice witch. She lives with her witch aunts Hilda and Zelda and Salem, a talking black cat [a warlock named Salem Saberhagen who was changed into a cat for 100 years by the Witches Council]. Sabrina’s mother was human archeologist. Her father, Edward is a warlock. When Sabrina was born the Witches Council assigned Hilda and Zelda to teach Sabrina witchcraft once she turned 16 years of age. Upon receiving her first power [levitation] Sabrina learns more about witchcraft aided by a black cauldron [her aunts gift] and The Discovery of Magic spell book [a gift from her father]. On her 17th birthday Sabrina became a licensed witch.

(77 Sunset Strip)
Apartment #517
Hollywood, CA
Jeff is a partner in the firm of Bailey & Spencer Private Investigations located at 77 Sunset Strip.

(The X-Files)
c/o his studio apartment
900 W. Georgia St.
Washington, DC
Spender, alias "The Cigarette Smoking Man" is a mysterious government agent who works for the Shadowy Syndicate that supervises a covert operation involving aliens from outer space. He smokes cigarettes [Morley Brand] because as he said "You would too, if you had seen what I have seen." FBI agent Fox "Spooky" Mulder once called Spender a "black-lunged son of a bitch." In his spare time Spender penned the Jack Colquitt novels, [Tom Clancy-esque spy stories] written under the pseudonym Raul Bloodworth. On the February 14, 1999 episode Spender killed his own son [an FBI agent] after he had betrayed CSM's plans to a group of faceless rebel aliens. NOTE: Spender later lived at 555 Brooksbank Avenue, Apartment 24, Washington DC 20091.

(Spenser: For Hire)
Converted Firehouse
Boston, MA (Beacon Hill)
Spenser is an ex-boxer, ex-cop who turned private eye. A mysterious street vigilante named Hawk is Spenser's close friend. When Spenser saves the life of a firefighter in the series pilot, the City of Boston rewards him the use of an old firehouse in appreciation (his South End apartment had burned down). Note: The Spenser residence seen on the show is actually located at Mount Vernon Avenue near Charles Street in Beacon Hill. Later in the series, the City of Boston needed the firehouse back and so Spenser relocated to a new apartment building (which is actually an historic structure located at Monument and Main Streets in Charlestown). In the detective novels written by Robert B. Parker, Spenser lives on the first block of Marlborough Street near the Public Garden. His office is located above a bank at the corner of Boylston and Berkeley Streets.

(Fast Times)
Ridgemont, CA
Jeff is a student at Ridgemont High School. His drugged-out, "Surfer Dude" manner perturbs his teachers, especially stern history teacher, Mr. Arnold Hand. Jeff's partner in crime is his hustler friend, Mike Damone.

(Caroline in the City)
Apartment 2B
432 E. 78th Street
New York City, New York
Annie is a Broadway dancer. She was born in Passaic, New Jersey and attended Paramus High School. Annie’s best friends is cartoonist Caroline Duffy who lives across the hall in 2A. Annie’s nemesis is Caroline’s droll colorist Richard Karinsky; and Annie’s overly concerned Italian mother who is always nagging her to get married.

(Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Sunnydale, CA
Spike, a.k.a. William the Bloody is a sadistic British vampire with bleach blonde hair, and a scar on his eyebrow. Spike has ravaged mankind and killed two Slayers sent to kill him. The first one in China during the Boxer Rebellion in 1900 and the second Slayer [a black female] in 1977 New York City on the subway. His most current target is a Slayer named Buffy Anne Summers but so far he hasn't had any luck killing her; she however has knocked the crap out of him. Spike now has a crush on Buffy and when he couldn’t get her to love him he forced a robotics designer to build a replica of Buffy to fill the void in his love life.

(Land of the Giants)
The Spindrift is a sub-orbital craft (Flight No. 612) transporting passengers from the United States to London during the year 1983 when a ripple in space and time transported the crew and ship into another dimension filled with humanoid giants 12 times their size. The seven earthlings on board struggled to find away out of this LAND OF THE GIANTS. The ship’s crew included Captain Steve Burton, co-pilot Dan Erikson, and stewardess Betty Hamilton.

