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(Beauty & the Beast)
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Vincent is a Man-Beast. He lived in the labyrinths and sewer systems beneath the metropolis of New York City. Due to genetic quirks he resembled a lion, possessing great strength and speed. His face and hands were furry, his teeth were like fangs and when he became angered he let loose a terrifying roar. But beneath his animal exterior there was a sensitive human whose empathetic powers enabled him to feel the emotions of others. This gift came to blossom when he met Catherine Chandler an attorney from the world above who was viciously molested and scared by thugs who tossed her out of a van and left her for dead. Vincent found her, brought her to his home beneath the city and began to tend to her wounds both physically and spiritually. When she recovered, she left her subterranean world to return to her home and life above. But because of their special bond, Vincent and Catherine were never again really apart; they were linked in a way that only the poets can describe.

(The Invaders)
36 Heming Drive
Santa Barbara, CA
David is an architect. One night, David discovered a spacecraft unloading aliens when he was looking for shortcut on a lonely country road. His only problem is convincing a disbelieving world that the invaders had landed and that they were methodically taking over the Earth.

VIPER (the car)  See -WILKES, Julian

(Married...With Children)
( 1-800-ZIPP UP
c/o Ms. Hardway, Founder
Bud Bundy worked as a volunteer phone counselor [a.k.a. "Eugene"]. Their motto: "Never Had It. Never Will."

(The Virginian / Men From Shiloh)
c/o Shiloh Ranch
Medicine Bow, Wyoming (1890s)
The Virginian (no name given) is a mysterious drifter who took a job as foreman at the Shiloh Ranch owned by Judge Henry Garth. He supervised a Trampas, an amiable ranch hand. Note: The series was based on the 1902 novel written by Owen Wister. The show's title later changed to Men From Shiloh.

(Who's Watching the Kid?)
Apartment 23
86 Desert Way
Las Vegas, NV
Angie is a showgirl. She lives with coworker, Stacy Turner.



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