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Jay Jay the Jet PlaneJay Jay the Jet Plane - Billed as a place where "imagination takes flight" the delightful animated children's series JAY JAY THE JET PLANE debuted on The Learning Channel on November 2, 1998. It followed the adventures of a perky and inquisitive six-year-old jet plane named Jay Jay who lives in Tarrytown, USA, a rural valley community surrounded by lush green meadows and snow-capped mountains.

Jay Jay interacted with his friends, Tracy the Jet Plane, Old Oscar the Bi-Plane, Snuffy the Skywriter, Herky the Helicopter, Big Jake the Prop Plane and Savannah the Supersonic Jet as they carried passengers and cargo in and out of the small but busy Tarrytown airport often flying over nearby Lightning Bug Lake. When in need of guidance, the planes talked with the cheerful airport mechanic, Brenda Blue.

The show's computer generated cartoons are created by using face-tracking headgear which match facial movements to the animation as well as perfect lip-synchs. The miniature sets on the series were created by Emmy award winner David Sharp.

The program was the brainchild of successful Dallas-based businessman David Michel and brought to television via Porchlight Entertainment and Modern Cartoons.

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