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(Designing Women)
( 404-555-8600 [& 6787]
1521 Sycamore Street
Atlanta, GA
Julia & Suzanne Sugarbacker own Sugarbaker's Design Firm. Their support staff includes Mary Jo Shively, a decorator/buyer; Charlene Frazier, the receptionist [replaced by Carlene Dobber]; and Anthony Bouvier, the firm‘s delivery man [and later partner]. Julia’s attractive suburban home served as both office and showplace for their designs. Fabric World provided the Sugarbacker’s with all their design supplies. In 1991 Suzanne sold her share in the business to her cousin Allison Sugarbaker. In 1992, she pulled out her investment to open a Victoria Secret franchise. This action left the firm [now called Sugarbaker and Associates - Interior Design] on the brink of bankruptcy until Julia teamed up with an eccentric wealthy widow named B.J. Poteet. Note: The house used as the Sugarbaker's decorating firm is actually a museum known as Villa Marre located at 1321 South Street (at 14th) in Little Rock, Arkansas.

(Designing Women)
( 404-555-8600 [& 6787]
1521 Sycamore Street
Atlanta, GA
Julia is an interior designer. She co-owns Sugarbaker Design Firm with her younger sister, Suzanne. Julia is classy, out-spoken and a defender of feminine rights. Like her sister, Suzanne, she attended both Chapel Hill High School and Southern State University in Georgia. Upon graduation, Julia traveled to Paris, France and studied art. She retuned to America and later full-filled her dream of opening a interior design firm.

(Designing Women)
( 404-555-8600 [& 6787]
1521 Sycamore Street
Atlanta, GA
Suzanne is a saleswoman and partner in the Sugarbaker’s Design Firm. Her sister Julia, is her partner. Suzanne is divorced, self-centered, flamboyant and out-spoken like her sister. Suzanne attended Chapel High and Southern State but when it comes to the Sugarbaker’s genetics, sister, Julia got the brains while Suzanne got the bosom [a very ample one]. One of Suzanne’s finest achievements was being crowned Miss Georgia World of 1976 where she exhibited a special skill with a baton. Suzanne collects alimony from three ex-husband’s including Dash Goff, her second husband, who wrote the book Being Belled. Suzanne has a special platonic friendship with Anthony Bouvier. He is the firm’s black delivery man who later became a partner in the business. Note: On the sitcom Women in the House Suzanne returned to America in 1995. She was again a widow, after her fifth husband, Ray, a Georgia congressman passed away at the age of 76 and Suzanne stepped to finish his term in the House of Representatives in Washington, DC.


SULU, Hikaru
(Star Trek)
c/o The USS Enterprise
Somewhere in the Alpha Quadrant
Sulu is the highly efficient Chief Helmsman stationed aboard the USS Enterprise, a futuristic starship whose mission was to " out new boldly go where no man has gone before." Born in San Francisco in 2237, Sulu's hobbies include collecting old Earth style weapons, fencing and botany. He later assumed command of the Starship Excelsior in the year 2290. Note: In real life George Takei who played Sulu spent part of WWII in a Japanese internment camp.

SULLIVAN, Christine
(Night Court)
Apartment 1611E [also 616 & 7C]
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Christine is a legal aide attorney. As a hobby, Christine collects British Royalty-iana. She also wrote a children's book called Mommy's World penned under the pseudonym Mother Sullivan.

SUMMERS, Buffy Anne
(Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
1630 Revello Drive near Hadley
Sunnydale, CA (pop. 30,000)
Buffy is a teenager. She is blond with green eyes, perky and destined by fate to become a Slayer, a killer of demons. On her 16th birthday she met a man named Merrick who informed Buffy that she was the "Chosen One, The Vampire Slayer." Buffy soon realized the man told the truth and she began training to slay vampires and other assorted demons. She dispatched the demons with karate kicks and mortal stabs with wooden stakes. Buffy’s high school friends [dubbed the "Scooby Gang" and "The Slayerettes"] included Willow Rosenberg, Buffy’s shy best friend and computer nerd; Cordelia Chase, the sexy BGOC [Big Girl on Campus]; Alexander "Xander" Harris, who had a crush on Buffy and later on Cordelia]; and Oz, a musician who fell for Willow [Yikes! but he’s a werewolf]. They hangout at a club called The Bronze [a local watering hole for demons and such].

