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TODD, Laverne
(Empty Nest)
Miami. FL
Laverne is a nurse-receptionist. She is sassy, opinionated and hails from the Hickory, Arkansas where she picked up a pronounced Southern drawl. Laverne works with Dr. Harry Weston, a pediatrician who has an office on the tenth floor of the Community Medical Center [later the second floor]. She began working for Harry in 1981 when his previous nurse Winifred McConnell left his employ. In the fall of 1993 Laverne followed Dr. Weston when he joined forces with Dr. Maxine Douglas who operated an inner city clinic in downtown Miami. Laverne [née Higbee] was married to Nick Todd but he moved to Japan to play for the Osaka Hens baseball team and found love in the arms of a local Japanese girl. Laverne later married a guy named Matt on April 29, 1995 in a double wedding ceremony at her Arkansas home [with Harry’s daughter, Carol Weston and her groom, Kevin Millen.] Laverne’s other relative’s included her cousin, Wanda, and her niece, Louella,

(It's A Living)
c/o Carrie Nation Hotel for Women
Los Angeles, CA
Amy is a waitress at the Above the Top restaurant. She shares her apartment with two fishes [Oscar and Cletus] and a chrome-plated. .357 Magnum which she hides in her "pink Jammy Bunny with the a zipper in the tummy." Fellow waitress Virginia "Ginger" St. James lived with Amy for a time.

TONG, Peter
(Bachelor Father)
c/o Bentley Gregg
1163 Rexford Drive
Beverly Hills, CA
Peter is a houseboy. He cares for Bentley’s orphaned niece, Kelly and the family dog, Jasper. Peter’s relative is Charlie Fong.

(The Lone Ranger)
Southwest, USA (late 1800s)
Tonto is a young American Indian from the Potawatomi tribe who discovered the wounded body of Texas Ranger John Reid, the lone survivor of an outlaw ambush. After Reid recovered, Tonto became his faithful companion battling evil in the old American west. Tonto rode a horse named Scout, He referred to his friend the Lone Ranger as "Kemo Sabe" which means "Trusty Scout" or Faithful Friend."

TONY PACKO’S CAFÉ Founded 1932
1902 Front Street
Toledo, Ohio.
The favorite restaurant of Corporal Max Klinger, a Lebanese-American and Toledo resident stationed in Korea in the 1950s. When Max got homesick for stateside food he often mentioned the delicacies of Tony Packo's Cafe to get him through the drabness of the food served at his Mobile Army Surgical Hospital. Tony Packo's is mentioned six times on the program and once, the interior of the cafe was recreated for a scene in which Klinger dreamt of home. The restaurant features Hungarian specialties (meat-filled cabbage rolls) and spicy, chili-topped hot dogs.

TOODY, Gunther, & wife, Lucille
(Car 54, Where Are You?)
Apartment [unnamed #]
New York City, NY (Bronx)
Gunther is a cop. He lives in a rent control apartment and pays $45 a month. Toody works out of the 53rd Precinct on Tremont Avenue in the Bronx. His partner is Officer Francis Muldoon.

TOPPER, Cosmo & wife, Henrietta
( Garfield 2 -7744
101 Maple Drive
New York City, NY (Suburban Setting).
Cosmo is a banker. His house is haunted by the ghosts of George and Marion Kerby,[the former owners] who were killed in a ski accident in Switzerland. The Kirby’s ghostly sidekick is a drunken St. Bernard named Neil that was killed an the avalanche while trying to rescue the Kerbys.

TORK, Peter
(The Monkees)
c/o The Monkees Rock & Roll Band
1334 North Beechwood Drive
Los Angeles, CA
Peter lives with fellow rock musicians Micky Dolenz, Mike Nesmith & Davy Jones.

TORKELSON, Millicent
(The Torkelsons / Almost Home)
House [No. 855]
Farm Rt. #2 near Highway No.25
Pyramid Corners, OK
Millicent [née Dowd] is a divorced mother of five children: fourteen-year-old Dorothy Jane [she talks to the Man in the Moon], ten-year-old Ruth Ann [she plays French horn at her mother’s alma mater Will Rogers Junior High], six-year-old Mary Sue [a.k.a. "Pumpkin"], twelve-year-old Steven Floyd and eight-year-old Chuckie Lee. With no husband [her ex-husband Randall abandoned her] and so many mouths to feed, Millicent learns to be frugal by making homemade jams and jellies and sewing her own clothing. She earns money running a small business from her home [Millicent Torkelson-Custom Upholstery and Design] and rents out a room to Wesley Hodges, a retired salesman for $125 a month. The family dog is named Fred. When her business goes under, Millicent relocates to Seattle and takes a job as a live in Nanny for Brian Morgan, a divorced lawyer with two children Molly and Gregory. [NOTE: On the spin-off Almost Home set in Seattle, Millicent loses two of her children to script revision [namely, Ruth Ann and Steven Floyd].

