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Los Angeles, CA
Wolfram & Hart is a law firm. They represent vampires, demons and generally very evil clients. To stay in control, W&H uses mind readers and camera's to monitor their clients and their employees. And when you’re hired by W&H it’s for life. No one leaves alive. Lindsey McDonald, Lilah Morgan and Lee Mercer are the firm’s three main lawyers. Lindsey was recruited as a sophomore from Hasting University. He is ruthless, and quickly moves up the Wolfram & Hart corporate ladder to Jr. Partner. Lilah is an associate lawyer. She is equally cunning and uses seduction in her arsenal of weapons to get the job done. Lee Mercer, partner [deceased 4/28/2000] was murdered by the firm after he betrayed them to another law firm. Replacing Lee is naive lawyer associate Brett Molger. He has a little trouble with names, but Wolfram & Hart have big plans for him. Lindsey, Lila, Lee and Brett all reported to Mr. Holland Manners, the senior partner’s right hand man and Division Head of Special Projects. The mysterious senior partners live by a simple credo "Failure is not an option."

(Nero Wolfe)
( Bryant 9-2828
( Proctor 5-500
( Pennsylvania 3-1212
918 West 35th Street
New York City, NY (Manhattan).
Nero Wolfe is an eccentric, magisterial criminologist. He is 285 pounds, agoraphobic and gathers facts to solve his cases through intermediaries like his savvy sidekick Archie Goodwin described as "confidential secretary and legman extraordinaire." As a hobby, Nero bred orchids. Nero’s address is also given as 506, 902, 914, 922, or 938 West 35th Street. The address 918 West 35th Street appeared in the 1956 story "The Next Witness." Note: In 1996 New York City and fans of Nero Wolfe (a.k.a. The Wolfe Pack) honored writer Rex Stout and his fictional eccentric private detective Nero Wolfe with a bronze plaque at 454 West 35th Street on Saturday, June 22. The plaque reads: “On this site stood the elegant brownstone of the corpulent fictional private detective Nero Wolfe. With his able assistant Archie Goodwin, Mr. Wolfe raised orchids and dined well, while solving over seventy cases as recorded by Rex Stout from 1934-1975.”

(La Femme Nikita)
c/o Section One
Somewhere in Europe
Paul Wolfe a.k.a. Operations is the head of Section One, "the most covert anti-terrorist group on the planet...Their ends are just but their means are ruthless." Operations is an ultimate intelligence bureaucrat. He assigns mission against terrorist activities around the globe and approves the termination of agents who do not measure up to his standards. Paul reports to oversight, headed by George. Paul joined Section One after he was rescued from a Prisoner of War camp in Vietnam by fellow soldier, William Kane. Paul’s family included his ex-wife, Corinne who remarried after Paul was listed a missing in action, and his son, Steven Wolfe. Paul’s one weakness is his feelings for colleague, Madeleine, his icy second-in- command.


The 30th Century
Amy is an Asian university engineering student interning with Professor Hubert Farnsworth’s Planet Express Research & Development Division. She has good fashion sense, likes to party, but is quite superficial. When speaking, she mouths a fictional pseudo-Asian language that blends elements of Japanese, Chinese and gibberish. (phrases like "ai ya" and "Dame yaru n datta ne!"). Her parents, Leo and Inez Wong are ranchers on Mars. They donated a large sum of money to the University of Mars. Consequently, the library is dubbed the Wong Library and the sorority is named Kappa Kappa Wong.

WOO, Shelby
(The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo)
Cocoa Beach, Florida
Shelby Woo is a 16-year old Asian-American heroine who lives with her grandfather, Mike Woo, a former cop. She works as a desk clerk after school at the local police station, where she finds ways to get involved in investigations. Shelby later moved with her grandpa from Cocoa Beach, Florida to a Boston suburb.

WOOD, Janet
(Three's Company)
( 555-6350
Apartment 201
Roper Apartment Building
Los Angeles, CA (Santa Monica)
Janet is a flower shop clerk/manager. She shares a $300 a month apartment with Jack Tripper and Chrissy Snow [and later her cousin Cindy Snow and still later nurse Terri Alden.]

