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Flo - Spokeswoman for the Progressive Insurance who appeared in a number of TV, Internet and Print ads beginning in 2008.

Stephanie Courtney as Flo - Progressive Insurance

With her dark hair, large welcoming eyes, ruby red lips and friendly smile, Flo is one of the check out cashiers for Progressive Insurance SuperStore where everything is organzied, stress free and easy to under stand.

As one of their employees, Flo wanders through the all-white interior of the SuperStore, and offers customers solutions to reduce their insurance costs and make their shopping experience a happy one.

In one commerical, Flo directed a customer to his own aisle called the "Dave Aisle." In another, all sorts of customers are meandering through the store. When one of them slides down on a rope, she pleasantly says, "Thanks for dropping in."

Flo tells visitors informative ditties like "Only progressive gives you the option to name your price and we build you a ploicy to fit your budget." And while conversing with one customer, we learn that Flo drives a 900 V Twin motorcyle.

Flo's work outfit consist of dark blue hairband, a hairdo with a retrostyle flip, a simple white shirt, chest high apron with a "big tricked out name tag" and a loose-fitting pair of white pants.

Her bubbly, over-the-top personalty motivated some Internet chatters to call her "Hot", "Flamboyant ""Weird" but definitely "Fine."

Hi there, Looks like you found your car insurance.
Yeah but, Wow looks like you guys have everything.
We sure do. We help millions of people save. Look. We're number in motorcycle insurance, a leader in boats and RVs and...
Oh wait let me guess. You're the number truck insurer.
Wow! right guess
Nailed it
Oh You're Psychic. What am I thinking of right now?
Helping save money, no matter what you drive. Now that's Progressive. Call or click today.

Flo is played by 38-year-old actress Stephanie Courtney who was hired in 2008 to play the role of female employee in a new Progressive Insurance Ad.

Similar to Josephine the Plumber who was always outgoing and promoting her sponsors products, Courtney uses her comic training as a member of the famed Los Angeles improv troupe the Groundlings to create a very approachable, very effervescent insurance company employee who will go out of her way to suggest just the right package to satisfy a customers needs.

In one interview, Courtney reported she was amazed how much time and fuss it took to create the look of her average Jill of a character. "They tease my hair, spray it and stick the headband in it..."And the makeup is like painting a portrait on my face...It's insane. It totally changes things on my face. It's like having a mask on."

When Stephanie heard that many of her fans thought she was hot stuff, she replied "I think the Geico lizard puts out more sexual vibes than Flo does." Stephanie is, howver, flattered to hear that people were dressing up like her for Halloween.

Courtney's other TV credits included a recurring role as Madge, a gossipy switchboard operator on the hit show MAD MEN.

Her other acting credits included the movies "The Heartbreak Kid" (as Gayla); "Blades of Glory" (as a reporter), "The Brothers Solomon" (as Sara); "For Your Consideration" (as a boom operator), "Faking the Video" (as Stephanie) and the lead role in the play "Melvin Goes to Dinner"

The Flo commercials are produced by Arnold Worldwide ad agency who have offices in New York and London.

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