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Cast of HUMAN TARGETBlackwing - Huge high-tech black aircraft resembling a wing featured on the adventure HUMAN TARGET/ABC/1992. The Blackwing was headquarters for Christopher Chance (Rick Springfield), a former Special Forces operative turned decoy-for-hire who impersonated endangered people ("whether you're a busboy or the king of England"). Chris' clients lived in the safety and comfort of the Blackwing until the assignment was completed.

The ship's multi-levels housed facilities including worldwide television reception and advanced audio and visual communications systems, including a pocket communicator.

Philo Marsden Jeff Carlyle
Chance with Mask Molder Libby, Jeff, Chance, Philo
Interior Views of the Blackwing

Its crew included Vietnam veteran pilot Jeff Carlyle (SaMi Chester); computer whiz Libby Page (Signy Coleman); and makeup maven Philo Marsden (Kirk Baltz) who transformed the appearance of Chance via computer-generated masks for each assignment (which cost 10% of the client's yearly salary).

According to the show's producer Steven Hattman "This was a man (Chance) who, at a very young age, went to war in Vietnam. He was in Special Forces. He was, in fact, an assassin. He did what he felt was his duty. It affected him. At one point he took life, but now he finds life sacred. This is a character who's on a redemptive trek through his like and that's why he chose to become 'The Human Target' - to protect lives in danger, stop murders."

Human Target Logo

TRIVIA NOTE: The Blackwing aircraft used for the series was designed by Mike "The Shadow" Kaluta. An aircraft called "Sky One" headquartered an elite team of crime fighters working for the Foundation for Law & Justice on the action adventure TEAM KNIGHT RIDER/SYN/1997-98.

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