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Silver Dart - Jet fighter featured on the crime fighting adventure CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT/CBS/1954-56.

Silver Dart Jet Fighter - CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT

The Silver Dart was the sleek, silver jet fighter used by Captain Midnight (Richard Webb) to battle enemy agents during the days of the Cold War. Ichabod "Ikky" Mudd (Sid Melton), was the Silver Dart's trusty mechanic.

The Captain (a.k.a. Jim Albright) headed an anti-crime organization called the Secret Squadron. Each member had their own secret code code name: The Captain was SQ-1; Ikky was SQ-2; Tut was SQ-3. To decode messages, the Secret Squadron used decoder badges.

Silver Dart Decoder - CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT
Silver Dart Decoder

The Silver Dart jet used on the program was based on the Douglas D-558 Phase II "Skyrocket." The series used both models and stock footage of the The Skyrocket, the first jet/rocket-powered aircraft to travel twice the speed of sound. The closing credits of CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT stated "THE SILVER DART courtesy Douglas Aircraft, US Navy." 

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