(Gilligan’s Island)
Uncharted Island
Somewhere in the South Pacific
[300 miles southeast of Hawaii]
Mary Ann is a sweet country girl from Horners Corners, Kansas. She is shipwrecked on an uncharted desert after their three hour sightseeing tour on the S.S. Minnow got marooned on a tropic island. Her castaway companions include the boat’s Captain Jonas "Skipper" Grumby, First Mate Gilligan; and fellow passengers millionaire Thurston Howell, the Third; his wife, Lovey; movie star Ginger Grant, and science teacher Roy "The Professor" Hinkley. Mary Ann makes the best cocoanut cream pie.

(Hotel DeParee)
c/o The Hotel De Paree
Georgetown, CO (1870s)
Sundance Kid is a gunslinger turned law enforcer. He protects the premises of the Hotel Paree, an elegant European style hotel operated by two attractive females, Annette Deveraux and her niece Monique. Sundance's secret weapon is a band of small shiny oval disks that encircle the top of his hat. He uses the mirror-like objects to temporarily blind his opponents and thus get the edge in a gun fight.

(77 Sunset Strip)
c/o Suzanne Fabray
Office 103
77 Sunset Strip
Los Angeles, CA
Suzanne is the answering service representative for private eyes Stuart Bailey and Jeff Spencer. The site of 77 Sunset Strip was actually located at 8532 Sunset Boulevard. Today Tiffany Theater (former site of 77 Sunset Strip) and an office building housing Casablanca Records (former site of Dino's Lodge) now occupy the spot.

( 555-6328
c/o Louie De Palma, Dispatcher
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Louis supervises
Sunshine Cab is home to taxi drivers Alex Rieger, Bobby Wheeler, Elaine Nardo, Tony Banta, John Burns and "Reverend Jim" Ignatowski. Latka Gravas is the garage mechanic. Their rates are 75 cents for the first mile and ten cents each additional tenth of a mile [later raised to one dollar each mile; 15 cents each additional mile]. The building shown as the Sunshine Cab Company is actually located at 534 Hudson Street in West Village area of Manhattan.


SUPER FORCE  See - STONE, Det. Zachary

(The Adventures of Superman)
Planet Krypton
Superman, a.k.a. Kal-el, is "a strange visitor from another planet with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men." He lives incognito as a mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent on the planet earth. Rocketed to Earth as an infant by his parents Jor-el and Lara when the planet Krypton exploded, Kal-el [Superman's Kryptonian name] landed on the planet Earth near Smallville, USA, where he was adopted and raised by John/Eben and Sarah/Martha Kent, a childless farm couple. Kal-el discovered he was superhuman, possessing the ability to fly, see through objects with his X-ray vision (with the exception of lead), hear and see things from tremendous distances, bend steel in his bare hands and retain enormous bits of information via his super memory. His only weakness was the radioactive-charged substance known as Kryptonite, fragments from the explosion of his home planet. Prolonged exposure to this greenish element, would cause weakness, unconsciousness and possibly the death of Superman. As an adult, Kal-el moved to the city of Metropolis, USA and assumed the identity of Clark Kent, a mild-mannered reporter working for the Daily Planet, a great metropolitan newspaper.

