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WEAVER, Dr. Kerry
Cook County Hospital
Chicago, IL
Dr. Kerry Weaver is the attending physician at Chicago's County General Hospital. She is physically challenged and uses a cane and drags her left foot. She used to be married to a surgical resident and later considered a lesbian relationship.

WEBER, Warren "Potsie"
(Happy Days)
Milwaukee, WI (in the 1950s & 60s)
Warren is a student at Jefferson High School and an aspiring writer. His best friends are Richie Cunningham, Ralph Malph and Arthur "The Fonz" Fonzarelli, an ultra cool motorcycle-driving mechanic. They hang out at a local hamburger joint known as Arnold's Drive-In. After Warren graduated from high school, he enrolled at the University of Wisconsin as a psychology major. For a time Potsie worked at Cunningham Hardware. Potsie enjoyed singing and belted out a tune whenever the opportunity arose. He got the nickname "Potsie" from his mother who noticed that he liked to play with pots when he was a child.

WEIGAND, Det. Lt. Bill
(Mr. & Mrs. North)
( PE 6-0599
c/o NYPD Homicide Division
New York City, NY (Manhattan)

WEIR, Lindsay and brother, Sam
(Freaks and Geeks)
Detroit, MI (Suburbs in 1980-81)
Lindsay is a 16-year-old student. Sam is her 14-year-old brother. They both attend McKinley High School. Lindsay is an honor student and "Mathlete" but she begins to hangs out with underachievers ("the "freaks") Daniel Desario, Nick Andopolis [a pot-smoking drummer and Lindsay's love interest], Ken Miller and Kim Kelly. Sam's best friends (the "geeks") included Neal Schweiber, an aspiring comedian; Bill Haverchuck, Sam's childhood friend; Harris Trinsky, a weird sophomore who gives Sam and his friends advise; and Gordon Crisp, an overweight boy with a chronic body odor problem. Lindsay and Sam's parents are Harold and Jean Weir. Note: How do you tell a freak from a geek? Easy. The Freaks like to have kegger parties, smoke joints and listen to The Grateful Dead. The Geeks like to go to Star Trek conventions; watch Three Company on TV; and are mortified when forced to shower after gym class.

WELBY, Dr. Marcus
(Marcus Welby, M.D.)
Santa Monica, CA.
Dr. Welby shares his practice with a younger physician named Steven Kiley. They both are associated with the Family Practice Center at Lang Memorial Hospital. Consuela Lopez is Welby’s efficient nurse and office manager.

WELDON, Caroline
(Living Dolls)
c/o The Carlin Modeling Agency
68th Street and Madison Street
New York City, NY
Caroline is a model.

New Jersey (Near New York City)
Lisa Wells is a young, blonde and extremely attractive Australian woman. She is also the live-in babysitter for Ed and Sarah Mathews, a working couple with two teenage sons and a new baby daughter. Lisa originally lived on a sheep station in the Outback before being hired by this suburban New Jersey family. The Mathew’s frisky 17-year-old son, Danny was always trying to get "Down Under" with Lisa.

WELLES, Tiffany
(Charlie’s Angels)
c/o Charles Townsend Investigations
Los Angeles, CA
Tiffany is a private detective. She is single, blond, and a former Boston police officer whose police lieutenant father was a friend of Charlie Townsend, Tiffany’s new employer [whom she never sees]. Tiffany colleagues included John Bosley [Charlie‘s assistant] and detectives, Kelly Garrett and Kris Munroe. When Tiffany left to pursue a career as a model in New York City, she was replaced by Julie Rogers. Tifffany drove Sabrina’s orange Pinto when she departed.

(Five Fingers)
Suite 2318
European-based theatrical agency & front for a US counterintelligence agency. Secret agent Victor Sebastian [code name "Five Fingers"] poses as a theatrical agent while French nightclub singer Simone Genet poses as his client. Wembly is their superior.

(Remember WENN)
( KL-9366 [WENN]
419 S. Isabella Street
Pittsburgh, PA (in the late 1930s)
WENN broadcast range is 70 miles. It can be heard in Trenton and has been reported in Perth Amboy. The WENN building is next door to the Petroleum Building on North Gedley Street. Station staff includes Victor Comstock, managing director [replaced by Scott Sherwood]; Betty Roberts, WENN scriptwriter; Mackie Bloom, radio actor; Hilary Booth, leading radio actress; Jeffrey Singer, leading man and Hilary’s husband; Eugenia Bremer, WENN’s organist; Mr. Foley, sound effects man; Celia Padrusky Mellon, radio actress; Gertrude Reece, station receptionist/secretary; staffer Tom Eldridge, Maple LaMarsh, radio actress; C. J. McHugh, station engineer; Enid Farleigh, intern and aspiring writer; and Rollie Pruitt, the financial manager of Globe Enterprises (the company that owns WENN). The WENN crew hangout at a variety of restaurants including the Chez O’Shea, Wong’s Mandarin Beer Garden, the Cafe Bagdad and the Edelweiss.

