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The Answer is Always NO!Capital One Competitor - A rude, officious customer services worker for the competition who says "No" to everyone's request - in several languages - in a series of Capital One credit card company commercials entitled "No Hassle Rewards." Actor David Spade, an alumnus of NBC's Saturday Night Live plays the role of the irritating employee who is always checking up on those in his organization who don't support the companies "NO!" mission statement.

In other spots, the Spade character trains a new employee called "Chubs" to strictly follow the company line ("The answer is always No!"). Chubs soon learns, however, the consequences of working for the competition as he is chased and beaten by an irate customer, and singed with electric shocks courtesy of Spade's schemes. The catchphrase used on all these commercials spots is the intrusive questions "What's in YOUR wallet?"

The Answer is Always NO!
Chubs on the Job

Sadly, although the advertisers strive for a humor in these spots, the portrayal of rudeness and terrible customer support actually misdirects the viewer to believe that it is Capital One and "not" the competitors who is the company to avoid.

According to an Ad Track survey, only 12% of consumers like the Capital One ads "a lot," (below the survey average of 21%). 30% disliked the Spade ads overall. Only 15% felt the ads were effective. Funny. maybe? Effective. Not so much.

The ad spots for the Virginia-based Capitol One firm were created in 2004 by McCann-Erickson ad agency of New York (and continued to be produced by DDB of Chicago, Capital One's new ad firm).

In 2005, Mike Hatch, the Minnesota state attorney general sued Capital One for false advertising in regards to their alleged low-rate "fixed" credit cards.

David Spade as the NO! guy

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