SPINNER, F. X.  See - STONE, Det. Zachary

SPLINTER (the rat)
(The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
c/o The City Sewers
New York City, NY
Splinter is a master of the martial arts. He used to be a Japanese Ninja master named Hamato Yoshi "the greatest shadow warrior" but was betrayed by an evil disciple, Oroku Saki who took over his fighting clan (The Foot) and turned them towards evil ways. Hamato Yoshi then escaped to New York City and took shelter in the sewer system where Hamato Yoshi found some discarded turtles and adopted them as pets. He named the turtles for his favorite Italian Renaissance artisans [Michelangelo, Raphael, Donatello and Leonaro]. All went well until Oroku Saki [now called Shredder] discovered Hamato and poured a green ooze over him and the four turtles. This toxic waste instead mutated Hamato into a huge hairy rat and the turtles into humanoid-sized turtles. See also - TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES

(Star Trek)
c/o The USS Enterprise
Somewhere in the Alpha Quadrant
Spock is the First and Chief Science Officer [Serial No. S179-276SP] aboard the 23rd century starship, USS Enterprise. Born on the planet Vulcan in the city of ShiKahr, Spock was assigned to the USS Enterprise, part of a fleet of interplanetary star-cruisers belonging to the United Federation of Planets. His first tour of duty lasted thirteen years under the command of Captain Christopher Pike who was later replaced by Captain James Tiberius Kirk. Despite the fact that Vulcans were trained to express no emotion, Spock became Kirk's close friend, noting concern for his safety on a number of occasions. Spock was the product of a human mother, Amanda Grayson and a Vulcan father, Sarek. This co-mingling of racial bloods often confused Spock in his pursuit of logic, a prize the Vulcans admired above all things in the their search for peace and fulfillment. Spock's often observed that the human species was "highly illogical."

(The King of Queens)
New York City, NY (Queens)
Arthur is eccentric, loud, retired, and widowed. After his wife died, he accidentally burned down his own home and had to move in with Carrie Hefferman, his married daughter. Now Arthur lives in the basement that was supposed to house Carrie’s husband, Doug’s new 70-inch big screen TV set [it got moved to the garage].

(Joe & Mabel)
Apartment 3H
2314 Bushwick Avenue
New York City, NY (Brooklyn)
Mabel is a manicurist. She lives with her mother Adele & her brother, Sherman. Her love interest is Joe Sparton.

SPRINGER, Corporal
(The Army Game)
Hut 29
Surplus Ordnance Depot
Nether Wallop, Warwickshire, UK
Springer is a National Service conscript and schemer from the East End of London. His army colleagues include Privates "Bootsie" Bisley, "Cupcake" Cook, "Professor" Hatchett, "Popey" Popplewell, Leonard Bone, Dooley, Baker, "Chubby" Catchpole, and Corporal "Flogger" Hoskins, and Lance Corporal "Moosh" Merryweather. They all reported to Sgt. Major Percy Bullimore [replaced by Sgt. Major Snudge], Major Upshot-Bagley, Major Geoffrey Ducksworth, Captain Pilsworthy and Captain Pocket.

Berkeley, CA
Mary is a dental hygienist, She is separated from her husband, Roger and attends night school at Berkeley Community College. To pay the mortgage and help feed her children [Laura, David and Annie] Mary made a deal with her college teacher Billy Macgregor. She would marry him so that he would not be sent back to Scotland [he forgot to renew his visa] and Billy would live platonically in her basement apartment and pay rent that she could apply to her large mortgage.

(The Simpsons)
( Klondike 5-6832
c/o Homer Simpson,
Safety Inspector
Sector 7-G
Springfield, USA
The plant is owned by Mr. C. Montgomery Burns, a wealthy industrialist. His phone extension is #5246.

(Laverne & Shirley)
Apartment # 306
Milwaukee, WI
Andrew, a.k.a. "Squiggy" works as a truck driver at Shotz Brewery. He shares his apartment with his moth collection and his friend and fellow truck driver, Lenny Kosnowski. Lenny & Squiggy later move to Los Angeles where they work as ice cream vendors and talent agents.

(Rocky & His Friends)
Frostbite Falls, MN
[Koochiching County]
Rocket "Rocky" is a brainy, gray flying squirrel. He wears blue aviator’s cap and goggles and sports two large buck-teeth. Rocky's classic catchphrase is "Hokey Smokes!" His best friend is the dimwitted Bullwinkle J. Moose [who gets Rocky flying by tossing him into the air]. Together they battle the evil plans of Pottsylvanian spies Boris Badenov and Natasha Fatale. Rocky received his flight training at Cedar Yorpantz Flying School. His other acquaintances were Chauncey and Edgar [two gossipy townsfolk], Captain Peter "Wrongway" Peachfuzz, and space aliens Gidney and Cloyd.

