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Applebee's Guys - Brian and KirkBrian & Kirk (Applebee's Guys) - Food-loving musicians who just can't stop singing the praises of Applebee's Neighborhood Grill and Bar, the world's casual dining leader, with over 1600 restaurants in forty-nine states. The mission of the Applebee's Guys is to travel the world (in a conversion van) and spread the news about Applebee's through beautiful music. Kirk, with the frizzy hair, plays the guitar in the act; Brian, with hat and vest, plays the bass. Applebee's ad tagline is "Eatin' Good in the Neighborhood."

According to Applebee's Guys bio, Brian is a New Jersey native. He prefers to sing about chicken and seafood. Kirk, on the other hand, hails from Ohio. He is partial to beef tunes. Both Brian and Kirk now live in Los Angeles.

Reportedly, Kirk came West to be "the first restaurant singer, spokesman, actor, model in People Magazine. Brian aspires to be an "idol to restaurant groupies everywhere."

The boy's lively, upbeat performances blend familiar pop culture songs with lyrics relating to the Applebee's chain. In March 2006, the Applebee's restaurant chain introduced a "Shrimp Sensations” advertising campaign in which Brian and Kirk promoted the franchise's shrimp offerings by singing their version of "The Ballad of Gilligan’s Isle." The commercial aired during the NAAC Basketball Tourney.

In a later commercial, Brian and Kirk perform a rendition of Bobby Darin's "Mack the Knife." That spot included the animated image of a "Dead Celebrity" (Sammy Davis, Jr). Here are the lyrics:

Brian and Kirk's Lounge Act Singing Up a Storm for Applebee's

"Oh it's the steakhouse. Yeah!
At Applebee's, babe!
Inspiration every night.

Hangin' with the cool cats.
Sammy you know where it's at
(Sammy Davis, Jr. appears in the lounge acknowledging the two singers on stage.)
Steakhouse Inspirations
Are out of sight

Grillin' and Crab Cakes
Chicken Asiago
Steakhouse Inspiration at Applebee's
...Steakhouse steak is BACK!!!

Not everyone was appreciative of the the Applebee's Guys nostalgic remakes. Some web forums posted comments like "Those Applebee's guys need to be stopped"; " If I hear those guys again, I'll shove soup ladle's into my ears"; and "I want to banish those '2 'Vandy' grads" to some desert island!"

Columnist Richard Roeper, wrote in his March 23rd, Chicago Sun-Times column "If I hear that 'Gilligan's Island' parody song one more time, I just might go Elvis on the TV set."

The current commercials, produced by Foote, Cone & Belding, are a continuation of Applebee’s successful ads that used popular music – and sometimes parody lyrics – to promote its food products.

Previous 2005 campaigns featured such songs as "Simply Irresistible” by late rocker Robert Palmer; “You Sexy Thing” by Hot Chocolate; “Do You Love Me?” by The Contours; “Fever” by Peggy Lee; “No Particular Place” by Chuck Berry; and “Pick Up Man” by Joe Diffie.

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