(SurfSide 6)
c/o Dave Thorne, Sandy Winfield & Ken Madison.
SurfSide 6, Indian Creek
Miami Beach, Florida
Their houseboat is docked opposite the Fontainebleau Hotel on Ocean Avenue.

c/o Lt. Dan "Hondo" Harrelson
Southern California, CA
S.W.A.T squad members include Sgt. David "Deacon" Kay; Officer Jim Street; Officer Dominic Luca; and Officer T.J. McCabe. The Special Weapons and Tactics (S.W.A.T.) is an elite division of police officers trained to handle kidnapping, bank robberies, hijacking and other sensitive situations that can't be properly handled by the line policemen. These military-styled groups of policemen were formed in many American cities in the 1960s when civil unrest and terrorism were on the rise.

c/o Hawkeye Pierce
4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital
Korea (in the 1950s)
The Swamp is the nickname of the Army surgeon's living quarters [Tent Number Six] at the 4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital stationed in Korea near the front lines during the Korean War. The Swamp's senior residence is Captain Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce who first shared the tent with Captain John "Trapper John" McIntire and a weasel of a surgeon Major Frank Burns. When Trapper transferred stateside, Captain B.J. Hunnicutt became the tent's newest occupant. And when Frank Burns went AWOL he was replaced by the stuffy Boston bred physician Major Charles Emerson Winchester III who often played classical recordings on his hand-crank record player. NOte: When the series ended, the stage sets for both The Swamp and their Operating Theater were donated to the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. The locations exteriors for the series were shot in Malibu Creek State Park (formerly the Century Ranch, part of the Twentieth Century-Fox) located at 1925 Las Virgenes Road off the Ventura Freeway. The canyon sites used for filming M*A*S*H are about three miles from the main gate.


(Welcome Back, Kotter)
c/o James Buchanan High School
New York City, NY (Brooklyn)
The Sweathogs is a rowdy group of seemingly unteachable 10th/11th grade high school students who attend James Buchanan High School in the Bensonhurst section of Brooklyn. Their homeroom (No. 11) teacher, Mr. Gabe Kotter, himself a former Sweathog made good, was the only one of the school's teachers who could relate to the frustrations of these socially disadvantaged youth who thought that going to school was a form of punishment. The four original Sweathogs were Juan Luis Pedro Phillipo De Huevos Epstein; Freddie "Boom Boom" Washington; Arnold Horshack, the group's looney-toon; and Vinnie Barbarino, Later in the series new students joined the ranks of the Sweat-hogs. They included Angie Globagoski, the first female Sweathog; and Beau De Labarre, a smooth talking southern exchange student.

(Hyperion Bay)
1021 Prospect
Hyberion Bay, CA
Nick is a construction worker. His brother, Dennis is a computer programmer at Muse Prime that relocated its headquarters to his hometown of Hyperion Bay.

SWOBODA, Wade & wife, Nadine
(Grace Under Fire)
Washington Avenue
Victory, MO
Wade is a former Marine and Vietnam veteran. He’s worked as a telephone lineman, traffic reporter for KPLG radio, helicopter reporter for Channel 6, KQMO-TV and finally as a cop for Victory‘s 6th District Police Department. Nadine worked as a waitress at Stevie Ray’s Bar. Wade is Nadine’s fourth husband. Nadine and her divorced next-door neighbor Grace Kelly go way back and they discuss all sorts of life’s problems from Grace’s alcoholic problems to Nadine’s wish to have a baby. Unfortunately, soon after Nadine had a baby, she left Wade with her child Rose for Colorado.

SYCAMORE, Paul & Penelope
(You Can't Take It With You)
121 Liberty Lane
Staten Island, NY
Paul is a toy inventor. Penelope "Penny" is a writer. The Sycamore's live with their daughters, Alice and Essie, their cats, Kate and Alley Cat and Penny's retired father, Martin Vanderhoff.

SZALINSKI, Wayne, & wife, Amy
(Honey, I Shunk the Kids)
Matheson, CO
Wayne is a scientist for Jentech Laboratories. Amy is a lawyer. They live with their two children Amy, a teenager and Nick, a boy computer genius. Wayne’s relatives include younger brother Uncle Randy, a hip science guy with a TV Show ["Randy Rude the Science Dude"] and Wayne’s ancestor "Lo Fat" who fought Ninjas.



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