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Hi! Bob here...for Quiznos SubsBaby Bob -  A cute, puffy-cheeked child who appeared as the commercial spokesperson for the  Quiznos submarine sandwich franchise. Called "The Baby That Never Ages" by some, Baby Bob actually began his career in 1997 ad spots for Federal Way's, a free internet provider service.

When the service failed in October 2000, the Baby Bob character resurfaced in the short-lived comedy series BABY BOB/CBS/2002-03 with Ken Campbell as the voice of Bob and starring Adam Arkin as public relations executive Walter Spencer; Joely Fisher as Bob's mother, Lizzy Collins Spencer, Elliot Gould as paternal grandfather, Sam Spencer, Holland Taylor as maternal grandmother, Madeline Collins and Marissa Tait as Teala, Bob's babysitter and confidant. The ''Baby Bob'' is the first series inspired by an Internet or advertising character.

On the CBS show, when Bob's parents discovered their six-month old baby could speak like an adult, they occasionally used him as a spy by placing him amidst a group of adults who felt they could talk freely in front of the child. Then, later, Bob's parents pumped him for Intel on their conversations.

The first time the baby spoke, Bob's mother Lizzy was entertaining Bob with a plush toy cow. When she pretends to make the cow talk, out of the blue her baby Bob speaks the words "Mommy don't be silly. Cow's don't talk. They just moo" Of course, this surprise vocalization leaves his mother awestruck. Suddenly realizing that she is talking to a adult in a tiny body, Lizzy proclaims "OK, we're switching to formula, like, tonight" The family later decides it better to keep the baby's talent a secret to avoid an onslaught of a media circus and the inevitable curiosity seekers.

Cast of 'Baby Bob' Series
Baby Bob's Family in CBS Series

In general, Baby Bob talks because things are just too intolerable about him and he has to express himself. On one occasion Bob says "Held a raisin in my fist for almost two seconds, but then I dropped it, then I picked it up, then I dropped it - they're so darned little!". On his age he remarks "I wasn't born yesterday - recently, but not yesterday".

According to his biography, Bob began to talk at the age of three months. Although born smart (supposed IQ of 140), the mobility of his baby body is limited. Bob is also not able to eat solid foods, although he'd love to be able to chow down on one of the new line of toasted Quiznos submarine sandwiches.

In one commercial spot, Bob sits in a director's chair and laments his inability to eat grownup food (namely, the toasted turkey sub ordered by his Mom from Quiznos). Disgusted Bob says "You know what she gave me: stringed peas. I love the gal, but that's just wrong." One day, however, Bob's molars will grow in, and when that happens he'll be all over that sandwich.

The Quiznos campaign was created by Siltanen & Partners in El Segundo, California, who based the current Quiznos campaign - which debuted in January 2004 - on the Baby Bob character they had created for ads in late 1990s. Ironically, the Baby Bob character is actually portrayed by a female baby girl named L’Wren Scoggins. She reportedly earns about $585 a sitting. The mouth movements on Baby Bob are computer generated using CGI effects designed by a firm called Modern Videofilm.

Despite the popularity of the cuddy youth, not everyone likes the tiny tot. As one Internet blog site reported ""Shame on you, Quiznos...I’m not eating another one of your subs until you drop Baby Bob as a spokes being." Another blogger complained about a grown woman hitting on a baby in order to sell toasted sandwiches. {"You're looking very hunky"). It's a freakin' baby, already! And a TV viewer cried "Good god. Oh the humanity... Baby Bob is a living incarnate of SATAN."

A Quiznos Toasted Sandwich would be great, but I'd rather have your SOUL! Whooo Whooo Haaa Haaa!
Baby Bob in Quiznos Ad

As the children used in the ad spots grow older and bigger, they are replaced as needed. Twins used to play Baby Bob have included Courtney & Jennifer Coddington and Noah & Hannah Safer-Brickman. Ken Campbell ("Animal" from the sitcom HERMAN'S HEAD) who provided the voice in the CBS TV series still provides the voice of Baby Bob in the Quiznos commercials.

In 2005, Quiznos held a nationwide casting call for babies between 4 and 18 months, for a chance to land a “crawl-on” role in an upcoming Quiznos commercial alongside screen legend Baby Bob. The winning baby will be paid $30,000. Contest ends: April 29, 2005.

TRIVIA NOTE:  Other film productions to feature talking babies include Look Who's Talking (1989) starring Bruce Willis as the voice of baby Mikey; Look Who's Talking, Too (1990) with Roseanne Barr as the voice of baby Julie; Baby Geniuses (1999) and its sequel where baby talk ("Goo Goo Ga Ga") is actually a secret code used by toddlers to communicate; and the TV series BABY TALK/ABC/1991-92 with Tony Danza who provided the inner dialog for youngster Mickey Campbell.

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