WOODS, Chris & wife, Linda
Alameda Street
Los Angeles, CA
Chris is a restaurant supply salesman (paper-goods) who leaves his job to raise his family while his attorney wife goes back to work. Chris cares for his children Shannon (13), Jake, (5) and infant Emily. Chris' friends are Barb and Rod Krolak, Holly Martin and Mr. Bobick, an ex-marine who lives next-door at 326 Alameda Street.

WOOSTER, Charlie
(Wagon Train)
American Frontier (late 1800s)
Charlie is the trail cook for a wagon train traveling west from St. Joseph, Missouri to California in the post Civil War days. His hungry trail crew included Major Seth Adams, the wagon master [later Christopher Hale]; frontier scout Flint McCullough; frontier scout Duke Shannon; frontier scout Cooper Smith; and Barnaby Smith, a 13-year-old orphan who hitched a ride on the wagon train.

WORF, Lt. J. G.
(Star Trek:The Next Generation)
c/o The USS Enterprise-D
Somewhere in the Alpha Quadrant
Lt. Worf is the towering, anti-social Klingon warrior, who is responsible for environment and propulsion science sections and later security aboard the USS Enterprise-D. He is the first Klingon to serve in the Federation Starfleet. Worf [son of Mogh] was born on the Klingon homeworld in 2340 and orphaned when his parents were killed on the Khitomer Outpost in 2346. Found and raised by humans, [Sergey & Helena Rozhenko] Worf adjusted to a bi-cultural existence but often struggled to keep his savage side in check. Worf was raised along side Nicholai, the Rozhenko’s biological son. Worf graduated from Starfleet Academy in 2361 and took the position of Lt. Junior Grade as flight control officer on the Enterprise-D and then got promoted to chief of security after former security chief Tasha Yar died. His favorite beverage is prune juice.

(The Chronicle)
c/o Donald Stern, Editor-in-Chief
The Chronicle Building
New York, NY
The "Chronicle" ($2.99 an issue) is a tacky supermarket tabloid akin to The Weekly World News. The newspaper's mission is to report on strange, odd and often unbelievable stories. Typical headlines: "There's a Demon in My Toilet"; "Mothman Held Captive at Medical Lab - Pleads: I'll Die in the Dark!" and "My Wild Night With Brooklyn Blood Sucker." While the readers of the paper believe that these outlandish stories are sheer put-ons and just good entertainment, the reporters at the World Chronicle know them to be true from first hand experience. To track down all these "100 percent, positively true" stories, Donald Stern, the paper's hard-nosed but likeable editor-in-chief hired a crack crew of investigative journalists. They included: Tucker Burns, a talented recent graduate from Columbia School of Journalism whose reputation was destroyed by false information; Grace Hall, a feisty veteran reporter who insists she is the victim of multiple alien abductions; Wes Freewald, a fast-talking, street-wise staff photographer, and Sal, a.k.a. "Pig Boy," a half-man, half-pig researcher who oversees the paper's bizarre archives in the bowels of the building. A pleasingly plump female receptionist with a rye sense of humor fields the newspaper's incoming phone calls. Once, when a psychic called the paper, she put him on hold and then said "But you should have known I'd do that." Other time she told an employee "That Time Travel Guy wants to know if you are free for lunch yesterday."

(The Lucie Arnaz Show)
( 555-WPLE
c/o Dr. Jane Lucas
"The Love & Lucas Show"
Advice Radio 88
1700 Broadway St [at 53rd Street]
New York City, NY (Manhattan)

c/o Richard "Dick" Loudon
Host of "Vermont Today"
Norwich, Vermont
Station staff include producer Michael Harris. Dick's real estate agent wife, Joanna later hosted her own show "Your House Is My Home" [a.k.a. "Hot Houses"].

(Talk to Me)
c/o Sandy, Station Manager
New York City, NY
WSJB is the home of the "Janey Munro" and "Dr. Debra" radio talk shows. Station staff includes Rob, Janey's co-host; Cam, the producer; and Marshall, the sound effects guy.



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