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Tony Sinclair - A suave black man with a British accent and a gap between his teeth who pushes the pleasures of gin in a series of Tanqueray ad spots. Like the Schweppes Commander Whitehead character from the 1950s, Tony Sinclair (played by Rodney Mason) is an "international man about town" seen in swank parties and sophisticated surroundings and holding, of course, a glass of Tanqueray gin. Tony's catchphrase is "Are you ready to Tanqueray?"

In one spot, Tony attends a posh social gathering inside of a tent at the top of the world. Within, the tent is a glow with candles and happy revelers. In one corner, an entertainer gently rubs the rims of glasses filled with gin which resonates the pleasant melody of "Tis the season to be jolly." With drink in hand, Tony drolly tells his female companion, "Now there's an instrument I'd like to pickup,. right now!" Aha! Ha! Ha! He concludes with "I'm Tony Sinclair. Are you ready to Tanqueray?"

"It's no coincidence that the first letter in the word 'martini' is…mmmmmmmm. I'm Tony Sinclair, Ready to Tanqueray?"

In another arctic setting, Tony travels on a polar cruiser as it chugs through iceberg infested waters. Sitting in a lounge chair at the bow of the ship, our intrepid traveler says "I'm told there are over a billion ice cubes in one of those things. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? AHa, Ha! Ha! I'm Tony Sinclair. Are your ready to Tanqueray?"

In still another spot, Tony reads a book in a darkened room away from a high society party, waiting for what appears to be a diamond cutter who masterfully shapes the perfect ice cube. When the ice cube is dropped into Tony's glass, he proclaims "Well, you wouldn't put a donkey in the Kentucky Derby, would you? AHa! Ha, Ha" Rejoining the party with beautiful woman by his side, Tony says, "I'm Tony Sinclair, Ready to Tanqueray?"

And finally, spying a man pigging out on the shrimp at the buffet table, Tony Sinclair sighs "Oh Dear." He then offers this advice: "What's true for shrimp cocktail. Is true for all cocktails. Always in moderation. I'm Tony Sinclair and that's how you Tanqueray." See also "The Bacardi Guy & Cola"

"I live. I work. I breeze. I talk the talk.
I ride. I build. I walk the walk.
You sit. You stand. Now watch me play.
Ain't nothin' in the world like Tanqueray"

-- Lyrics from "Get Your Ice On" CD
sung by Tony Sinclair.

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