( 1-800-262-WOLF
During the run of the series Werewolf, promotional ads urged anyone who had seen werewolves to report them to this hotline.

WEST COAST REVIEW: "California's Weekly Magazine"
(Just in Time)
c/o Harry Stadlin, Editor
133 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA
His staff includes his secretary, Carly Hightower; executive associate, Steven Birnbaun; assistant, Isabel Miller; political columnist, Joanna G. Farrell; sportswriter, Jack Manning; and photographer, Nick Thompson. The magazine was established 1967.

WEST, Honey
(Honey West)
6033 Del Mar Vista
Los Angeles, CA
Honey is a private investigator. She is single, blond and a karate expert.
She sports a distinctively sexy mole by her lower right lip and a wardrobe that runs the gambit from black jumpsuits to stylish fur ensembles. Honey owns the private investigation firm H. West and Company which she inherited from her father. His rough and tumble partner Sam Bolt stayed on to help Honey run the business. There is a simmering attraction between Honey and Sam, but Honey’s only true love is adventure, and of course her pet ocelot, Bruce. Honey did discreet surveillance in a van labeled "H.W. Bolt & Co. TV Service" [license plates: 1406 122 and 1ET 974].  See also - TV Character Bios

WEST, James T.
(The Wild Wild West)
c/o The Nimrod
Somewhere in the USA
James T. West is a government secret service agent. His partner is Artemus. They report directly to President Grant. James is the good looks and the muscle [he’s a pugilist extraordinaire] while Arty has the brains and the disguises to infiltrate the bad guys. Their living accommodation is a lushly decorated, gadget-laden railroad car called the "Nimrod" that travels across the Old West on special assignments [pulled by an 1860 2-4-0 steam engine]. West’s arsenal of weapons included vest-button bombs, swords in the pool cues, derringers with special bullets hidden in the heels of his boots and up his sleeves, knock-out powders and gas pellet bombs. West’s nemesis, among other evil-doers, is the villainous Dr. Miguelito Loveless, a dwarfish criminal genius who lusts for wealth and power. and who always seems to get away in the end to return later to plague West and Gordon.


WESTIN, Daniel & wife, Kate
(The Invisible Man)
40137 Hazelton Road
Los Angeles, CA
David is a US government research scientist who discovered the secrets of invisibility and then tried to keep his experiments of invisibility out of the hands of the US Military. While he attempted to find an antidote for his invisibility he worked for KLAE Corporation disguised in sophisticated rubber disguises (a la MISSION IMPOSSIBLE). When he wanted to disappear he just removed his synthetic rubber skin and Poof!, he was not to be seen. NOTE: Jack Griffin was the name of the original invisible man in the H.G. Wells novel The Invisible Man. See also - BRADY, Dr. Peter and FAWKES, Darien

(The Lucy Show)
c/o Theodore J. Mooney, Vice-Pres.
San Francisco, CA
Lucy Carmichael is his secretary.

WESTON, Elliot & wife, Nancy
( 555-6301
( 555-5104 [Eliot's Work]
Philadelphia, PA
Elliot is an ad agency executive. Nancy is a homemaker and artist. The Weston's live with their son, Ethan and daughter, Brittany. Eliot & Nancy later separate when Eliot is unfaithful. On the episode "Whose Forest Is It?" Nancy works on a fairy tale with her son, Ethan as a means of helping him cope through the separation and potential divorce of his parents. Throughout the day, Nancy tells the tale of a monster [a horned Maurice Sendak like beast], Prince & Princess Stupidhead, and a mystical forest maiden called The Leaf Lady. Nancy later suggests making "a little book out of some of these drawings" that she drew while creating the story. The result was a beautifully illustrated children's book entitled Whose Forest is This? that became part of a continuing storyline on the show. Later in the series, Nancy is informed that their book will be published. Along with that good news came the bomb shell that Nancy has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

WESTON, Dr. Harry
(Empty Nest)
( 555-3630
1755 Fairview Road
Miami Beach, FL
Harry is a widowed pediatrician. He graduated in 1959 from Bedford Medical School; hosted a call-in radio program on WWEN 990 AM called "Ask Dr. Weston"; and has a practice on the tenth floor [later 2nd] of the Community Medical Center. His tart-tongued nurse-receptionist is Laverne Todd [who spoke with a pronounced Hickory, Arkansas drawl]. Harry is the father of three grown daughters, two of which have returned home to live with him soon after his wife, Libby died. His middle daughter Barbara is an undercover cop and sergeant for the Miami Police Department. She collects back-scratchers. Harry’s other child, Carol Olivia, the oldest, is a neurotic divorcée. Rounding out the household is Dreyfuss, Harry’s lazy-but-loveable dog. Harry’s other friends included his obnoxious, mooching neighbor, Charley Dietz, a womanizing cruise ship employee on the luxury liner Ocean Queen who entered Harry’s house at all times of the day and night to raid the refrigerator; Dr. Maxine Douglas, who runs Canal Street Clinic where Harry later worked as a partner; and Sophia Petrillo, a nosey sarcastic senior citizen from nearby Shady Pines Retirement Home. For a time, Harry’s youngest daughter Emily returned home from college but just as quickly left.