(Forever Knight)
c/o Det. Nicholas "Nick" Knight
Toronto, Canada
Nick is a vampire turned police detective. He works the graveyard shift with co-workers Det. Don Scanke, Captain Joe Stonetree and Natalie Lambert, the police medical examiner who tries to cure Nick of his vampirism.

TORRES, B’Elanna
(Star Trek: Voyager)
c/o The USS Voyager
Somewhere in the Delta Quadrant
B’Elanna is the chief engineer aboard the starship Voyager. Raised on the colony on Qo’noS, B’Elanna is the product of a Klingon mother and a human father. She attended Starfleet Academy, dropped out, joined the rebel group called the Maquis and was the chief engineer on a rebel ship until she was assigned to work on the starship Voyager. B’Elanna main challenge in life is to curtail her aggressive Klingon nature. As a child B’Lanna overheard her father tell her Uncle Carl that living with a Klingon wife and daughter was very difficult. This comment and the fact that her father left soon after made her fearful of relationships, especially, one with human coworker Tom Paris. She feared that since her human father left her, then her human lover Tom would also. They soon reconciled the problem and were

TORTELLI, Carla Maria
( 555-7834
[House Near Airport Runway]
Boston, Massachusetts
Carla is a divorced mother of eight children. She goes to St. Eligius Hospital to have her kids. Carla works as a waitress at a tavern named Cheers to support her unruly brood. Carla’s full name is Carla Maria Victoria Angelina Teresa Apollonia Lozupone Tortelli Lubec. Her first name was derived from her grandmother’s stubborn mule. Raised Catholic, Carla attended St. Cletes School for Wayward Girls. Her brothers called her Muffin [who stuffed her ears with yeast and tried to bake her face]. Carla didn’t go to sex education in high school because she was pregnant. Her love life included three marriages including husbands Nick Tortelli, Dr. Bennett Ludlow and finally Boston Bruins Hockey player Guy Edward "Eddie" Raymond LeBec. Her children included Anthony, Jeno a.k.a. Benito Musssolini, Lucinda, Anne-Marie, Serafina [fathered by Nick]; Ludlow, the smart one in the family who has a boa constrictor called Mr. Tibbington [fathered by Dr. Bennett Ludlow- the kid not the snake] and Jesse and Elvis, the twins [fathered by Eddie LeBec]. Unfortunately, Eddie, a former Boston Bruins ice hockey goalie [number 33] turned ice show performer, died in a freak skating rink accident when he got hit by a Zamboni machine.

(The Tortellis)
( 555-4768
c/o Tortelli's TV Hospital
6531 Veronna Street
Las Vegas, NV
Nick is the ex-husband of waitress Carla Tortelli who fathered five of her children. He is now married to a statuesque but dippy ex-showgirl named Loretta. To make a living, Nick runs a TV repair shop out of his garage with the help of his son, Anthony. Nick is a sleazy opportunist, who can’t keep it in his pants when it comes to women.

(Charlie's Angels)
c/o Charles Townsend
( 555-0267
( 555-9626 [Bosley to Charlie]
Los Angeles, CA
Charlie's operatives (called "Angels") are Sabrina Duncan, Jill Munroe, Kelly Garrett, Kris Munroe, Tiffany Welles, Julie Rogers and John Bosley, Charlie's lawyer and liaison with his Angels [who never see but only hear Charlie speak over the phone].

c/o International Rescue
Island in the Pacific
Jeff Tracy is a former astronaut. He lives on a remote Pacific atoll with his grown sons. Together, they coordinated the Thunderbirds, a worldwide rescue team also known as "International Rescue" that accepted a variety of difficult and often dangerous rescue missions. The Thunderbird air rescue vehicles fleet included Thunderbird I (piloted by Scott Tracy), a scout craft that takes off vertically and travels to speeds of 7000 mph; Thunderbird II (piloted by Virgil Tracy), a slow moving air-cargo ship; Thunderbird III (piloted by Alan Tracy), an aircraft with laser radio scanners that can fly into outer space; Thunderbird IV (piloted by Gordon Tracy), a submersible vehicle stored in Thunderbird II; and Thunderbird V (piloted by John Tracy), an orbiting satellite station for global communications. Assisting I. R. is the lovely London-based agent Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward. Her 200 mph pink Rolls Royce is filled with all sorts of gadgets (machine gun, bullet proof glass, a la James Bond). The organization's nemesis is "The Hood." NOTE: The Thunderbirds was created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson.

