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UPTON, Dr. Michael A.
(Doctor in the House)
c/o St. Swithins Hospital
London, England
Michael Upton is madcap medical student constantly in trouble at St. Swithin's Teaching Hospital in London.

Somewhere in America
Upton/Webber is an international corporate conglomerate of 1,000,000 employees "peddling influence since 1892." Headquartered in a shiny skyscraper, this money-hungry corporation produced commercial spots with such corporate messages as "From cradle to grave, we're with you."; "Upton/Webber©: Cloning a better tomorrow"; "Space: we don't own it yet, but we will." and Upton/Webber©...Making the products that make you buy more of our products since 1892." Some of its employees included Tim Deale, a corporate weasel; Evelyn Smalley, a no-nonsense office manager [she could be appeased with Belgian chocolates]; Matt Peyser, a junior executive eager to climb the ladder of success; Hal, a sexy intelligent secretary [replaced by the equally sexy, Liz Tricolli]; Abby Cosgrove, the perky office do-gooder; Jimmy Clarke, the office snitch; and John Delaney, a dyspeptic suck up who hopes he doesn‘t get fired.

URKEL, Steven "Steve" Quincy
(Family Matters)
Pinehurst Street
Chicago, IL
Steve is a middle-class black teenager. He is a nerd, loves polka dancing, plays the accordion and is in love with Laura Winslow, a neighborhood teen who lives next-door at #263. Steve first met Laura in kindergarten and gushingly refers to her as "Laura, my love." Steve wears large glasses, hiked up trousers and snorts when he laughs. His nasal catchphrase "Did I do that?" was a perfect complement to his accident-prone personality that often frustrated Laura’s father Carl Winslow whom Steve called "Big Guy." Although uncoordinated, Steve is extremely intelligent ["I‘m 98 percent brain and two percent brawn."]

UTLEY, George
c/o The Stratford Inn
Norwich, VT
George is a droll handyman. He works at the 200-year-old Stratford Inn for its new owners Dick and Joanna Loudon. According to George there has always been an Utley at the Stratford. George enjoys bird watching at Johnny Cake Lake, uses a hammer that he calls "Old Blue" and sticks a penny in his shoe for luck.

UTZ, Gloria & ex-husband, Louis
(Hope & Gloria)
Apt. 3-B
Pittsburgh, PA
Gloria is a hair stylist at Cookie’s Salon. She is divorced, cynical and the mother of five-year-old Sonny. Gloria’s ex-husband Louis, a salesman for Bud Green’s Carpetorium, often visited Gloria’s apartment to see Sonny, but usually ended up arguing with her [surprisingly, Gloria had married and divorced Louis twice]. Gloria’s neighbor across the hall in Apt. 3-C is Hope Davidson, She is upbeat and overly-optimistic compared to Gloria’s brassy, sassy side, but the two eventually became friends. Gloria’s mission is make Hope more aggressive and less wishy-washy.



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