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Butt-Ugly MartiansButt Ugly Martians - A group of three irreverent teenage Martians (Commander B-Bop-A-Luna, Chief Tech Officer 2T-Fru-T, and Do-Wah-Diddy) who were sent to Earth in the year 2053 to annihilate its inhabitants under orders of their superior, Emperor Bog.. But when they arrive on Earth, these butt-ugly Martians discover the delights of pop music, video games, and French fries and decide to stay.

To prove to their Emperor Bog, they are following orders, the Butt-Ugly Martians make phony progress report videotapes of themselves destroying Earth and taking human children as prisoners. But eventually, Bog gets wise to their deception. The Butt-Ugly Martians base of operation on Earth is ZAPZ, an abandoned Laser tag emporium.

The Butt-Ugly Martians also befriend three human teenagers -- Mike, Angela and Cedric whom they protect from other evil invaders (Klactor, Humaga, Gorgon, Jax) and an alien named Stoat Muldoon, who hunts aliens and has his own cult cable show, Stoat Muldoon, Alien Hunter with an extraterrestrial of the week format.

When our Martian trio get ready for action, they transform into fierce armored fighters. Their war cry is "B-K-M" (Butt Kicking Mode).

Each episode of the Butt-Ugly Martians series inserted web-related teasers in their storylines that encouraged viewers to visit the show's official website for more information as well as a variety of arcade games similar to those on the TV show where one can score "Martian points. Chief Technical officer, 2-T Fru-T was the site's Webmaster.

The program aired in the United Kingdom on CITV for the ITV commercial network early in 2001, and later on the Nickelodeon Network from 2001 to 2002.

We are the Martians

The Butt Ugly Martians

We don't want to start a war

(2T):"I just want a hover-board"

We don't want to conquer Earth

(Do-wah): "I just want to fill my gurth"

B-K-M B-B-K-M!

We are the Martians

The Butt Ugly Martians

We are the Martians

The Butt Ugly Martians

Butt-Ugly Martian (26 episodes) is a 3D animated Action/Adventure/Comedy  produced by Just Entertainment, Mike Young Productions and DCDC Studios 

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