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Advertising Endorsements
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Endorsed Product

Garner, James (with Mariette Hartley) Polaroid One Step and SX-70 cameras (1977 Campaign), Chevrolet Suburban Ads (Voice-overs)
Gellar, Sarah Michelle Maybelline Makeup
Gifford, Kathy Lee Carnival Cruises
Goldberg, Whoopi MCI, Enterman Donuts
Gooding, Cuba Jr. Pepsi One
Grammer, Kelsey McDonald's
Gretzky, Wayne Budweiser
Griffith, Andy Kraft Cheese
Guillaume, Robert Phillips Milk of Magnesia


Hamilton, George Ritz Crackers
Hartley, Mariette Polaroid One Step and SX-70 Cameras (with James Garner - No! He's not her husband), Pacific NW Bell
Hatcher, Teri (with NFL Howie Long) Radio Shack (No!, she's not married to him)
Heatherton, Joey Serta Mattresses
Hemsley, Sherman (with Isabel Sanford) Denny's Restaurant (Campaign Revived "Jeffersons" TV Characters), Old Navy
Henderson, Florence Wesson Oil, Tang Breakfast Drink, Polident
Hill, Faith Pepsi (with little curly-haired girl)
Hogan, Hulk 10-10-220 (Discount Long Distance Phone Service)
Houseman, John Smith Barney ("We make money the old fashioned way. We earn it")


Jackson, Kate Lincoln Mercury
Jackson, Michael Pepsi-Cola
Jefferson Airplane Levi's
Johnson, Don Pepsi, Bavaria Bier (a Dutch Beer)
Jones, James Earl Texaco, Verizon
Jordan, Michael McDonald's, Nike, Hanes Underwear (Tagless T-Shirts), Wheaties, 1-800-Collect, Duracell Batteries


Kidman, Nicole Chanel No 5 Perfume
Klugman, Jack St. Joseph's Aspirin, Canon Copiers
Knight, Christopher Kellogg's Frosted Rice
Knutson, Gunilla Noxema Shaving Creme ("Take it off, take it all off")
Korman, Harvey Lysol


Lambros, Andy
(Child Actor)
Oscar Meyer ("My bologna has a first name, it's O-S-C-A-R...")
Lansbury, Angela Ensure Nutritional Supplement
Latifah, Queen Pizza Hut
LeBonte, Bobby Banquet Frozen Foods
LeBrock, Kelly Pantene Shampoo ("Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.")
Leeves, Jane Visa Credit Cards
Leisure, David Isuzu ("You have my word on it"  - Joe Isuzu)
Leno, Jay Doritos Corn Chips
Louis-Dreyfus, Julia Clairol Nice 'N' Easy, Healthy Choice
Lithgow, John 10-10-321 Phone Service, Campbell's Select Soups
Lone Ranger, The
(with Tonto)
Geno's Pizza Rolls
Long, Howie (with Teri Hatcher) RadioShack (No! He's not married to her)
Lowe, Rob Skechers Collection (Casual Shoes for Men)


McCormick, Maureen Living Barbie, Starburst Fruit Chews
McEntire, Reba Fritos
McMahon, Ed Budweiser Beer
Madonna Pepsi-Cola
Magoo, Mr. General Electric Light Bulbs
Malden, Karl American Express Card ("Don't Leave Home Without It")
Malick, Wendie Mall of America
Mark, Marky
(Mark Wahlberg)
Calvin Klein Underwear
Marshall, Penny
(with Rosie O'Donnell)
Meara, Anne
(with Jerry Stiller)
Blue Nun Wine
Messing, Debra Clairol Nice 'N' Easy Shampoo
Milano, Alyssa

1-800-COLLECT (as "Eva Save-a-lot")

Ming, Yao McDonald's Corp.
Mitchum, Robert 1992 Beef Industry Council ("Beef!, It's what's for dinner" - actor Sam Elliott replaced Robert Mitchum as the voice for the campaign)
Moesha Cover Girl
Molinaro, Al Cortaid
Montalban, Ricardo Chrysler ("rich corinthian leather")
Montana, Joe McCormick Grilling Spices

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