(Johnny Staccato)
860 West 40th Street
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Johnny is a musician. He plays piano at Waldo's, a jazz club in Greenwich Village. To make a few extra bucks, Johnny hires out as a private eye.

(Hogan's Heroes)
c/o Colonel Wilhelm Klink, Commandant
Dusseldorf, Germany (1940s)
Klink runs the WWII German POW camp with the help of his beautiful secretaries Helga and Hilda and Sgt. Hans ["I see nothing, I know nothing"] Schultz. Camp prisoner's include Americans Colonel Robert Hogan, Corporal James Kinchloe; Sergeant Andrew Carter; Corporal Richard Baker; British Corporal Peter Newkirk, and Frenchman Corporal Louis LeBeau.

(The Magnificent Seven)
Town of Four Corners
American Frontier (late 1800s)
Ezra is a gunfighter. Don't let his "southern gentlemen " demeanor fool you. If he has the chance to take advantage of the situation, financially or otherwise, he'll do it. He once said "I abhor gambling, and, as such, leave nothing to chance." Ezra carries a small derringer for protection.

(Stark Raving Mad)
New York City, NY
Stark is a best-selling but off-centered novelist. He works with his writing assistant, Jake Donavan and book editor Henry McNeely.


STARR, Matthew
(The Powers of Matthew Starr)
Planet Quadris
Matthew Starr is the deposed prince from the planet Quadris exiled to Earth until the day he could regain control of his world overthrown by extraterrestrial tyrants. Disguised as a teenage student from Crestridge High School, Matthew Starr developed an arsenal of strange powers which included telepathy, telekinesis, transmutation and astral projection. With his guardian, Walt Shepherd, Matthew struggled with the responsibilities of growing up and with the occasional threats from outer space assassins.

STARRETT, Dick & wife Jane
(Dick & The Duchess)
London, England
Jane Starrett is an English duchess living in London with her American husband Dick, an insurance investigator for a multinational company. Inspector Stark is their friend from Scotland Yard.

STARSKY, Det. Dave
(Starsky and Hutch)
( Zebra-3 [Radio Code]
( Puce Goose [CB Handle]
2000 Ridgeway Avenue
Los Angeles, CA
Dave is a cop. His partner is Ken "Hutch" Hutchinson. These two off-beat maverick undercover cops reported to a dyspeptic commanding officer named Captain Harold Dobey. The boy’s flamboyant street snitch Huggie Bear tuned them into what was going in the street. To get around town, Starsky and Hutch drove a souped-up tomato red, 1975 Gran Torino automobile with a wide white stripe.

(Partners in Crime)
654 Veronna Drive
San Francisco, CA
Carole inherited a mansion and the detective agency of her late husband.

STEADMAN, Michael & wife, Hope
1710 Bryn Mahr Avenue
Philadelphia, PA.
Michael is a ad agency executive. Hope is a writer. They live with their newborn child, Janey and Grendel the dog. Note: The exterior and interior shots seen on the series were based on a 1902 Craftsman Bungalow-style house owned by Dennis & Donna Potts located at 1710 Bushnell Avenue in South Pasadena, California. Much of the house's interior including the fireplace, dark wood paneling and Mission oak decor was reproduced on a studio set. The TV script mentioned the Steadman house was probably built in 1911.

STEED, Major John Wickham Gascoyne Berresford
(The Avengers / The New Avengers)
Number Five Westminster Mews
London, England.
Steed is a very proper British spy. His partners over time were David Keel [a doctor], Mrs. Cathy Gale [a widowed leather-clad anthropologist], Mrs. Emma Peel [a talented amateur and widow], Tara King [a spy in training and Emma‘s replacement], and finally Purdey and Mike Gambit. The suave Steed wore an expertly tailored Edwardian three-piece wardrobe. His dapper steel-rimmed bowler often came in handy for deflecting bullets and conking evil-doers over the noggin. Steed also carried an umbrella with a small sword concealed in its handle. His choice of firearm was the efficient Walther 7.65 pistol. But usually, he chose to subdue his foes with good old fashion fisticuffs. Steed later moved to 4 Queen Anne's Court, Tothill Street, Westminster. and finally to Number Three Stable Mews, London, England.