TRACY, Kim and Queenie Dugan
(So This Is Hollywood)
La Paloma Courts Apartments
Sweeter Streets
Hollywood, CA
Queenie is a stuntwoman. Kim is an actress. They both work at Imperial Artists Studios.

TRACY, Marsh Dr.
Wameru Study Center for Animal Behavior
Marsh is an American veterinarian [the natives call him "daktari" - Swahili for "doctor"]. He runs an animal study center with his daughter, Paula and pets Judy the Chimp and Clarence, the cross-eyed lion. Their friends included fellow American Jack Dane; an African conservationist named Mike; District Officer Hedley, a British game warden, Bart Jason, a hunter turned safari guide [cameras only], and Jenny Jones, a seven-year-old orphan adopted by the Tracys.

(The Virginian / The Men from Shiloh)
c/o The Shiloh Ranch
Medicine Bow, Wyoming (1890s)
Trampas is the assistant foreman at the Shiloh Ranch, He is amiable but can get wild at times. Note: The Trampas character originally appeared in the 1902 novel written by Owen Wister. When he addressed The Virginian in a "discouraging manner" the Virginian advised Trampas "To smile when you say that."

(WKRP in Cincinnati)
( 555-WKRP
c/o WKRP Radio Station
Suite 1412
Ninth Floor
Flimm Building
Cincinnati, OH
Andy is the new program director for WKRP radio station. He is handsome, blonde with a boyish charm and came from Sante Fe, New Mexico to turn around WKRP which ranked 16th in a market of 18 radio stations. The station began to climb in the ratings when Andy switched from a "beautiful music" format to rock and roll. The women in Andy’s life included Linda Taylor, an old girlfriend, now a famous country singer; and Andy’s sister Carol. Andy’s dog is named Peco Bill [found while hiking on Mount Baldy].

(Frontier Circus)
Southwest, USA (late 1800s)
Ben is the co-owner of the T&T Circus, a band of traveling entertainers who roam the Old West and bring joy into the lives of rural farmers and town folks. His partner is Colonel Casey Thompson. Their trusty frontier scout is Tony Gentry.

(Twenty-Six Men)
Arizona Territory (early 1900s)
Clint is a new recruit of twenty-six men commissioned to maintain law and order in the turn-of the century Arizona Territory. He reported to Captain Tom Rynning. Note: Historically, this group of "26" men was established by a legislative act of 1901. It consisted of one captain, one lieutenant, 4 sergeants and 20 privates.

TRAVIS, Judge Oren
(The Magnificent Seven)
Town of Four Corners
American Frontier (1800s)
Travis is the new circuit judge. He witnesses the murder of a storekeeper on his first day in town and then recruits the assistance of a bunch of drifters who protected him from unfair gunplay. Travis appointed one of the men J.D. Dunne as town sheriff for $30 a month. The judge then talks "The Magnificent Seven" into staying in town for thirty days to keep an eye on things until he returns, for a dollar a day plus board. They agree. The judge's daughter-in-law is Mary Travis the owner and publisher of the town newspaper The Clarion News [her husband and former publisher was murdered]. She sent her son back East until law and order could be restored in the town of Four Corners.

30 Crenshaw Street
[Later 271 Elm Street]
Tuckahoe, NY
Carol is the divorced 27-year-old single mom. She lives with her 9-year-old son, Phillip at her parent's home [The Findlays].

TRIBBIANI, Joseph Francis "Joey"
945 Grove Street
Apt. No. 19 [also seen as #4]
New York, NY 10001 (Greenwich Village)
Joey is a struggling actor with the Estelle Leonard Talent Agency. He shares his apartment with Chandler Bing. Their close friends are Monica Geller and Rachel Greene who live across the hall in apartment #20. (also seen as #5). His pick-up line to women is an expressive "How YOU doing?" When alone, Joey liked to cook in the nude ["toast, oatmeal, nothing that splatters"]. Joey once posed for public health advertising campaign and later discovered his face was displayed all over town as the "VD Guy" with a promotional message. "What Mario didn't tell you." Joey later played the role of neurosurgeon Dr. Drake Ramore on the soap opera Days of Our Life and interviewed for the role of Nick, a boxer on All My Children. His relatives [his whole family tree came from Naples] includes sisters Mary Angelo, Gina, Dina, Tina, Veronica, Cookie, Mary Terese and a grandmother who "You don’t want to tick her off. She was like the 6th person to spit on Mussolini’s hanging body." Ethnically speaking, Joey is Italian-American and 1/16th Portuguese. He has "freakishly tiny feet
(size 7 shoe).

