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Keith Stone - Keith Stone - The easy-going, average-guy hero mascot for a series of Keystone Beer commercials created by Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide, New York in 2010.

Keith 'Always Smooth' Stone - Keystone Light Beer

Carrying his classic 30-pack (known as a 30-stone) Keith Stone intervenes when he sees people in trouble. In "The Bride" spot, he comforts a tearful bride in a convenience store with his "Always Smooth" demeanor.

In "The Rescue", he helps an old lady rescue her "KiKi" who is stuck in a tree. "Kiki" turns out to be the old lady's grand-daughter. With the rescue complete, both women acknowledgement just how smooth Keith Stone is.

The tagline for the advertising campaign reads: "Always Smooth," which is both the taste of the beer and the personality of their spokesman. According to Elina Maniec, Keystone Brand Manager,"Keystone Light is a hot brand for beer drinkers looking for value in today's economy." The brand's previous campaign (tagline: "You can't always be smooth, but your beer should be."

"The Rescue"
Keith Stone:
What's the dealio little lady?
Old Lady:
My Kiki is stuck in the tree.
Keith Stone:
Hold my stones
Old Lady:
My Little Kiki
Keith Stone:
[Keith gets a ladder climbs the tree, and carries a beautiful brunette safely to the ground.] Easy, Easy. That a girl
She'll be fine. She's just a little shaken
Old Lady:
Thank you, young man. What's your name?
Keith Stone:
My name. It's...Keith Stone.
Keith Stone. You're so smooth
Keith Stone:
Smooth brewed Keystone light is always smooth, like Keith Stone.

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