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Richard Kelton as Ficus Panderato - QUARKFicus Panderato - Science officer assigned to the United Galaxy Sanitation Patrol's intergalactic garbage scow on the sci-fi spoof QUARK/NBC/1978. Born on the planet Vegetan, Ficus (Richard Kelton) was boring, talkative and half human/half vegetable. His character was a parody of the half-human and half-Vulcan science officer, Mr. Spock (Leonard Nimoy) on the sci-fi series STAR TREK/NBC/1966-69.

When Ficus's mating cycle occurred, he performed a marital ritual that involved pollination. During one such encounter with a seductress named Libido (Joan Van Ark) she and Ficus lie face-up on the floor, raise their arms and legs vertically and then call aloud "Bee-bee-bee-bee-bee-bee!" as they wait for bees to pollinated them.

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