STEELE, Remington
(Remington Steele)
Apartment A
Fifth Floor
1594 [& 5994] Rossmore Street
Los Angeles, CA
Steele is a private investigator. His partner is Laura Holt, the owner of the Remington Steele Detective Agency.

(Love & War)
Apartment 4C
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Jack is a columnist for the Register. He hangs out at the Blue Shamrock bar. His girlfriend is Wallace "Wally" Porter.

(Struck by Lightning)
c/o The Brightwater Inn
Old Boston Post Road
State of Maine
Ted is a science teacher and the great, great grandson of Dr. Gustav Frankenstein, the creator of the original Frankenstein Monster (that still lives at the Inn recently inherited by Ted Stein)

(Bridget Loves Bernie)
c/o Sam & Sophie Steinberg
New York, NY (Lower East Side)
Newlyweds Bridget and Bernie Steinberg live above the Deli.

(Mad About You)
Apartment #5-G
Near the 103rd Street subway station
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Lisa Stemple is the mooching, unmarried college dropout older sister, by three years, of PR executive Jamie Stemple, the wife of filmmaker Paul Buchman. Lisa has an eating disorder, takes Prozac and goes to group therapy with fellow bulemics Harriet and Gunther. Her therapist even featured Lisa in one his books under the pseudonym Edna. Lisa is pushy and has no problem keeping her parents from interfering in her life [unlike her sister Jamie].

STEPHENS, Darrin & wife, Samantha
( 555-7328 [or 2134 or 2368 or 6161]
1164 Morning Glory Circle
Westport, CT
Darrin is an ad agency executive. His wife, Samantha "Sam" is a homemaker and a witch. They share their Cape Cod home with daughter, Tabitha [and later son, Adam]. To placate her mortal husband, Sam [as he called her] promised not to use her witchcraft powers [including time traveling, seeing the future and reading minds] but she was often unsuccessful in this endeavor. When something went wrong Samantha said "Oh, my stars! or "Witchcraft got you into this mess; I see no reason why witchcraft shouldn't get you out of it." Sam’s relative’s included Sam's mother, Endora; Sam's warlock father, Maurice; the family witch doctor, Dr. Bombay; Serena, Sam's mischievous look-alike cousin; and a trio of goofy relatives including the forgetful Aunt Clara; scatterbrained Esmerelda; and the prankster warlock Uncle Arthur. Note: The Stephen's nosy neighbor across the street is Gladys Kravitz. The Kravitz house was later used as The Partridge Family home. The Stephen's house can still be seen on the old Columbia back lot (now called the Warner Brother's Ranch) in Burbank, California at the corner of North Kenwood and West Streets. It later survived the filming of an episode of the sitcom Home Improvement when accident-prone fix-it-show host Tim Taylor set the house on fire.

(The Champions)
c/o Nemesis
Geneva, Switzerland
Craig Sterling is one of three secret agents working for Nemesis, a Geneva, Switzerland-based law and order agency. Other agents included Sharon Macready; and Richard Barrett. W. L. Tremayne is their superior. Each agent was endowed with super sensory and extrasensory power they received from an old man in a lost city in Tibet.

STERNIN-CRANE, Lillith  See - CRANE, Lillith Sternin-

(Scarecrow and Mrs. King)
46 Hamblin Boulevard
Arlington, VA
Lee is a spy [code name: Scarecrow]. He works for "The Agency" located in Washington, D.C. His partner is Mrs. Amanda King.

STEVENS, Bradley J. & wife, Joan
(I Married Joan)
( Dunbar 3-1232
133 Stone Drive [or 345 Laurel Drive]
Los Angeles, CA
Bradley is a domestic relations judge.

STEVENS, George "Kingfish"
(The Amos and Andy Show)
134 East 145th Street
[on Lenox Avenue]
New York City, NY (Harlem)
George is a con artist. He lives with his wife, Sapphire and her mother, a.k.a. "Mama."

( 555-6355
73416 Langley Avenue
San Francisco, CA
Fay is a divorced legal secretary.