(Joe & Mabel)
( 934-3114
c/o Mabel Spooner, Manicurist
New York City, NY (Manhattan)

( 555-4367
c/o Ted Costas, Program Director
Washington, DC
The staff of this public radio station includes station manager, Naomi Sayers; station volunteer/computer tech, Daryl; Quentin Lamoreaux, the host of "The Classical Show"; and Don Topsuni, the host of "Capital Punishment." The station slogan is "Radio Free D.C."

c/o The Sunshine Cab Company
New York, NY
Bobby is a cab driver. He aspires to be an actor and has played in commercials for athlete's foot medication, suntan lotion and Brickhauser Beer. Bobby also starred in the productions of For Better For Worse, Stalled, Death of a Salesman, Under the Yum-Yum Tree, the TV pilot Boise and a one-man play entitled Charles Darwin Tonight.

(Sanford Arms)
9114 (or 4707) South Central
Los Angeles, CA (Watts)
Wheeler purchases the Sanford & Son Junkyard and turns it into the Sanford Arms Rooming House. His lives with his children, Angie and Nat.

(The Whirlybirds)
( 7-5-BRAVO [Radio Code]
c/o Chuck Martin & Pete "P.T." Moore
Longwood Field, CA
Chuck and P.T. are helicopter pilots.

WHITE, Nikki & husband, Dwight
Las Vegas, NV
Nikki is an aspiring dancer. She is tall, gorgeous, and redheaded. Dwight is an aspiring professional wrestler. He is kindhearted, hulking, and very much in love with his wife. Nikki first met Dwight at his going away to college party but convinced him to follow his hearts dream and so they both headed for Las Vegas to pursue their fortunes. Dwight made his wrestling debut as The Crybaby, dressed in a school boy’s blazer and shorts; while Nikki danced in a number of unremarkable floor shows. Along the way, the White’s faced problems. Dwight lost his medical insurance and had to stop wrestling until he got a new policy; and Nikki was asked to dance topless or take a month off without pay. But Dwight and Nikki’s love for each another helped keep everything together. Although very much in love, sometimes, Dwight and Nikki’s sex life suffered because of their conflicting work schedules. But, when Nikki had a chance for romance she didn’t let anyone get in her way. She once told her friend Luna "You’re standing directly between me and my husband, and if you don’t move, I swear I will have sex right through you." The villain in the piece is Dwight’s mother Marion, who disliked Nikki for detouring her boys college education. But, eventually, she recognized their career passions and begrudgingly began to warn up to the idea of their marriage.

WHITE, Perry
(The Adventures of Superman)
( Metropolis 6-0500
( MX 3-1962 [Car Phone]
c/o Editor
The Daily Planet Newspaper
Metropolis, USA.
Perry supervises reporters Lois Lane, and Clark Kent [a.k.a. "Superman"] and photographer Jimmy Olsen [who calls Perry "Chief"]. Perry’s catchphrases are "Don’t call me Chief!" and "Great Caesar’s Ghost!"

WHITNEY, Lionel "Brown Shoe"
(Tenspeed and Brown Shoe)
c/o Lionel Whitney Agency
2356 Vinewood Street
Hollywood, CA
Lionel is a stockbroker turned private eye. His partner is con artist E.L. Turner [a.k.a. "Tenspeed"]. Lionel got into the detective business because of his love of old style Bogart like detectives from the 1930s. His favorite writer is Stephen J. Cannell, the author of the Mark Savage novels [The Screaming Dead Man among other titles].

WHITSIG, John & Georgiana
( 555-7842
844 (unnamed street)
Winnetka, IL
John is an accountant turned musician. Georgiana ["Georgie"] is a real estate broker for Maple Leaf Realities. The Whitsig's live with their two sons, Trevor & Evan, and a dog named Wilson.

WHO, Dr.
(Dr. Who)
c/o The T.A.R.D.I.S.
Somewhere in Time & Space
Dr. Who is an eccentric genius from the planet Gallifrey, whom among others of his race controlled the secrets of the fifth dimension-Time. Known as a Time Lord, the Doctor roamed through the centuries as sort of an intergalactic advisor & troubleshooter. However, his actions were not condoned by his fellow Time Lords. It had been their established policy not to interfere in the events of any civilization, but merely to observe them. Bored with the laws of non-intervention, the Doctor illegally commandeered a time travel unit known as a TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension in Space) and set out to explore and interact with the myriad mazes of the universe. When his fans first met him, Dr. Who was 745 years old. His favorite snack food is Jelly Babies.



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