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Evie GarlandAnterians - Outer space aliens featured on the sci-fi comedy OUT OF THIS WORLD/SYN/1987-91. Once upon a time an Anterian named Troy Ethel Garland (voice of Burt Reynolds) crash-landed on Earth after being shot down by a warlike alien called Krangle the Skull (Richard Moll). While stranded on Earth, he met and fell in love with an ice cream parlor waitress named Donna Froelich (Donna Pescow) and soon fathered a baby girl called Evie Garland (Maureen Flannigan).

When Troy repaired his disabled spacecraft, he returned to his home planet, but not before giving his wife a crystal cube to be presented to his daughter on her 13th birthday. The cube which glowed pink and blue was an alien telephone genetically linked to Evie's voice which enabled her to communicate with her distant alien father.

Evie (called "Earth Angel" by her dad) soon discovered she had special powers that made her different from her earthly friends including the ability to stop time when she touched her finger tips together (to unfreeze time she placed her palms together); to teleport herself to other places by snapping her fingers; and to rearrange the molecules of an object at will (called "gleeping").

With the guidance of her mother and her plump Uncle Beano Froelich (Joe Alaskey), Evie adjusted to her new found powers. When Evie's mother first tried to tell her daughter about her father's alien background, Evie commented "Like Mr. Lopez from Guatemala?"

Although Evie's father could not visit Earth, (he was still fighting a war with an alien race called the Frigians), Evie was visited by her alien grandfather Zelig (Tom Bosley) who traveled in a spaceship called the Anterias I.

On the last episode of the series, Troy transported himself to Earth (his wife, Donna accidentally transported to Anterias) but he rematerialized in transparent form, so his identity was never revealed to the viewers.

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