STEWART, Janis "Jan"
(It's Always Jan)
46 East 50th Street
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Jan is a singer. She lives with her ten-year-old daughter, Josie, and roommates Valerie Marlowe, a model and Patricia Murphy, a secretary.

(Jake and the Fatman)
( 555-4796
Southern California
Jake is a private investigator working for district attorney, J. L. McCabe.

(Route 66)
Somewhere in America along Route 66
Tod Stiles is a carefree, liberal Yale graduate with a privileged past. He took what money was left from his deceased father's bankrupt estate and purchased a Corvette convertible so he could travel about the country in a search for self discovery. Tod shared his trip and expenses with Buz Murdock, a streetwise Hell's Kitchen orphan who worked for Tod’s father. When Buz departed Tod’s company in January of 1963, he was soon replaced in March 1963 by Lincoln "Linc" Case, a disillusioned Vietnam war hero from Houston, who remained Tod's traveling companion until Tod met a girl named Mona and got married. After the wedding, Linc became the Corvette‘s new owner. Note: In 1993, a short-lived NBC version of ROUTE 66 continued the story line with a young man named Nick Lewis who traveled to the Midwest to claim an inheritance of a perfectly preserved 1961 red and white Chevrolet Corvette, once owned by Buz Murdock, his father, whom he never knew. Teaming up with chatty hitchhiker, Arthur Clark, both headed down Route 66 looking for adventure and whatever came their way.

( 555-7687
Ray is a mysterious stranger who helps those in need. He places an ad in the paper that reads: "'65 black Stingray for sale. Barter Only. Call 555-7687." His answering machine message begins: "You have reached 555-7687. If you're interested in the Stingray-barter only-leave a message and I'll get back to you."

(Suddenly Susan)
c/o The Gate
San Francisco, CA
Todd is a music critic. He works for The Gate, a hip trendy magazine. Todd is naive, horny and always trying to score with woman. He takes romantic advice from Luis Rivera, a sexy photographer from South America who mentors Todd in the ways of love and picking up women.

STIVIC, Mike & wife, Gloria
(All in the Family / Gloria)
704 Hauser Street Queens
New York, NY (Corona Section)
Mike is a "know-it-all" college student. Gloria is a homemaker and daughter of Archie Bunker, a bigoted New York loading dock foreman. Mike's liberal political persuasion and "know-it-all" attitude was constantly at odds with his father-in-law, Archie with whom he lived while going to school. Their shouting matches over a variety of social issues often ended with Mike being called a "dumb pinko-Commie Pollock" or a "Meathead".

(Funny Face / The Sandy Duncan Show)
( 555-3444
Apartment 2A
The Royal Weatherly Hotel
130 North Weatherly Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA
Sandy is a student teacher and actress.

STONE, Abby & Kit Flanagan
(A New Kind of Family)
1836 Loma Linda Drive
Los Angeles, CA
Abby is recently divorced. She shares a home with her daughter, Jill and widowed Kit Flanagan and her three children: Andy, Hillary and Tony

STONE, Dr. Alex & Donna
(The Donna Reed Show)
( Hilldale 4-3926 [or 7281]
Hilldale, USA
The Stone's live with their children Mary, Jeff and Trisha. Their next-door neighbors are Dr. Dave Kelsey and his wife, Midge. The outdoor patio built on the studio set was an exact replica of Donna Reed’s own Beverly Hills home.

STONE, Judge Harold J. "Harry"
(Night Court)
c/o Municipal Court House
New York City, NY (Manhattan)

( 555-6795
Los Angeles, CA.
Ian is a spy. He spray-painted the message "For a good time call 555-6795" as graffiti on the first episode. The number is used by street contacts who supply Stone with information.

STONE, Det. Zachary
(Super Force)
Metroplex City (c. 2020)
Zachary is an policeman. Formerly a Mars astronaut, he now worked as a detective for the Metroplex police. To battle crime Zach [incognito] dons a robotic armor suit protected by an gravatronic force field to become Super Force. The entire Super Force operation is monitored by electronic telemetry encased in the robotic suit. With the assistance of electronics whiz F. X. Spinner, and E. B. the computer [the digital simulation of billionaire E. B. Hungerford killed by terrorists] Zach, a.k.a. Super Force fought crime in the year A.D. 2020.

