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TUBBS, Ricardo
(Miami Vice)
Miami, FL
Detective Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs, is a sexy, smart and very cool black ex-New York Policeman who relocated to Miami to find the murderers of his brother and later joined the Miami police force, assigned to narcotics. Rico’s partner is Det. James "Sonny" Crockett. Tubbs drove a blue-gray 1963 Fleetwood Cadillac DeVille convertible. In the series finale, both Crockett and Tubbs left the force.

(We Got It Made)
Apartment 9A
1054 West 61st Street
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Davis is a lawyer. He lives with roommate Jay Bostwick and their sexy live-in housekeeper, Mickey MacKenzie.

TUCKER, Josephine "Jo"
704 Holland Street
Chicago, IL
Jo is a tabloid columnist for The Chicago Eagle newspaper.

TUCKER, Rick & wife, Amanda
(Tucker's Witch)
( 555-4616
Laurel Canyon
Los Angeles, CA (Mill Valley)
Rick and Amanda [a witch] live on a farm with a Siamese cat named Dickens and a goat named Myra. Together, the Tucker's operate the Tucker & Tucker, Inc. detective agency.

(Tucker's Witch)
( 555-6111
c/o Rick & Amanda Tucker
7000 Vista Del Mar Drive
Los Angeles, CA.
Amanda's car phone number is 555-8734.

TUPPER, Martin
(Dream On)
Manhattan, New York City, NY
Martin is a book editor. Toby Pendalbee is his efficient secretary. His best friend is TV personality Eddie Charles. Martin’s family includes his ex-wife, Judith Tupper Stone and their son, Jeremy. Martin’s fictional apartment residence is actually located at 196 Spring Street at Sullivan Street. The building used for Martin's office is The Court Square Office Building at 2 Lafayette Street across from the U.S. Court House. Both structures are in the Soho district of New York City.

TURNER, Harry & wife, Dolores
(Home Improvement)
Detroit, Michigan (Royal Oaks)
Harry is the owner of Harry’s Hardware located at Third St. near Main. His store is the hangout of Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor, a cable TV Fix-it show host. Al Borland, Tim's co-host later became Harry's partner. Harry sold the store to Tim Taylor and his brothers who invested in and worked the store with Al.

(Strange World)
Somewhere in the U.S.A.
Paul Turner is a former Army scientist. He was exposed to Gulf War bio-toxins and diagnosed with acute aplastic anemia. After five years of "crucifying" the military of the Internet for their part in his debilitative illness, Turner is given doses of an unknown drug that relieves his symptoms. Unfortunately, the people who control the miracle drug, now withhold its curative powers until Turner agrees to follow orders from a secretive Asian woman. Trapped between the darkness of a depressive malady and the promise of potential cure for his affliction, Turner reluctantly volunteers to join forces with a mysterious USAMRIID group who sent him on missions to unearth criminal abuses in the fields of science [viral infections, genetic manipulation, medical malfeasance, etc.] To keep Turner from analyzing the drug, his benefactors had it engineered to revert to a saline solution before it could be studied.

(Who's Watching the Kid?)
Apartment #23
86 Desert Way
Las Vegas, NV
Stacy lives with fellow showgirl, Angie Vitola.

TUVOK, Lt Commander
(Star Trek: Voyager)
c/o The USS Voyager
Somewhere in the Delta Quadrant
Tuvok is the humorless security chief and tactical officer aboard the starship Voyager [that is lost on the other side of the galaxy]. Like the science officer Mr. Spock on the original Star Trek series, Tuvok was born on the planet Vulcan and advocates the discipline of logic over emotion. As a hobby, Tuvok breeds orchids. His close friend is ship’s commander Katherine Janeway. Prior to serving on the Voyager, Tuvok taught for 16 years at Starfleet Academy. His family [left behind in the Alpha Quadrant] includes his wife, T’Pel [married in 2304] and his four children [three sons and one daughter].

(Perfect Strangers)
2831 Garfield Street
Chicago, IL
Donald owns the Ritz Discount Store. He lives with his wife, Edwina and their children Donnie and Marie. His store employees are Larry Appleton and Balki Bartokomous.

TYSON, Joseph "Joe"
Apartment #6
Chicago, IL
Joe (a.k.a., "Cheesecake") is a blind computer hacker. He provides information to Jon Sable, a freelance crime fighter who leaves Braille messages on the inside lid of cheesecake boxes that he gives Tyson in payment for his services.



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