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VEIL, Thomas
(Nowhere Man)
Chicago, IL
Thomas is a photojournalist. His latest photo exhibition featured a jungle scene of military execution style in Nicaragua ntitled "Hidden Agenda." Unfortunately, the picture contained secrets that the powers that be would rather the world not discover. And so a conspiracy evolved to get Veil to reveal the location of the photographic negatives...a conspiracy which attempted to erase all evidence that Thomas Veil ever existed. First placed in a sanitarium under psychiatric observation and later on the road with a palm-top computer filled with names and files, Thomas tried to regain control of his life. Unfortunately, Thomas learned he was brainwashed by the FBI and that the photos he had taken were possibly a documentation of four US Senator being hanged. With this new knowledge and the fact that all his memories [his job, his friends, his wife, Alison, etc.] were the product of brainwashing, Thomas began to piece a new life together.

(Harts of the West)
Sholo, NV
Auggie Velasquez is a Native-American Indian who ran the general store near the Flying Tumbleweed Ranch in Sholo, Nevada. His granddaughter Cassie Valasquez, was the object of desire of Zane Grey Hart, a local rancher's teenage son who worked at Auggie's store.


VERA, Elena
(Battery Park)
New York City, NY
Elena is a gutsy, sassy Hispanic police detective working among the ranks of an all-male squad of policeman in the Battery Park section of New York City. Taunted daily by her macho squad members, Elena’s voice of reason counters her fellow officers stupid generalizations on womanhood.

VERDUCCI, Charles "Charlie"
(Top of the Heap)
Apartment 3A
116 East Hampton
Chicago, IL
Charlie is a building superintendent. He lives with his son Vincent "Vinnie" [a country club gigolo] and his cat, Mr. Fluffy.

VERDUCCI, Vincent Caulfield
(Vinnie & Bobby)
Apartment 3B
623 Cypress Avenue
Chicago, IL
"Vinnie" is a construction worker. He lives with life long pal and coworker, Robert "Bobby" Grazzo. They work for Rand Construction Company. For fun Vinnie and Bobby hang out at Martino’s Restaurant and Smoke’s pool hall. When Bobby needs a date he looks in his little black book that he calls the "Chickonary." While Vinnie has no problem with the women, he does avoid one girl in particular. Her name is Mona Mullins, who has a crush on Vinnie. Problem is she is under age [17- years-old] and her father sells guns for a living. To better himself Vinnie attends night school at Dick Butkus Community College.

Norwich, VT
The Vermont Hooligans were a rural street gang who once (40 years before) initiated George Utley, a droll groundskeeper who worked at the Stratford Inn in Norwich, Vermont. When George was a teenager he tried to join the "Hooligans." His initiation was simple. Find a parked car, get inside, turn up the radio full blast and then run away. Unfortunately, for George, he accidentally released the brakes on the Desoto that he was semi-vandalizing and the car rolled into a nearby swamp. George, of course, never made the grade with this rural group of ruffians. On episode No. 177 "Born to Be Mild" how-to-writer Dick Loudon joins the Hooligans, and finds himself in the middle of a rumble against their rowdy rivals.

VERNE, Jules
(The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne)
Somewhere around the world
Jules Verne is a 19th century adventurer with a brilliant mind. He travels the globe with his compatriots Phileas Fogg, a handsome, daring gambler; Rebecca Fogg, his secret agent cousin [the world's first female spy] who uses her skills in weaponry and the martial arts to battle the villainous League of Darkness; and Passepartout, Phileas' faithful valet. Note: Based on the novels of French author Jules Verne [1828-1905], the series premise speculates that the real Jules Verne's novels such as Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, From the Earth to the Moon and Around the World in Eight Days are not fiction at all but rather actual adventures experienced by the young Jules who later committed his adventures to paper upon retirement. This series is the first HDTV [High Definition Television] 16:9 ratio wide-screen action-adventure fantasy series. [shot with Sony HDW-700 High Definition video cameras].



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