STONEHILL, Randolph & wife, Hilary
(Marblehead Manor)
c/o Marblehead Manor
14 Sunflower Lane (Unnamed City)
Randolph & Hilary are eccentric millionaires. Their domestic staff include Albert Dudley, the butler; Lupe Lopez, the cook; Jerry Stockton, the chauffeur, Dwayne Stockton, the handyman and Rick, the estate gardener.

(It's a Man's World)
( PH 3-047
c/o Houghton Stott, Proprietor
Cordella, Ohio (Along the River)
The station sells 3 Star Top Grade gasoline.

(The Dukes of Hazzard / Enos)
Hazzard County, GA
Enos is a deputy sheriff. He is honest, gullible and often blundering. His boss is the corrupt Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane. Enos loves Daisy Duke, the gorgeous waitress at the Boar’s Nest. He almost married her twice. Note: In the fall of 1980, Enos [a.k.a. "the oldest virgin in Hazzard County"] departed for Los Angeles to join the Metro Squad after he had accidentally captured two most wanted criminals and consequently was recruited to work for the LAPD. While in L.A. Enos wrote letters back to Daisy to chronicle his misadventures and on occasion some of his Hazzard County friends visited him in the big city. In 1982 Enos returned to his southern roots for a time and got his job back as deputy sheriff but later returned to Los Angeles. Enos’ catchphrase is "Possum on a gumbush!"

(Silver Spoons)
( 516-555-9898
123 Mockingbird Lane
Long Island, NY (Shallow Springs)
Edward is a toy manufacturer. He shares a mansion with his wife, Kate [a former secretary] and his 12-year-old son, Ricky.

(King of the Hill)
135 Los Gatos Road
Arlen, TX
Their devoted salesman is Frank Rutherford Hill. He earned their "Blue Flame of Valor" Award.

STRYKER, Buddy Lee
(B. L. Stryker)
c/o Houseboat "No Trump"
22 Ocean Park Marina
Palm Beach, FL
Buddy is an ex-cop turned private eye. He lives with a parrot named Gilbert. His boat's berth is also given as Maxie's Marina and Oliver's Marina. His close friend is ex-prizefighter, Oz Jackson.

(B. L. Stryker)
62 Palm Drive
Palm Beach, FL

(Working It Out)
36 West 72nd Street
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
David is a divorced freelance photographer. He lives with his teenage daughter, Jodie.

STUART, Johnny & Scott
(Sigmund & the Sea Monsters)
1730 Ocean Drive [also 730]
Cypress Beach, CA
Johnny & Scott befriended a sea monster named Sigmund Ooz.

STUBBS, Frederick (Freddie) "Rerun"
(What's Happening!!)
Los Angeles, CA (Northeastern District)
Fred is an overweight, black teenager. He attends Jefferson High School and loves to eat and dance. Fred wear a red beret, suspenders and baggy pants. He calls his fat stomach "Herbie." Rerun lives with his sister ( a nurse) and her husband, Ike (a gambler). Rerun's friends are Dwayne "Hey! Hey! Hey!" Clemens and Roger "Raj" Thomas who lives with his mother Mabel "Mama" and his bratty little sister. Dee. Rerun hangouts at Rob's Place, a local hamburger joint that employs a sassy waitress named Shirley Wilson. Rerun's catchphrase is "Hey, What's Happening!!" He earned his nickname of "Rerun" because "he has to go to school eachsummer to "rerun" the stuff he did all winter. To earn money, Rerun worked as a Page at KABC-TV .He also played in a musical group called The Rockets and was the head cheerleader at his high school. Note: On the sequel series What's Happening Now!! Rerun, now a used car salesman for K-Doe's OK Cars, shares an apartment with his friend, Dwayne, who works for Milster Computers. They still hang out with Raj who is now married struggling writer and business partner with Shirley in Rob's Place.

STUBBS, Thurgood & wife, Muriel
(The PJs: The Projects)
c/o Hilton Jacobs Building
Somewhere in the Projects, USA
Thurgood Orenthal Stubbs is a black building superintendent for a 13-story projects structure. Muriel is a homemaker. Thurgood's daily grind includes collecting rents from the tenants on the first of the month and tending to needed repairs while all the while, his tenants complain amidst the neighborhood's sounds of wailing police sirens and discharging semi-automatic weapons. Muriel, the placid one, keeps Thurgood's temper in check and records the daily of the events in the building in her journal.



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