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(Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Angel)
Sunnydale, CA
Wesley is a Watcher. He is British, snobby and a mentor who trains Slayers in the art of killing demons. He was sent to Sunnydale by the Council of Watchers to replace Rupert Giles, the Watcher for Buffy Summers. While in Sunnydale he fell for Cordelia Chase, an equally snobby teenager. Unfortunately, Wesley got sacked by the Council when his assignment with went wrong. Putting his abilities to good use, he became a rogue demon hunter and tracked down demons America. Upon arriving in Los Angeles, he hooked-up with Angel, a vampire with a soul and ex-flame Cordelia Chase who now worked for Angel Investigations. After helping out a few cases, Wesley decided to join Angel full time battling evil and aiding those in need. In 2004, Wesley was killed by a demon.

c/o Stan Kemrite, Station Manager
Detroit, MI
Radio staff include Martin "Whazz Up?" Payne, a talk show host; Sean McDermott, station engineer; and Shawn, the station handyman.





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