(The Mickey Mouse Club)
( Piedmont 7-5321
c/o Mr. Logan
North Folk, CA
The Triple R Ranch is a boy's summer camp. Jim Logan is the head of the ranch. Billy Burnett is the counselor. Other campers include Spin Evans, Marty Markham, Joe, George, Ambitious, and Speckle. The Circle H, an all-girl's camp, is located across the lake [as seen on Spin & Marty episodes].

(Three's Company)
( 555-6350
Apartment 201
Roper Apartment House
Santa Monica, CA [& Los Angeles]
Jack is a chef in training. He shares a $300 a month apartment with single female roommates Chrissy Snow and Janet Wood [and later Cynthia Snow and Terri Alden]. Jack poses a homosexual so the landlord doesn't object to his living arrangement. His landlords are Mr. & Mrs. Stanley and Helen Roper [and later Ralph Furley]. Jack's favorite hangout is The Regal Beagle, a local British pub. Jack's dream girl is "Greedy" Gretchen. On the spin-off series Three’s a Crowd Jack opens his own restaurant called Jack's Bistro at 834 Ocean Vista [a mile from the Roper’s Apartments] and lives above his eatery with his flight attendant girlfriend, Vicki Bradford.  See also - TV Character Bios

TROI, Deanna
(Star Trek: The Next Generation)
c/o The USS Enterprise-D
Somewhere in the Alpha Quadrant
Deanna is a Starfleet counselor working onboard the newly commissioned USS Enterprise-D. Troi graduated from Starfleet Academy in 2359. Her empathetic abilities to sense the feelings of others (hostility, fear, suspicion etc.) were of great help to the Captain and crew when confronted with unusual/stressful situations. Deanna is the offspring of a marriage which included a human Starfleet Officer father [Ian Andrew Troi] and a Betazoid mother, [Lwaxana Troi]. Deanna Troi did not possess the full telepathic powers normal to her kind but she could communicate mind-to-mind with most Betazoids. Deanna's free-spirited mother, Lwaxana was a dignitary on her home planet [daughter of the Fifth House, Holder of the Sacred Chalice of Rixx, Heir to the Holy Rings of Betazed] and occasionally visited her "little one" onboard the Enterprise. Deanna Troi was very fond of Commander William T. Riker a Starfleet officer known as Number One who served with her onboard the Enterprise. They were lovers while Riker was stationed on her homeworld of Betazed. She called him "Imzadi" [a Betazoid term meaning "beloved"]. When it comes to candy, Deanna told Riker "I never met a chocolate I didn't like."

(The Lawman)
Laramie, WY (1870s)
Dan is a town marshal. Stern, but fair, he maintained order in the frontier town of Laramie, Wyoming. Troop’s creed is "Draw fast or die." His deputy is Johnny McKay, a former cafe worker who aspired to be a lawman. Dan called Johnny "Boy." Before coming to Laramie Dan was the sheriff in Abilene. He mentored as deputy under the famous lawman Tod Horgan. Troop’s no-nonsense demeanor expressed itself firmly when he first got hired. He told town councilman Tom Pike and Carl Shoemaker "I like my gratitude once a month, payable at the nearest bank." Troop took the job as marshall after the previous lawman David Lemp was killed by local bad guy Flynn Hawks. Dan's friends included Dru Lemp, the marshall’s widow and the proprietor of the Blue Bonnet Café; Henry Tate [later Julie Tate], the editor of the town newspaper; Doug Sutherland the banker; Judge Trager; Hank the barkeep; and Lily Merrill, the owner of the Birdcage Saloon [Troop enforced a 10 P.M. curfew on the saloon].

(I Love Lucy)
( Plaza 3-2099
c/o Ricky Ricardo
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
This is where Cuban singer Ricky Ricardo performs regularly with his band.


(I Love Lucy)
Apartment C
623 East 68th Street
New York, NY (Upper East Side)
Mrs. Trumball baby-sits Little Ricky Ricardo, the son of Ricky and Lucy Ricardo.

(Will & Grace)
Apartment 9C
155 Riverside Drive
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Will is a gay lawyer. He attended Columbia University and has a talent for cooking. He shares his apartment with non-gay female friend, interior designer Grace Adler [Will met her in college and dated her]. Will's irritating gay friend Jack "Just Jack" McFarland is an aspiring playwright who mooches off Will's good nature. After Grace moved across the hall to Apt. 9A Jack moved in with Will until he could get back on his feet. Then Grace moved back with Will and gave Jack her apartment across the hall. When Grace Adler lived with Will he had one caveat for her to follow: "God help the sister that comes between me and my mister." When it's time to eat out, Will and Grace go to Pablo's Cantina.



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